Hardcore Fitness Maniacs - Mon June 26


Morning Fit Ladies -

This morning I did P90X Core Synergestics followed by 10 minutes of Yoga for Flexibility. I did all but one set of the push ups on the floor and did a set of chest flies for one set of push ups. I'm really not supposed to be doing push ups on the floor....but I'm going for my last set of Trigger Point injections on Wed. and I figured I might as well let my back spasm up for Wed. The shots aren't really helping any way. That really is a different workout.

Nothing else on the market is similar to Core Synergestics. I listened to my own music....one of the reasons I like doing P90's for workouts. I figured I'll be listening to Buckcherry pretty much nonstop before and after the concert...so this would be a good rotation for me. I'm using my band instead of doing the pullups/chin ups. I recently got the heaviest resistance band they have at BB for this rotation. I think it should be okay for me and I have the door attachment. Not sure how long I'm going to follow it for though. I'll see how I enjoy it.

Diana Sue - What rep range did you use while doing P90X? Did you follow the rep range they suggest for each phase and if not, how did you do your rep ranges thru the phases? I'm doing the Lean Rotation and I think they tell you to keep your rep range kind of high...but I'm not sure I want to do that. I may want to go heavier and do less reps.

Have great workouts everyone. I'll try to check in from work (ugh...Monday)....at least Charles is back today.....yay!! my buffer is back. Horrible to say..but at least when he's there, he takes some of the crap from her and I don't get it all....thus he's my buffer.

Charlotte - Did you get your ticket last night?
Hi all,

Today was CTX chest & triceps and CTX All Step abs. I did the triceps twice. Will work DH on the Bowflex tonite so I told him to save some energy! Yesterday we went to the woods and cleared a road in to our camping spot (4th of July weekend), so I was busy pulling limbs out of the way, walking some, so I'm less stiff from my bike ride on Saturday. I also have a massage today after work.

I bit the bullet and ordered Cathe's Gym Style workouts (not legs as I have that one already), SJP/Step Blast, and Push Pull/Supersets. Something else to look forward to! I've heard such good things about the GS's that I know I need to add these to my collection. Our union at work got us a raise and a bonus so I justified the purchase (wasn't too difficult).

Lora, sounds like a good workout for you today. Re: Spinervals, I have a few of them, but don't reach for them at all during the good riding season. They are pretty tough, but Suz is AN ANIMAL, I tell you! Actually, my bike trainer is an old one, really loud and I have to crank my TV up soooo loud to hear it over the noise of the trainer. They are great, though, and I don't see how they couldn't help someone to get a workout and improve if you do what Coach Troy says.

Hope everyone has awesome workouts today.

Debbie, wanted to tell you I'm getting some great definition in my upper body. Looking leaner... I'm looking forward to S&H next week.

Jeanette (anxiously awaiting her massage)

:7 :7 :7
This morning I did Low Max and really needed this cardio after all the crap I ate this weekend. Oy! Had a great time visiting my dad in Youngstown, it was a beautiful day. Anyways, I was in my zone for 54 minutes and burned 357 calories. My calorie burn seems to be way high lately, not sure why?

Netta - EXCELLENT bike run yesterday, I enjoyed reading your experience. Congratulations! Glad you are liking my rotation. Have fun with your new workouts when you get them! You got some great ones.

Hope you all have great workouts!
He lives in Lowellville off of 224. You must have missed my post the other day, someone asked me to come by your house and take a picture of you because we don't know what you look like. I said I'd meet you and Charlotte there for the concert that I thought was happening yesterday.
Good Morning Maniacs!

I'm back from my little weekend outing...we went to the lake and had a good time. I didn't take any workout gear...no running shoes or anything. Just wanted to make sure I wouldn't be tempted to workout. I had a good time and I got plenty of rest.

This morning I did IMAX Extreme from the Terminator workout...I was sweating buckets but it was good!! I'll do shoulders and probably go for a run at lunch today.

I'm got a bunch of work to do today...I'll check back with you guys later.

Debbie - I remember seeing something about the concert...but I thought that's cuz you lived in Ohio. I must have missed it. Didn't you ladies get the Collage issue with my picture in it?

I'm sure if Charlotte goes to the concert with me, she'll take pictures on her digital camera and post them (at least I hope she does).

How is someone supposed to stay positive and in a good mood when you're getting yelled at really bad all morning by your boss? I can't handle this today. I'm ready to walk out of here. If I wasn't calling off sick for the concert for those 2 days in July, I'd go home sick right now. Geez!!! (just venting)

ETA: Speaking of seeing what I look like....I'm a nervous wreck about Charlotte meeting me cuz she'll think I'm fat and wonder if I really work out. I feel the pressure!! LOL. Also, she'll see what a neurotic freak I am. See why I'm such a loner.
Hi everyone,

I went away for the weekend. I took DS6 to my parents to stay for most of the summer. No workouts for me. The baby woke up at 3 and stayed awake for nearly an hour (that's when I should be getting up ~ at 4am). I decided to sleep in.

After work I'll do something. I should do GS BSB and 30 minutes of cardio.... we’ll see.

Nicole, how was your Birthday? Did you get anything cool? Congrats on your sons games!! How exciting!

Marietta, Happy Anniversary ~ a little late. I'm glad you had a good time. Did you bring the kids too? I have NEVER been alone with my husband, nev-ver.

Jeanette, good choice on the new DVD’s. I LOVE the Gym Styles. I also like SS quite a bit. It has so many premixes from which to choose. Awesome job on the bike ride!!! WOW! Great time.

Debbie, I’m glad you did a cardio workout you like!

Lora, from the previews, the movie Click didn’t look that good to me either. I'm sure your not a "loner". BUt did you hear about this? This article says most people have very few, if any, close friends. I find that sad.

Suz, I had a VERY old house, like your sisters. I too hated to go in the basement. Sometimes I’d blow a fuse and have to replace those little bulbs. I’m glad your migraine is gone.

Got to go for now, be back in a bit…. Susan

Susan C.M.
Charlotte - I Pm'd you and yes, I'm bummed. I don't think there is anything to worry about .....like you're thinking. I've been to Cleveland many times and have never had any problems.
Marietta - I just checked out your picture trail. Are you a fitness instructor? Also, when did you compete and in what competition was it? How did you place? You look awesome!
Hey Everyone,
Today I am not sure what I am going to do, but I will do something][/URL]:7

Susan so far my Ds10 team won his game last night for one of the city tournament games..... he will play again Tuesday. I never thought I would be so into baseball, but it has been fun!! I don't blame you for going back to bed!!. I had a nice b-day. I got yet another vacuum cleaner (I LOVE them haha) I got a hoover fusion..It is suppose to have 13% more suction than a dyson. I wanted something quick and easy, and I really like this. (My folks bought it for me) My dh is like another vacuum???? I have a kirby, oreck etc.... Oh well sorry to carry on, but I love watching it pick up dirt LOL.

Netta you are going to love the GS's!! Do you have an 6 foot band??? I know college sells them if you don't. The band really is nice touch to getting you in places you did'nt know you had!!

Marietta happy to hear you had a nice time and are well rested up!!

Lora I think you judge yourself to harshly. I am sure Charlotte is going to come back and tell us all what a little doll you are!! You look very cute and tiny in your colege video magazine... so don't worry.

Debbie happy to hear you had a nice time with your dad!! You look like you had a good workout today!!

Dallas me and my dd organized my workout room.. I am so excited!! I am back in my decluttering mode!! Care to join me???}( }(

Hello Terri, Diane Sue, Suz, Sabrina, and Charlotte!!

Good afternoon,
Yesterday was a rest day. We had a birthday party for my granddaughter to go to. Later we went to the lake with our daughter and her family and rode in their jet boat until rain started up. Today I did cardio coach#2 and added on to make 5 miles, then I did S&H lower followed by Pure Strength Legs floor work, abs, and st.. I also did 3 sets each of 25 leg raises on the VKR tower, resisted Bowflex crunches 160#, 15 45# barbell rollouts on my toes, 50 stability ball woodchops w/ 25# dumbbell, then I polished it off with another 25 leg raises. We are going camping over 4th of July and will be gone for 5 days. No home workouts:)

Lora, when I did P90X I pretty much did what Tony did on most of it. At the last on some of the pull downs I upped the weight and lowered to around 12 reps. Also on some moves where he used no weight and others did I added weight. I got Straight up Step today. I am anxious to try it. I went back to working on Rock Steady Step and the newer portion I worked on Saturday was fun. I liked the music.

Nicole, Jasmine is doing great. I have taken some pictures but have still not downloaded them to the computer. We are taking her camping with us so that should be interesting.

Netta, enjoy that massage. After that 110 mile ride in the heat you deserve a good rest. Those are all great workouts. I am sure you will enjoy them.

Sabrina, it was good seeing you here again.

Susan, I hope you enjoyed your time away this weekend.

Terri, how is things going.

Hi Dallas, Suz, Marietta, Charlotte, Sandy, and Debbie

Diane Sue
Nicole - I'm sorry I missed your birthday....when was it? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!

Debbie - You never looked at my picture trail before? Funny! Let's see...yes, I'm a fitness instructor....been teaching for about 10 years. I've been hired at my job to teach classes in the fitness facility we have here...how convenient is that? I sub from time to time in other places...but I'm kinda spoiled and mostly teach at my job 2-3 times/week. As far as the competing...I've done 2 competitions. I did them for two reasons...one is because I used to have people approach me all the time asking if I'd ever competed. I never really saw myself doing that...but I got talked into it by a good friend/personal trainer. Another reason I did it was because as a trainer, I wanted to have first hand experience so that I could be able to understand what it really takes. In the competition on my picture trail I actually placed 5th out of about 17 or so. Most of which were a heck of alot younger than me...so I felt good about that. My competition days are over....but it's something that I can look back on and be proud of.

I know, shame on me for not looking at your picture trail before this. I don't think I ever noticed the link under your name. That is awesome, how exciting! I often get asked if I've competed, sometimes I want too but then the discipline it takes is so exhausting. Its hard enough keeping the muscles I have, you know? Congrats on placing #5! What a great feeling that must have been. Wow, I'm blown away by this! Thanks for sharing!
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick check-in to say hello. I am doing O.K. it will just take time. I had a nice weekend with Dave and Ashley. It helped some to keep very busy. Today was a run and upper body.

Marietta-Thanks for the card :)
Nicole-Thanks for the e-mail and Susan you as well.

Anyway just wanted to say hello.

Good afternoon!

This morning I did lower body on Bowflex plus LOTS of tricep work (thanks Charlotte) and a little bit on biceps. Tomorrow morning is a ride with my girlfriends.

Today was my doctor appointment with the pulmonary doctor. She thinks I may have exercise induced asthma. I had thought of that, but since I don't wheeze, I didn't think that was it. Another thing she is having me tested for is some sort of acid reflux where it actually goes into your lungs and then makes it hard to breathe. Today I had bloodwork and a chest x-ray. Thursday I have to drink that barium (or however you spell it) and they will look at me on video I guess. Friday I have a lung function test. My lungs are not functioning as high as they should be apparently. She said I'm below normal - but not terrible. I should be above normal - doesn't she know I'm a MANIAC??? Anyway, I have to use an inhaler every night before bed and a different one before I ride. They had me do this peace pipe thing today that I had to breathe with for 5 minutes. It was supposed to open up my lungs. Now they kinda hurt and I'm really tired (all in my head I'm sure). So that's all I know for now. Although I don't want asthma and don't want to have to be on medication, it sure would be nice to have an answer to why I have such a hard time breathing when I exert any amount of effort.

I was out half the morning so I better go do a couple more things before I leave work.

Terri - I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Yes, it will take time. Hang in there!


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France

Hi Guys!!

Thought I'd check in once again...

I ran about 4.5 miles at lunch today....only the hillest run ever!! Woo-Hoo!! I followed that up w/some shoulder work.

Netta - I read about your ride over the weekend....how awesome you are!!!!! I'm bursting with pride!!

Debbie - You can still do a competition you know....the masters division is an option. You'd do awesome!! It can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be...

Diane Sue - Your workouts amaze me!! Always have and probably always will!!

Hi Terri! Glad you feel a little better...

Suz - Wow...now we're getting somewhere. I think it's good to have it confirmed that your lung capacity is not normal...now you don't have to think you're going crazy. I'd really like to know how the inhalers make you feel. Please keep us posted on all of this okay?

Where's Toasty today!!

Lora - did work go okay today?

Gotta go....Have wonderful evenings!

Good evening,
I have a question for those of you who run. Do you get major hamstring soreness when running hills with higher speeds? I had a treadmill before and never had this problem. I run one day and I have to give my legs a break or just do a light jog with no incline. It hurts even to sit and drive. I do find lots of stretching afterward helps. They just tighten up and almost feel like a huge cramp. I used to run 10 miles and do a cardio tape. I think I was a little more of a maniac then.

Suz, I hope they figure out what your problem is. I hate medicines because I am almost always guaranteed of some side affect. Your avatar of Gizmo is cute. I was reading you your other post and could see your dog hurting itself. Jasmine is so clumsy, dh said he can't see how it wouldn't hurt when she runs out the door and about takes the door with her or tries to run under a piece of furniture that is not tall enough. She even gets her legs tangled in the kitchen chairs. Her and our bunny have touched noses through our pet gate and the bunnies cage. I guess they are getting acquainted. I don't know as it would be good for them to be together though.

My grandson is over for a sleepover so I had better go have some one on one playtime:)
Diane Sue
Diane Sue,

That's so funny about Jasmine. Sounds a lot like Gizmo! They just have so much energy, don't they? They must be pretty tough because they do bang into lots of things. That little Gizmo has been through so much already I just hate to have to take him to the vet again tomorrow. But hopefully it's something simple.

Can't wait to see a picture of Jasmine. :)


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France

Hi ladies,

Back now from work, my massage (it was fantastic) and working out DH on the Bowflex. Now for a few personals.

Debbie, I'm so glad you had a good time visiting your Dad. I still have my folks so like spending lots of time with them. They live right here in town too. Low Max, huh? I have that tomorrow to do too!

Hi Marietta, bet your time with DH was wonderful. So nice to relax, but nice to get back too. I've got the Terminator but don't think I've done Imax Extreme yet.

Susan, I'm looking forward to my new GS workouts. Never been alone with DH? What??? I married my DH and he had 2 kids that lived with us so it was a while until we were by ourselves. Now the youngest is 25 and long gone from here. It's great having an empty nest, but they are all close enough to see often.

Nicole, another vacuum cleaner? My DH would be, like, you hardly use the one you've got. Guess I could be a better housekeeper, just not today and tomorrow doesn't look good either. Sounds like your DS is tearing it up with the baseball. Yep, I do have the bands as I bought them for Muscle Max.

Wow, Diane Sue, I bow to you! Your workouts amaze me! You do have a great amount of variety. Bet you never get bored. Your strength is something else! Hope to see pictures of Jasmine soon, okay? We're going camping on Friday. I thought I had to work on Monday but the other gal in the office gave her day up to me as she's not doing anything special. I thought that was sooo sweet of her.

Hi Terri, glad you could check in. Hope things are okay with you.

Suz, I hope any lung problems can be assisted with the inhalers or exercises or something. I have a guy friend with exercise induced asthma and he's a very good bike rider. He used his inhaler when needed. Hope they can get the results to you soon. Sometimes it's a relief just knowing something. Sounds like a full battery of tests. I'll be crossing my fingers for you.

Must get ready for bed. We had lightning storms around here this afternoon and a bad fire on the outskirts of town in the trees. I'm hopeful no structures burned. I love listening to thunder but hate the lightning and fires that go with it. Hope the 4th of July is uneventful in the way of thunderstorms.


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