Help on a rotation


Hi Cathe, I need your help on the following rotation. Basically I need to know what kind of results I will achieved.

Monday - Body Max (cardio only) + Power Hour & abs
Tuesday - Interval Max and pilates
Wednesday - Power Circuit(cardio only)+Power Hour & abs
Thursday - Cardio Kicks and pilates
Friday - Circuit Max + Power Hour & abs
Saturday - MIC or (the cardio from 4 CTX series) + pilates Sunday - Off

I want to do the above for the month of September, then for the month of October replace Power Hour with MIS.

Your expertise is greatly appreciated.



I am not Cathe, but wow:-wow :-wow :-wow I would be dead after one week of that rotation. I have trouble doing Powerhour once a week. The more power to you if you can do it. You might want to re-think the Circuit Max and Powerhour on Friday because Circuit Max also incorporates weights. And they are both hour long workouts. Just my thoughts, Amy Jo Hauge


I agree!! That rotation has over-training written all over it in my opinion. What are your specific goals?? We'd like to help in any way we can!!


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