Hi Cathe ! Are you still here?


I saw you were online, and thought I'd say hi.

Also have a fun question:

What are three moves the you have the most difficulty with (dread the most, groan when you know you have to do them?) (One of mine is tuck jumps...I'm just not a tucker!)

Have a great day!

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Kathryn! I'm back...I just ran off for a bit to pick my son up from school.

Fun questions, oh goodie:9

1) For muscle endurance I dread: High rep calf raises

2) For muscle endurance I dread: High rep, moderate weight, bicep curls

3) For muscle endurance I dread: All forms of slow and low lunges

For cardio: Hmmmm, I don't know, I kind of like all forms of cardio. Well, I know you'll hate to hear this but I love tuck jumps (as you've discovered by now, ;-) ) and all forms of plyometrics. I think I was an energizer bunny in my other life. I just love being airborne :7

Thanks for the fun question. Have a nice day...what's left of it :)



I LOVE high rep calf raises, but I agree with you on dreading all forms of slow and low lunges and high rep bicep curls.

I just knew you were the energizer bunny... or bet yet, a kangaroo!

Have a great week:D


Thanks for answering.

I had a sneaking suspicion your list would NOT include plyo jump moves,LOL!

>1) For muscle endurance I dread: High rep calf raises
I may not be a tuck-jumping Energizer bunny like you ;-) , but I could do high-rep calf raises til the cows come home (or at least until I get a cramp!)


Oh, thank goodness, Cathe. Honestly, with the energy you project I really didn't think you owned a dread factor. It's a relief to know you do. :)

I love plyos, too. They make me happy. And I like calf raises. When I'm doing legs I always insert the GS Legs calf raises into my workout, with my ankle weights on. It's some of my favorite pain. :) My most favorite pain is the amazing burn I get in the rotator cuff work in Slow Heavy. Delicious burn. }(



I love hearing that you dread low and slow lunges!! I hate them, too. In your workouts you always do them with a smile on your face and with seeming ease - I got the sense you enjoy them. I'm glad to know you don't. Maybe that will make them a little less horrible next time. I must just suck it up and do them!


Kathryn what a good question.

Cathe, I find it quite motivating to hear you find those moves hard - I would totally agree on your choice! But you always make biceps in particular look really easy (and use about twice my weight) so it's good to know you are suffering really }(

However although I totally agree with you on the muscle endurance, I'm afraid I can't say that I love tuck jumps either.


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