Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Friday July 7


Morning Fit Ladies -

This morning was P90X Legs and Back and Ab Ripper X. I've got to remember to use heavier weights in the leg workout next time. I forgot to write it down last week. I moved farther away from the wall to make my pulldowns and pullups with the band harder. Next I'll do them sitting and then I'll go to my heaviest black band. Right now I'm using the Extreme Green one. I forgot to write down to add a med ball to the ab workout too. I'll do that next time. Must remember.

I hope I can stick with this rotation. I'm getting a bit bored and feeling a bit "trapped", but maybe since I'm really broke since I went on that clothes shopping binge, I won't have money for new workouts, so I might as well try sticking to a rotation. I'm just feel antsy about it. I'm still nervous about doing such little cardio also.

Have great workouts everyone. I'll try to check in from work, but I'm trying to get my list of stuff done (it's never gonna happen) before the big boss gets back on Monday (D-Day....last day of freedom).


Jan Jan - RE PT - wish I had some positive stories, but I've been to PT at least 5 different times for my disc injury and each time has been a real disappointment and waste of money. They know nothing about serious weight training and can really offer no advice to me or what to do or not to do in my training. Every thing I did while in PT, I was already doing at home. The only one new thing I did there, was hold a weight in my hand and write the alphabet with my arm held straight ....to work my shoulders differently. They even had me doing some things that actually aggravated my problem, like shoulder shrugs with weights which an MD told me I'm never to do with my type of problems! The only thing that helped me there was deep massotherapy to relieve my spasms, however, all of that being said, your case is a lot different than mine cuz you are recovering from surgery, whereas mine was to try to treat a chronic condition with no surgery.

Thanks for all of the well wishes on feeling better, but unfortunately I think I have a bit of a stomach bug. I've been sick all yesterday and now today.
Good Morning Maniacs!!!

Yesterday I got in my workout late. I did shoulder work in 3 sets of 10 for the following: Arnold Presses with 12# db's, Rotation with 10# db's...like in Legs and Shoulders w/o, Presses with 40# bar. For triceps (3 sets of 10) I used 50# front of me on bench with close hand grip, 5 pushups with hands close together, pulldowns with 60# and then #70 for outer tricep (grasping the bar with underhand grip instead of over). Worked biceps with 65# barbell in 3 sets of 10 (first ever with this amount and was still in control), 30# db's for hammer, standard curls, etc. in 3 sets of 10 and then went onto doing incline curls off bench with 25# db's. For legs I did deadlifts with #80,first set was 20, then 15 and then 10 as this was my last workout and I was getting pretty tired. I also did leg curls in 3 sets of 20 with 70# and then had to drop to 60# during second set...fatigue setting in. Did hamstring curls with 40#.

Today I need to finish up and do my squats, work back, ride my bike, bathe my dogs and I still can't work chest yet cuz my stitch area is not healed yet so that stinks.

I slept on my new bed, but moved it on the floor since I don't have the box spring mattress yet. The bed molds to your body so I am not sure I like it as I am use to sleeping on a hard bed. So it might be dd's bed as I might want mine back from her. The other mattresses I took to the dump.


You can wait 24-48 hours before you work same body part. This is what I did and decided to work my arms since I can't do chest yet. I have been really feeling stronger lately and I am wondering how long this will last so I want to take advantage of the strength while I still have it going on, ya know?


Hope you are feeling better. I am not sure how you are working out with a stomach issue and I know you workout at 2:30am and then doing P90X stuff? GOSH!

Good Morning,

Lora, it sounds like you are doing good with this rotation and progressing:) Maybe just changing up some of the cardio can help keep the boredom factor down. I know I got the same way but did complete the 90 days.

I still am not sure what I want to do this morning. I need to make up my mind. I have my laser 2nd eye surgury Tuesday for correcting my astigmatism and have to go in early am Wed. for post op check. That means I will have to take some more time off of working out. I have done no weight work yet this week so I will see if I can get a split in today and tomorrow. I will check back later. Have a great day.

Jan Jan, I think you would have to do some research to find a pt that understands someone who has been working out has different needs. I am sorry it is not going well.

Hi to everyone
Diane Sue
Hey everyone,

I am soooo tired today and praying I am not sick. I can't tell yet if I am sick or not, but thinking nothing but positive thoughts I am not. Feels like I am starting to get a nasty throat thing, but again just praying it is allergies. I loaded up on Zyrtec last night, but got 0 sleep. DD is going through this "I don't want to sleep phase". So, up all night with her. Would not sleep in the crib, so I finally took her down stairs at about 1 am to sleep in the swing and she slept off and on until 6. Every time I would fall asleep bam, she would wake back up. I feel like I have been run over by a car. Hopefully she will take a nap and I can catch a nap too. I don't like being tired, not good for the body. This week has not been a good sleep week for me at all. uhhh...

Hey, Diane Sue I am assuming you had lasick (sp?) surgery for your eyes? If so are you happy with the results?

Lora, it actually makes me feel better to know someone else had not so great results with a PT. I feel like I know more about the body than she did. She was not even sure about the surgery I had. I had to explain it to her...that was a little scary. Part of the surgery they shave the cartridge off the bone and she did not even know where they did that at. I had to point it out to her. Again, wow scary thought. I look around at all the PTs to see if there was one that I would like better, but I just was not impresses with any of them. I am going to go a few more times and if something does not change then I will talk with my Dr about doing it on my own. I feel like if I am not going to get stronger than it is a big waste of money. I hope you get to feeling better soon. The stomach thing is not fun at all. Sending you some get well soon vibes!

Ok I have got to run and down about 12 cups of coffee to try and wake up. I will be back later!

Everyone have a fab workout and a fab day!

Hi all,

Today was Muscle Max premix lower body only, and then GS Legs floor only. Legs feel nice right now.

Did a bike ride last night. Another lady showed up that I haven't ridden with but one time before. She's pretty strong. We rode a long hill that she'd never done before. It was hot, but a good workout for both of us.

Lora, hope your stomach starts feeling better soon. It seems a stomach bug has been going around for probably the past 3-4 weeks. I had the squeezy stomach a couple of weeks ago. Lasted about 4-5 days. Also a headache along with it.

Susan CM, I like what you did with 10-10-10. Very clever. I'm hoping to do a circuit rotation after I get done with my current cardio & muscle building. You are sooo organized you are putting me waaaaay to shame! Lord knows I need to clean out lots of my cupboards. It's almost like Ma Kettle here, minus the chickens LOL.

Charlotte, will be nice for you to move. I've only moved once in 27 years of marriage. Maybe we should move so I can get rid of some junk. Sounds like you have a very busy day ahead of you.

Marietta, I see you ran 5 miles on the 4th of July. I think I ran (walked quickly) over to where Dad was cutting up watermelon. Oh I forgot, I did play horseshoes and you know what a workout that can be, trying to figure out points and all LOL! Seems like you have a fantastic job. No more mention of your co-worker. Must be gone? I have to get out the PLB stability ball workout. That's a goodie!

Suz, good for you to do a Spinerval and Time Trial to boot! I hear that one is tough, tough! I have faith you will do fine on your ride with your girlfriend. I like the aero bars more each time I'm using them, though I think these particular ones I borrowed are a little long for me. I'm not comfortable going down a fast downhill yet, but hope to by this weekend as we are doing a metric ride on Sunday. I can't be too tired for the monthly flat time trial on Tuesday. Your knitting get together sounds wonderful. I surely wish I could join you. I used to be a part of a Monday night craft get together. It was during the winter when I have more time. I really looked forward to it. I've been watching the Tour and boy, there sure have been a lot of crashes. I can't imagine how bad it hurts. I fell once, but I was going really slow when I went off the road and just dumped over on my left side. It sure did hurt.

Jan, sorry the PT session wasn't what you wanted. Can you get another therapist? I myself would sure be anxious to get going. Yep, we sure know our bodies pretty well. I wouldn't want to feel like I was wasting my hard earned money on someone not too knowledgeable.

Nicole, what cardio did you get in yesterday? Doesn't going to Suz's knitting clash sound like it would be great to do? Yep, it does sound relaxing. Let's crash her party, okay? I can knit, but just pretty basic stuff, though I used to knit sweaters and socks. I like the no-brainer stuff like scarfs.

Diane Sue, sounds like you had a nice time camping and I'll bet Jasmine was a tired pup when you were done. Our 2 dogs (German Shorthair and Dachshund) were both pretty tired from running around. The Dachsie loves to ride on the 4-wheeler. Oh yeah, we also saw a big bear cross the road ahead when we were out riding our quads. It was a cinnamon colored bear. I also had a ton of laundry to do but am finally caught up. I'll have to clean the trailer soon. Sigh.

Must go watch the Tour on TV this morning before work.


Gosh, I only worked three days this week but it feels like I worked seven!!!

This morning I overslept...so all I had time for was KPC cardio conditioning and then I threw in combo #3. I'll do something at lunch but just haven't decided just what that will be yet.

Lora - Good luck with your rotation...I totally understand where you are coming from.

Toasty - YOU ARE MANIAC!!!

Diane Sue - Out of the blue I think I remember you asked something about a pain or something you were having when running on your treadmill...I don't think I responded but I intended to. Do you remember what you were asking?

janjan - Sorry you are sooooo tired. How many cups of coffee have you had thus far?

Netta - Girl....you go on with your bad self. You almost got me ready to pull my bike out...almost. You are cracking me up talking about running to the watermelon!! Girl, my dh got a watermelon from a guy selling them on the street...the BEST I've ever had in my life...I kid you not!! The guy got them from Arkansas...I've been dreaming about them ever since I had it. My co-worker...I just don't talk about her anymore....she's still around...trust me. I do like my job but sometimes the politics get on my nerve...but I guess with any job...it's always something.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday...I'll be back!

Hey Everyone,
Today I am going to do PS biceps........Dang CHARLOTTE I thouhgt I was doing good with 25lbs barbell ha ha.

Diane Sue that is GREAT to hear you results with PS...... I am really going to TRY and stick with this series for awhile. I am finding I have been so busy with the kids this summer that I am not getting in my workouts like I want to....So doing PS 1-2 body parts a day is doable. My butt is still feeling it from WED. standing legs section..... I am doing laundry as we speak....wish I were almost done like you LOL!!

Netta I did DDR (dance dance revolution) yesterday so I am counting that as my cardio!! I may do that again.... It is so much fun, and I rather think it is good for my brain as well haha. Yes I wish we could have crashed Suz's knitting party.......Would'nt she have been surprised??? Btw I used to love watching ma and pa kettle every Sunday when I was growing up!!

Susan when is Justin coming home?? Did you get done painting his room? How did it turn out?? I am currently tackling paper clutter today!!

Marietta you are making me hungry for watermelon!!!

Hey Dallas and Terri what have you been up to??

Hello to everyone else!!


This morning I did Pure Strength Back and MIS Back then did PS Tri's and MIS Tri's. Before I started PS back I did pullups on my new Power Tower. How fun! I still can't get past 5 reps. I did 5/3/4 reps. Then with the T-back rows I was able to put my bar in the corner of the wall and used a towel to lift the bar up. This helped a lot and gave me way more range of motion. I did the warm up with 20 lbs. and then went heavy with 45 lbs. for 3 sets. Got a great burn in my back.

For Tri's I tried doing dips using the Power Tower. WOW! Now that was hard. I got three reps out and that was it. But when you think of it, I did three reps of tricep dips with 125 lbs. LOL! That was hard.

Then I did some ab work on my Power Tower. I did 3 sets of knee raises at 15 reps. Really felt that. Then I did the ab work from PS Back & Bi's.

Had an excellent workout! I'm off today so I'm going to get my grocery shopping done this afternoon instead of tomorrow. Marc's is less crowded on Fridays so I like that better.

Diane Sue - do I remember you saying you did knee ups on the PT for 50 reps? If so, you are da bomb! Those are hard! I feel like such a wimp!

Charlotte - you go girl! Your weights are so impressive!

Have a great workout everyone!
Hi everyone,

Today I did CTX 10-10-10. Started with Interval one (kickbox) then did CTX shoulders, Interval two (I used my stepper instead of hi/lo) then did CTX biceps and triceps and CTX kickbox abs. I didn’t to Interval three. I stink!x(

My girlfriends planned to take a stripping exercise class tonight that I was to be part of.:eek: Luckily things fell through, so I’m heading out tonight to my parents. Justin will be SO surprised tomorrow morning and we’re already there!

I had to run a quick errand this morning and put the heat on in the car! I wonder if we’re going to have summer. Hmmm….

Debbie, a couple of years ago my dh saw the FIRM infomercial where they were promoting a weight stick. The thing was 8 lbs. with 2 lbs that came off the ends. He thought it would be great for me and wrote down the 800#! I couldn’t believe it!!! I said “come here” went to the workout room and banged out at least 5 pull ups. I was working on adrenalin there. Hahahaha

Nicole, I do a lot everything every single day so when it comes to a project it’s very hard for me to stick with it without getting interrupted for something else that HAS to be done. So, no. The stinking room is not done and I’m upset about it. Not much is left though. I’ll try to get to it today. The color is called Summer Garden. It’s a nice green.

Charlotte, Do you use free weights when doing leg curls? I do, and use a 25 lb. plate. Sometimes a little more, but they are tough.

Lora, sticking with a P90X rotation is hard.

Baby has been crying while I do this, I’ve got to go. I’ll try to be back later. If not, have a wonderful weekend everyone. I’m taking Saturday and Sunday as rest days… gearing up for what’s ahead next week. mmwwwaaahahaha

Hi to everyone I missed right now!

Good morning!

This morning I rode with my girlfriend. Now funny thing - she's faster than the other gal I ride with (but probably not by much), yet she doesn't push me, even though I ask her to. I try to push myself, but it's different. So our ride was nice - my average HR was only 150 - which is LOW for me. Our avg. speed was 15.7, but I would have thought it was 12 b/c it was really no effort. We went 20 miles. But yesterday's Spinerval workout was so tough that my legs needed an easier ride today. And my maniac friend will be back Sunday night and we're riding Monday morning. So I should enjoy my break! I plan to ride with DH tomorrow (he'll really push me b/c he's super fast) and with the other gal (from this morning) on Sunday before church. I think I'll try to get in ME, BC or PH this afternoon or tomorrow. I haven't done weights since Monday! I'm gonna get flabby.

Lora - get better soon!

Charlotte - I know I say it all the time, but you're an ANIMAL!!!

Diane Sue - I hope all goes well with your eye surgery. I know it will!

Janjan - get well vibes are coming your way. Don't get sick.

Netta - you have another metric coming? Wow - you're really putting in the miles. Good for you! I wish you and Nicole could join our knitting group too. We had fun. And oh my, all those crashes in the Tour. Ouch. And it's not like they're crashing b/c of wet roads or anything. I felt so bad for those guys who got caught yesterday after being in the lead for 4 hours and then to get caught in the last couple of miles. And that Robby Mcewen - he just comes out of nowhere at the end of each stage. It's like he's wearing an invisible suit until the final sprint. So funny! He kinda blew it yesterday though. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

Marietta - I'm glad your extra long week is coming to an end. Enjoy the remainder of your workout today.

Nicole - burn those biceps baby!

Debbie - sounds like you're enjoying your Power Tower. I anxiously await to hear of your results. Although you already look AWESOME!

Susan - so you chickened out on the stripping class huh? I probably would have too. :)

I'm only working half day today. Yay! Amber has to go to the vet and get her rabies shot. And we'll take Gizmo for a visit since they all love him so much. They called to see how he was doing but I forgot to call them back.

Happy Friday!!!!!


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France

Hey Maniacs!!!

I did a 14 mile bike this morning. Got to wear the stretchy shorts cuz my regular shorts are cutting into my upper thighs when legs are pumped and I got blood spots there now. This has happened to when I squat heavy. The only thing is that the stretchy cotton shorts are not attractive and I feel weird in them. LOL!


So your loving up your bike too, huh and putting on those kind of miles. Speaking of ANIMAL, you got it going on there with what your doing my Maniac friend! Work it, girl!!!!


I have no idea what a power tower is, but I am sure you are burning it up and putting a hurtin' on it too! BURN THOSE CALORIES!!!


Did you say "Stripping" or are you "Trippin'"? Gosh, I would be too shy for that.


I usually stick with the 25# db's too, but this week is just different for me.


Girl, you are always working it!!!!! Don't you take a break? LOL! :7 }( :p


I will be honest with you, I don't like big hills when I ride. I get that song stuck in my head when I am about to come up to a hill...."Just breathe". I don't know the rest of it.

Ugh....I'm so sleepy...only got about 4 hours sleep last night. Figured I'd check in for a brief moment. Looks like everyone is having good workouts today. I only had time to skim the thread though.

I was thinking at lunch and I think I'm only going to do my P90X sections in weeks of 2. That way, I can do my recovery week every 5th week and the rotation won't last as long. I've been reading over at VF and a lot of people are starting the "Look Great in Eight" out of M&F for Her. I think I'm going to want to try that one after P90X and then, of course, I still want (and need) to do a Cathe Fatloss Rotation. Or, maybe I'll stick with the P90X for the entire time but just switch up my cardio and add some TLT to Recovery weeks.

What's everyone doing for the weekend? The Pirate movie starts this weekend and my DH is very happy about that. I like Johnny Depp, so I am also. My DH has to colour my hair this weekend. It takes a long time to dye it and then do highlights.

I'll be back to check in after work.

Your DH colors your hair for you? Gosh! I do my own, but I don't do highlights. My kids are going to see that movie tonight. I don't like pirate movies so I will just stay home...maybe lay out on the trampoline and count the stars. So are you feeling better?

Good afternoon,
This mornings workout was Turbo Jam cardio party remix stopping at the cooldown, TJ Punch Kick & Jam cardio, Amy Bento Bootcamp cardio and lower portions, Jari Love Slim & Lean lower & abs, then ball crunches 50 reps w/ 25#,15# med ball oblique chops on ball, 25 barbell roll outs with 45#, 75 hanging leg raises from tower, 25 ball woodchops with 25#, stretch.

Jan Jan, I am very happy with my eye surgury. My eyes were so bad that when I tried before they told me they could not help and to try again in a few years. I could not get glasses without them sending away for them and some places I was beyond their scope. Now I see 20/25. I had what they called IntraLase and CustomVue. They wanted to wait till my eyes stayed stable for a long enough time to do the next procedure. When I went into this I was told it could take 3 surgeries. They were amazed as much as I was. No glasses. I hope you get to feeling better. Being tired can lower your immune system too.

Suz, enjoy the rest of your day. Jasmine needs to have her Rabies shots soon. I will probably do it after I have my eye surgury. By then I will need some of the stuff for fleas and ticks again.

Marietta, yes I did ask if anyone had experienced hamstring pain when running on the treadmill. It is mostly if I run hills. It feels more like tight muscles and spasms. It will hurt so bad that it tightens when I drive the car. It takes lots of stretching and several days to recover from it. I used to run hills and put in 10 miles on my old treadmill. I would like to know how to get past this.

Nicole, for some reason I was able to up my weights for the upper body part of PS series. I always felt like I got a really good workout even though each body part was 10-12 minutes. Great series.

Debbie, I usually do the tower with straight legs. I try to get them as high as possible with a pause at the top. I have done up to 100. I usually allow a break between sets of 25 sometimes 30. I just do another exercise for abs in between. I also tried these with my 1# Jolie Shoe weights on. I got to 15 reps before I needed a break.

Susan, enjoy your time with Justin:)

Netta, I need to clean my trailer too. I washed the bedding but have not remade them. There was a little dachsund in the campsite next to ours. It would come over and check things out. Jasmine had fun on the pontoon boat. She even seemed to not mind the fireworks except some whistling ones which she tried to hide in the car. Then when we played back the video she was all brave because we were all here and started barking at the television and running in circles. We all laughed.

Have a great weekend.
Diane Sue
Excellent Diane Sue. You are giving me something to work towards. It was kind of hard for me to hold myself up that long. My shoulders were shaking. Will they adjust eventually?
Your shoulders will adjust. I really feel it in my whole core holding myself stationary and keeping my back against the pad. I do find I am really pushing my arms down on the pads and tensing my shoulders. I try to relax the muscles in this area as much as I can and really concentrate on the abs. Did you get the Ironman Power Tower? I was trying to see what differences there might be in mine. Mine has a very sturdy wide base and the pads are very thick. I think they are larger than the ones on the Ironman PT. This helps with comfort. I am glad you are enjoying it.
Diane Sue

Diane Sue,
I got a Linex Power Power, the padding for arms isn't all that great but it sure is a lot better than hanging on a chin up bar. The back pad is wonderful. It has the chin up bar, tricep dip handles, push up handles. I really love that thing. How often do you train your abs with the Power Tower each week?
I have been doing it three times a week. Sometimes I do abs 4 times. I used to do it 5 -6 days a week but since I have really intensified my ab work I find less works well.
Diane Sue


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