how do you w/o when traveling?


I'd like to know how others workout when they are traveling. DH & I will be visiting our families in NY (we moved a few yrs ago) & I need to keep on working out. I will be getting STS, but wont start it until we come back. I'll be staying at my mother in laws and there isn't much room to workout. The roads are all cracked up and there's no smooth place to roller blade. I hate to jog, and walking doesn't seem like enough. I could bring some bands with me and do some of that - thought of joining a gym for 2 wks there, but our schedule will be hectic, was wondering what others do in a similar situation.
Thanks, Autumn :D
PS - will also be going to the beach and working out there and the city and that's walking all day long, but that's only a few days of the trip.
Hi Autumn! When I went on our beach vacation last month, I didn't bring anything with me. I did run/walks on the beach and pulls ups/chin ups on the playground monkey bars. In my bedroom, I did push ups, dips, and core work like planks and bicycles. Do you have room to kickbox? I've taken kb dvds on vacation before as well as Barry's Bootcamp total body dvd-no equipment required. You could also do squats and lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, etc. Hope that helps!

There are tons of workouts you can do. Here is a partial list that I got from a Crossfit website.

10 push-ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats – 10 rounds

200 squats

Tabata squats and tabata pushups*

5 push ups 5 squats 5 sit ups, 20 rounds

Invisible Fran…21-15-9 of squats and push ups

10 push ups 10 squats and 10 sit ups, 6 rounds

3 vertical jumps 3 squats 3 long jumps – 5 rounds.

100 squats

4x 25 jumping squats

10 vertical jumps, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 4 rounds

100 burpees :eek:

10 push-ups 10 squats 10 sit ups 10 rounds

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Burpees and Sit ups

50 sit-ups, 400 meter run or sprint or walk. 3 rounds.

10 walking lunges, 10 push-ups, 10 rounds.

Tabata Squats.

50 split jumps.

*Tabata = 20 seconds work/10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds

I agree with the playground idea. You can do steps on the picnic benches, pull ups on the monkey bars, planks and push ups with your feet on the swings.

Here's a fun workout you can do anywhere. Get a deck of cards and remove the 2, 3 and 4 cards. Assign each suit an exercise. For example:

Hearts - Jump Squats
Clubs - Sit ups
Diamonds - Walking Lunges
Spades - Mountain Climbers
Face cards are worth 10 points
Jokers - 10 reps of each exercise

Pick a card and do the exercise that is assigned to that suit. For example if you pick the 10 of Hearts you have to do 10 Jump Squats. You continue picking cards until they are gone. This is lots of fun and you can do it with any exercise. It's fun in a group too!

I usually ( I say this like I vacation often ,HA! , I wish,LOL)will schedule an active recovery week to fall during my vacation period and/or try to do activities out of the ordinary for me like running trails in the mountains at higher elevations or a new activity that is not so physically taxing like when I got certified for Open Water SCUBA Diving. Also , for my personality , taking a break doesn't come natural to me so a forced rest is good for me too. Our you could also check out training that is not available where you live , such as Jukari , the Cirque Du Soleil workouts . New York is one of only 75 locations world wide . I would love , love , love to check it out. Sounds like a blast!
I travel often, so I kind of have my "travel routine" down to a science.

I'm a runner, and that's one of the great things about running, you can take it with you anywhere! If I'm in a hotel, I run on the fitness room treadmill or find a local running path. If I'm staying with someone, I run through their neighborhood. I use to figure out a route and know how far I'm going.

I take my green Cathe band with me and several equipment friendly workouts. Burn It Up by Slim in 6 is a good one. So are Jillian's 30 Day Shred, BFBM and NMTZ. BFBM in particular is good because it requires NO equipment at all. NMTZ needs a set of 5 lb dumbbells, but I can usually find something to substitute.

Also, in a hotel, I will use the free weights and do a Cathe weight routine from memory. My favorite to do this way is PUB.
Insanity is great for travel

I used Insanity this summer when we went to my MIL's. I played the workouts on my computer and did them in the unfinished basement. But, I could have just as easily done them in the backyard. No equipment is needed and you get cardio and strength work. I didn't miss a day of my rotation even though I was gone almost a week.
You mention local gyms. I've had so much fun on trips getting a temporary membership or pass (sometimes for free!) to a local gym. Also, as other posters have mentioned, so many exercises can be done on playground equipment in the local parks, especially with the addition of an exercise band. Long walks to explore a new location, along with intervals of high intensity exercises such as sprints, lunges, and pushups, are fun. You get to see the area.
I found the Cathe DVDs that didn't require a lot of equipment to work great during my summer vacation. I did Kick Max about 3 days. Sometimes I will also take maybe 2 light weights just and then had some lunges. Have fun.

Thanks for all the great advise. I will be using the beach by walking on the sand for miles, and rollerblading on the boardwalk. Going to the city is a day of walking and I could bring my roller blades to skate in central park. But that counts for 4 days out of 10, maybe 5. The rest I'll be visiting friends and family, perhaps I could meet up with friends at parks and walk with them....I like the push up/crunch/etc, circuit idea. I could do that in the yard or spare bedroom. DVD's aren't going to be good for me, there is no room in front of the tv, and people are constantly around. But there are a lot of good ideas here, I like them. Oh, and I have a jump rope and stretch band so I like the circuit idea, with my little ipod.
Thanks everyone!:D:D:D:D:D
great news

Wow, I had bookmarked this new large gym in my old neighborhood, (where I'll be staying) and gave them a call regarding a 2 wk pass. Explained situation and she said she would hook me up and give me a pass for when I need it!!!! How cool is that. So on the non beach/city days I will take a mile walk to and from the gym and workout there!!!! Yeah!!!! I already downloaded their schedule and they have kickbox, circuit training and of course, weights..... It will be a nice change from working out at home. it's like a vacation workout from my home workouts. :D:D:D:D Autumn.
Yoga is good in small places. Just takes a matt and dvds on your laptop or tv. I also like kick boxing but that might break something. Jump rope is very intense if you do it fast enough. You can try a jump rope dvd from netflix and not use a rope (just imaginary.)
Sounds like you have it figured out!

I travel quite a bit for business, meaning mainly hotels and their gyms, and also meaning early/late hours for workign out (so dvds are not optimal as they can be a little noisy, and outdoor workouts can be dangerous).

I love these:
* Cardio Coach!!!! That's transformed my travel workouts.
* TRX system - great for strength training. Pricey for one trip.
* Trusty latex band - it's always packed.

DVDs that work pretty well:
* Cathe's KickMax and 4DS, modifying to reduce space
* Jillian's newer one, BFBM
* Ilaria PowerStrikes and BodyStrike

Some of the Insanity ones should fit, but since I rely on the louder music to keep myself moving on those, and all that plyo may shake the floor, I haven't tried them in a hotel.

I also play games of a sort while on air travel, such as 'walk the concourses' and 'break previous record for max number of strides in the hour' and 'how fast can you get from one end of the airport to the other'. Silly, eh? But it passes the time, and is better than parking myself at the food court :)

Really, though, travel is a nice opportunity to mix things up. After vacation travel, I often find I'm stronger and feeling refreshed, from having been active doing different kinds of motions. Enjoy yourself, and let us know what worked!
thanx again

Great advise. I think I will bring my yoga and pilates dvd's along with the laptop. I could possibly find a spot for that - maybe. I like all these idea's. Thanks all, for the input. Thanks, Autumn

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