Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Wed July 5


Morning Fit Ladies -

This morning I did P90X Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper X. I felt like I got a good arm workout. I may need to add a med ball to Ab Ripper X next time for intensity purposes.

Back to work today. It was nice to have a little break in the week.

Charlotte - I finally remembered to look at your leg progress. My computer at work blocks your link and I kept forgetting to look from home. There is a considerable difference. I wish my legs looked that good! Yes, I bought the tatttoo sleeved tee....cuz I'm gonna wear it to the Chili Peppers concert on Halloween! Yes, I'm excited 'bout the concert, but I won't be able to post pic's cuz I don't have a digital camera. I swear..if my niece isn't on time picking me up so we can make the Meet & Greet at 6:00 pm, I'm gonna get in my car and go by myself...cuz I want pictures!!

Have great workouts and I'll try to check in from prison!
Good Morning Maniacs!!!

Yesterday I did not workout. Had too much going on at home. Looks like we will be putting our home up for sale. I am sad about this cuz I love this particular spot we live in, but the other house is brand new and more space and less yard to mow and a big completed basement for our workout equipment. Deck in back and porch in front. The realtor thinks she has someone already that might be interested in our home and he has chickens. I am not sure our neighbors would like that, but oh well! LOL!

Today I need to workout shoulders/legs/abs. I tried to get my stitch out and it looks like it is stuck in my boob and I can't get it out so I will have to make an appt about 1 1/2 hours away just to get a friggin' stitch out. Gosh!


I knew you would get that shirt. Can't you take the jeans back if they don't fit? When is the Chili Pepper concert? Yeah, your neice better pick you up in time cuz that would not be right. Is she usually on time? Sounds like you had a nice day yesterday.

Woke up this morning and my legs were screaming at me! I haven't been this sore in my legs in a long time. My quads and hamstrings are especially sore (thank you weight bench!) LOL! I did the original Imax this morning and all those plyo's really got me. Man, my quads were burning so bad. I didn't modify, but it took all I had to get through a couple of the blasts.

I don't find the blasts in this workout all that hard and I really love the step parts of this routine. Fun workout!

I was in my zone for 43 minutes and burned 293 calories.

Hope you all have great workouts!
Well I got the stitch out with some tweezers...thank, goodness. It always worries me when you have a stitch or a splinter somewhere and you can't get it cuz it usually gets infected then.

Hi Maniacs:

Just checking in real quick today. We had a fantastic, relaxing time camping for the past 5 days. Played horseshoes with mom & dad, rode bikes, shot my .22 pistol, ate, cooked, walked, it was great.

Back on my workouts today. I brought my weights but never did them. Today was Slow & Heavy Chest and then Imax 1-5. I will do a short ride on my bike tonite.

Have to go watch the Tour De France coverage this morning so that's why this is short. Will post more later.

Hi Guys!!

Today I did TLT-Building Strength (I forget the actual name). The one with Jen Carmen. I then did CoreMax#3.

You guys have GOT to hold me accountable for doing ab/core work. It's still SOOOO weak! It's very difficult to work out, and that's probably why I avoid it so much. (for some of you newer maniacs, just to let you know, I had my second cesarean five months ago).

Lora, I cant believe you got that shirt! $92!! Yowza! It's totally not my style, but it is pretty interesting looking!

Charlotte, good luck selling your house. The first house I sold took a year, the second house we sold on the first showing. So, you never know...

Jeanette, glad to have you back. Your camping trip sounds really, really nice. We try to go a couple times each summer, but I'm not so sure we'll make it this year.

Last night, after painting, dh and I ordered Chinese:eek: ... Is that sacrilegious or un-american? hahahaha

Got to go for now. Be back soon.

Hey...does it count if I am an injured hardcore fitness maniac???
I swear I really was one before the knee surgery...just ask Toasty!! I was on the Toasty rotation, now I am on the sit and be fit old lady rotation!
Good morning!

Well, after riding 42 miles yesterday I figured I'd give my legs a break today. I have a ride planned in the morning with a girlfriend but if it's foggy like this morning was I'm not sure we'll go. I may be stuck in the basement! I didn't sleep good last night so I didn't do my upper body workout today. I certainly didn't want to drop any weights on my head! I'll do it when I get home. Probably free weights and Bowflex tonight. I'll add in some ab work too - wanna join me Susan???

Lora - I agree with Charlotte - if the jeans don't fit I'd take them back - especially at that price. But even if they were only $10 I'd still take them back if they don't fit.

Charlotte - way to go on getting that stitch out! Good luck on your house deal.

Debbie - enjoy those DOMS! Don't you love it?

Netta - welcome back. Your trip sounds wonderful. Did you see where I posted that I fell off my bike yesterday? What a dork! We watch the Tour faithfully every year. It's the highlight of our July. We Tivo it and then watch it at our leisure in the evenings.

MarleysMom - if it's like the Marines - once a Maniac always a Maniac. :)

Hello to all who follow!


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France

Boy, it's quite around here today.

Debbie, do you have your Power Tower set up? It looks really nice. Is it just doing abs or does it have other uses too? I'm jealous!

Charlotte, is your five pound weight gain all muscle? how long did it take for you to gain it?

Suz, I use to bike ride. I remember feeling like a dork too when I'd fall off:eek: . I'd have trouble getting my feet in the clamps. hahaha I'm glad you weren't hurt!

Dallas, have you tried furniture slides for the TLT's. I think they would work on your puzzle mats. Are the kids still playing baseball? Hey, did you ever order that samori sword workout? hahaha

Two more hours here at the office. Today seems so long! ugh!

Susan C.M.
Susan - I'm setting it up this evening. I can do abs, tricep dips, pull ups, push ups and chin ups on it. I love it and can't wait to use it. Friday I'm working my back and tri's so I'll get to try it out then.
Jan Jan,

You just got to stick around here. We are a motivational maniac driven hot mama's!


I don't want to know what the weight is...fat or muscle...maybe both. Lately I have been eating like a whale, but like yesterday, I was able to lift heavier AGAIN so maybe muscle is growing. I am trying to get the dag on tape measure to move just a bit. I would really like my arms to be 13 inches around. Just slightly over 12inches thus far after pumped. My TTOM is coming soon. I always get strong about a week before it starts too.

Ok Char Char...since you asked I will stay around. I was marathon janjan remember those days...oh how I miss them!!! But soon to be new and improved and then will be super marathon woman again...but wait I have to catch up to all you guys....

Did you see my post in the cardio haters...I created a new push up. 1 semi bent knee and 1 straight leg. It's like a combo of a big girl push up and girly push up. It was interesting....
Hey MM,
do what you have to do...to DO push up!! That's a GREAT way to get yourself to do more. Pretty soon you'll be doing them with one hand behind your back, like the rest of us do;-) HAHAHAHAHA j/k
Susan C.M.
Hi Everyone!

Just got home. I DID get up to work out this AM. I just didn't have time to post. I'm following the June 2005 (or is it July?) rotation. Today called for a 45 minute steady run. I felt good so I ran for an hour. I think I'm going to do the PS - biceps and back for tomorrow later today. This way I can work legs tomorrow and just focus on them.

We're taking the kids to Chicago for the next day and half. They don't know...I love surprising them. The Taste of Chicago is going on, but where not crazy enough to take the kids there. I really have no desire anyway.

I went to that spin class yesterday morning. Holy smoke!! My legs were on fire. Thanks Suz for the suggestion on NOT doing PS - Legs before I went. ;-)

Marleysmom or Jan? ~ What happened to your knee if you don't mind me asking? I'm coming off an injury myself, but it was in the ankle. Yesterday, during the spin class I felt a little twinge in there, but it went away. I swear every time I feel something I get nervous now. I just added step back in...thankfully. I was getting so bored with my cardio again.

Susan ~ Ha ha! No, I didn't get that workout. It was a book anyway. I didn't realize that when I posted that link. Powerstrike has some new videos coming out this month. One does involve a sword. :eek: I see you did some painting. Did you get it all done? How do you like that TLT. Collage doesn't give it "Staff Favorite". I haven't done that one all the way through yet.

Nicole ~ You're putting me to shame with all your organizing/cleaning. My sil is on a roll too! I need to get with the program here. ;-) I'm doing PS this week too. Which rotation are you following? Next week is S&H. I can't wait!

Debbie ~ i want to get on of those towers too. I can't wait to hear how you like it.

Lora ~ So, you fell asleep during Superman. Hmm, I wonder if I should take the kids?

Charlotte ~ You removed your own stitches?!!?! You ARE a maniac!

Netta ~ Glad you had fun this weekend! Enjoy the Tour...no Lance so I haven't been following it. ha ha

Got to go..I'll be back...I think.:)

Hey guys, it's Jana but my DH changed my name to janjan, so feel free to call me janjan. Or oh yeah you can call me captain peg leg!

Oh, the knee surgery 3 weeks ago x(
Major bummer...I have a condition popular in many women called Patellofemoral syndrome or knee cap dislocation. Due to this condition and years of being a crazy exercise woman I caused a lot of injury and stress to the knee so under the scope I went!
Best way to describe the injury and condition is when I would do squats I had great outer quads, but since the knee cap was misaligned too much stress was placed on the knee causing damage. As my Dr. said, one of the worst knees he has seen on a 28 yr old in a while.

What they do during surgery is shave the broken cartridge from the knee and cut the meniscus to get the knee cap back into proper position.

It's a little gnarly and knee surgery is sooo not fun. But..I will be new and improved soon and will be back to being crazy again!

I am really a maniac at heart, and am doing what I can to be creative to still be one.

It's nice to meet you guys! I will be around!
Hi Jan Jan - Welcome. I'm a Maniac with a disc injury and last Summer I worked out around a stress fracture in my foot.....so I have some experience with being an "injured" maniac...he ..he. Are you allowed to do anything yet? When will you be allowed to start physical therapy, etc? I'd go nuts if I couldn't work out.

I stopped and picked out a pair of larger jeans. I just hope they aren't too big after I'm done with TTOTM. I ended up getting 2 pairs. They said I can bring the other ones back with the tags/receipt (I didn't tell them I washed them). I bought a pair of Silver Jeans and BKE. I really like them. Has anyone ever heard of them?

Here's a picture (and I ended up buying this shirt also).



Hey Lora!

I can do the bike for 30 mins working up to level 3. Each day is getting better and better so I am happy so far with the progress. I do the GS upper body series and the PUB right now. I really can't balance on 1 leg too well so I do most of the stuff sitting or lighter weight than usual. I also do some abs as much as I can with a straight leg, but each day the knee is bending more so I can do some ab stuff with the bent leg. Uh, man you were injured. Wow disc injury, yikes! I am glad to hear you are better.

PT starts tomorrow! yeah!! I am soo excited! I am requesting the meanie PT to make me work really hard. I told my DR last week I wanted to be back running again by August...he told me September...but we will see! I will show him! I am going sooo crazy not working out. I feel like crap most of the time and sooo tired all the time...so not like me at all...

Hey-BTW- I have the 1st pair of jeans too and I love, love, love them. They make the booty look hottie as my DH would tell me. I still need to loose a few more left over baby lbs before I look good in them again, but they are my motivation for sure! You will love them, they are great jeans. Draw back, they were a little too expensive for me, but I am glad I bought them and kept them. Hope you love them too!

Ok, thanks for welcoming me into the group! It's all Char Char's fault!! haha!! What would I do with out Toasty!

Hey Everyone,
WELL I have not even got around to doing my workout yet??

If I do anything it with be PS legs (standing only)

My van light went on...... getting hot so took it in and hopefully it will be done tomorrow.!! Boy found out I am lost w/o wheels.... even for a day)

Susan I have not done that TLT for a while..... I may pull it out this week??? I love the way it makes my butt feel...LOL

Dallas yes I have been on a roll...... I am so loving it when it gets done, but boy organizing can create such a BIG MESS.... esp. when I don't have all the time..... Baseball is still keeping me real busy!! Yes I am doing a PS rotation.... ONe to two body parts a day??? (whatever trips my trigger) I am thining that I need to stick with something longer..... I see how people do with P90 or PX and look at there results??? I have never really stuck with a strength rotation that long.... I will keep you posted!!

Janjan good workout today...even with a injury!! I am impressed!! Have a good workout with your PT tomorrow!!

Charlotte I think cleaning house is a workout in itself, and it sounds like you had a good one yesterday!! Hope you sell your house quickly!! You new one sounds nice!!

Well I had better get going and get to doing PS legs.... YIKES I am not feeling like it, but I know my body will like it once I get started!!

BTW it is 9:37 pm here..... I am not such a Manic that I would workout at 1;30 am LOL!!


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