Help with a rotation


Just wondering if any Cathletes out there had any suggestions for me...Hubby and I want to do a 3 month rotation that includes our favorite series (RWH, STS, XT and S&S). We will do 6 days a week consisting of weights & cardio. In addition to the cardio in these programs, there are some favorites from other series that I will probably mix in (Afterburn, Cardio Slam, Ice Low Impact Sweat, & FS Low Impact+Metabolic). I guess I'm just wondering how to combine the 4 series. Should we do one week of one series then move to next series each week, or mix the series together within the same week? Since Cathe put together rotations with 2 series, I was thinking to use those but only do one week from each instead of following one for a month (RWH+XT, RWH+STS and S&S+RWH). Does this make sense?

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