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Hi everyone, I need your help on the following rotation. I posted the same on "Ask Cathe" but would like to hear your opinion. Basically I need to know what kind of results I will achieved.

Monday - Body Max (cardio only) + Power Hour & abs
Tuesday - Interval Max and pilates
Wednesday - Power Circuit(cardio only)+Power Hour & abs
Thursday - Cardio Kicks and pilates
Friday - Circuit Max + Power Hour & abs
Saturday - MIC or (the cardio from 4 CTX series) + pilates Sunday - Off

I want to do the above for the month of September, then for the month of October replace Power Hour with MIS.

Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

P.S. Most nights I have time to workout from 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Aug-27-02 AT 03:38PM (Est)[/font][p]Hi Maryjoe,

I'm an "intensity freak" myself, but it looks like an aweful lot of high impact/high intensity in a 1 week rotation. Which is cool if you have no knee/joint issues and really like the "rush" of all out high impact/intensity, but I know that PowerHour 3x/week can wipe you right out, and I don't even work outside the home, so the thought of you working all day and maintaining a rotation like this just makes me want to warn you to listen to your body, and as long as it feels okay, go for it, but if you start feeling a little warn down, or not having the energy to complete all sets/reps of PowerHour, then listen to your body and maybe cut back 1 PowerHour (2x/week will still give you great results), and maybe trade CircuitMax for a lower impact or lower intensity workout.
Recovery is just as important as working out, so remember when you push your body hard, you have to give it a chance to recoup.

Just my opinion, and I'm no expert, it's just that I've developed some really "extreme" rotations for myself in the past only to have to "slow it down" before my ankles just popped right off and disowned me! :)



RE: Whoa Maryjoe!

Too much! Doing Cardio Max and Power Hour in one day!?! I don't know your fitness level, but this sounds like it might be paving a road towards overexercise and burnout. What are your goals right now? You might have 2 hours to work out, but you don't need to use them both! How about an hours worth and a long stretch or bath afterwards? I came up with these rotations (using the vids you listed):
Mon: Body Max circuit portion and the cardio from CTX Power Circuit (for a great cardio/leg workout)
Tue: Body Max step segement & Body Max upper body & abs
Wed: Imax or MIC + abs
Thu: Power Hour or Circuit Max
Fri: Cardio Kicks
Sat: Power Hour
Mon: Body Max (all of it)
Tue: Cardio Kicks
Wed: Power Hour
Thu: Imax
Fri: Power Hour
Sat: MIC
Mon: 1 CTX cardio portion (10-10-10 maybe?) and the lower body segments from Power Hour (squats & lunges) + abs
Tue: Body Max step and upper body & abs
Wed: Cardio Kicks
Thu: Power Hour
Fri: Imax or MIC
Sat: Power Hour
Even this sounds like a bit much, but I think it is doable if you can handle impact and get enough to eat and enough sleep. Have fun!


RE: Whoa Maryjoe!

OK, OK, while I won't say that it is too much, I will say that it is highly optimistic and much more sucseptible to failure. I am not familiar with Pilates, but I have heard it is intense. You must be very concerned with leaning out. Your rotation is a leaning out rotation. Seems to me you should start with a muscle building rotation, and then do your leaning out. Unless of course, you just finished your strength rotation. But doing a rotation of MIS after that much cardio and endurance work won't be as fruitful as doing it before. That is, if you must do all the exercise you list. I would probably die myself, shin splint city!!! All I say is do the strength and size rotation first. Hope it works!!

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