Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for October 2019

Just getting us started for the new month.

Some personals:

Jolie - I hope you aren't getting sick. I'm thinking sitting at a football game freezing with wet feet isn't good. I'm glad you had a great vacation, though, it sounds like you had a great time!!

Diane - Yes, Kelly did a descending one. I haven't done it but maybe will try that one on Friday. You would like Boxing & Pump, that is fun. I hope you can start doing them again soon. Hope your pain is not so bad tonight. I agree with the plank work in Warrior KB - Cathe must have the strongest abs and shoulders in the world. I don't know how she does all that and just keeps going. Crazy.

Doreen - Nice job on your PHA workout!! Killing it!!

Roxie - Good to see you posting, glad you are ok. Great job on your workouts!!

Belinda - Hope you are having a blast in Hawaii!!! I'm so jealous!

Have a great evening everyone!
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Today I did two Max Trainer workouts, both fun and hard and then I walked on my treadmill for a bit. As soon as I got done with my workout our power went out. WTH??? It wasn't raining, no storms. Only thing I can think of is some idiot hit a pole and caused the outage. I'm telling you, people do not know how to drive anymore. It is frightening to be on the roads.

Max Trainer workouts were called Max Climb 10 which was 10 minutes and Max 7 Minute Challenge w/Amy Dixon which was 7 minutes. I wish the descriptions of these workouts were a bit more detailed, I had no idea the one with Amy was a hill climb one, it just said 20 second intervals. But what a great coincidence because they were both hill climbs. Very fun workouts.

Total time with MT workouts was 25 minutes, burned 167 calories, went .54 miles and did 1368 steps. HR was 126/146 which is BS because my HR was really up there. Not sure why my FB didn't know that.

Walked on my treadmill for 25 minutes, burned an additional 168 calories, went 1.25 miles and did 3023 steps. HR was 119/131.

Hope you all have great workouts today!!


I did KCM Cardio Kicks Stepboxing this morning for 40 minutes. Around combo 6 or somewhere I just gave up as my brain wasn't keeping up with her combos for some reason and my two left feet weren't keeping up either... I normally really like this one and have no problems with choreography but today just wasn't working!! Oh well.

Debbie- are the MT workouts videos you follow along and the program controls your machine? Or how does that work? I've always wanted to try one of the iFit machines where the video workout controls your speed and incline based on what the workout instructor is really doing as they run all over the world!
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Jolie Fit

Today it was so cool and nice outside i took my dog for a 2 mile dog walk. I usually do 1 mile but we kept going this morning. Then I did Cathe Live, Upper Body with Ball workout # 52 and had a great workout. I changed things up a bit, i like to do that so i don't get bored, and did more reps than Cathe and i did change a couple of exercises because of the pushups and planks. Workout was 1 hour 10 minutes, i paused a few times, and i burned 426 calories. The AB and Core section at the end is very long and hard. I had to modify a bit due to my back issue but loved the workout.

3 Rounds of Each Giant Set- x 16, x 14, x 12 Reps

Chest Flies- 15's
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50#
Chest Press- 20's

Seated Overhead Press- 15's
Incline Front Raise to an Arc- 8's Killer!
Lateral Raises- 8's and dropped to 5's the last set, i was dying
Rear Flies- 10's and dropped to 8's the last two sets

Incline Bicep Hammer Curls- 15's
Lying Triceps Ext.- 12's

2 Rounds of the Upper Body Circuit, x 16, x 14

Incline Chest Press- 20's
1 Arm Rows- 20#
Seated Hammer Curl to Overhead Press- 15's
Kickbacks- 10's

Finisher: Cathe does not do this

Seated Bicep Curls with a twist- 15's x 22
Triceps Cable Pull Downs- 30# x 17

Core and ABS- a killer workout!

I am so sore from kickboxing yesterday, especially my back and shoulders from all of the hooks you do in a Les Mills Workout.

Debbie, great job on the cardio workout today. I am still trying to get my TM fixed but i think it wont be worth it since it is older and the motor is $508, and the service calls are all over $100. What a pain, i have to tell you. Since I cant walk on the TM, i will run on the elliptical and do more kickboxing. Our power goes out sometimes for no reason too! I hate when that happens, i hope could get ready for work!

Doreen, nice job on the KCM workout, i get what your saying with keeping up with the moves some times. I cant do that type of step, only the kind the Yvette Backman does, she uses it more as a box than the step dancing type workouts, i get dizzy and have two left feet.

BBL to read other posts.

Have a beautiful day.


I did not sleep well, but it was more due to coughing and getting into a bad sleep posture on my side that was a problem. I got up and stretched and repositioned myself after getting more water. Felt stiff when I got up, but some stretches and I felt pretty good. I did Jessica Smith YouTube Full Lower Body, legs, butt, thighs, hips, 42 minutes, heart rate average 101, max 131, 106 calories. I really felt that the heart rate was low as this went in circuits of Bridge, split squat, step ups and sides, side lunge, deadlift 4 rounds. She starts with all moves no weight, then 10# 1st circuit, then 15# the 4 others. I used a 5# soft med ball for the bridges. She used a play ball. I did not go to 15#, I did 8 and 10. I was careful not to get shoulders and traps involved. Each circuit I assessed if it was bothering me before going on. I only used 10's for 1 circuit. Feeling out what I can do. My calories were lousy. I only used the Fit Bit. I then did my physical therapy exercises which took 41 minutes, and 49 steps. 74 calories. I really felt the weight work should have been a lot more than 106 calories. Also she used a high step with 4 risers.

Debbie, I forgot it was already October. When I went to get my Shingrix vaccine and they asked if I wanted to get my flu shot then too, I said no. I told them I don't usually get it till October. They sort of laughed and reminded me. I said I would wait till late October though. I didn't want the affects of two shots and I usually push it till around Halloween. Nice work on the Max Trainer. I don't know what to think of the Fit Bit sometimes.

Doreen, I love that workout. I am the same, at times a workout that I have done many times and suddenly my focus is totally gone. I lose steps and give up in frustration. It is not fun to struggle through the whole thing. Maybe you were just tired?

Jolie, I would say it depends on how much you paid for your treadmill to begin with. My tread climber had an extra warranty on it for 4 years. When it started having problems I called around and a fitness equip store gave me the name of the guy that works on their used equipment and trade ins. We spent over 500 dollars for fixing it and putting new treadle boards and walking belts along with going over everything. It has been running now for another two years, so I feel it was worth the money. Cheaper than a gym anyway. Nice work today and the walk :)

Roxie, way to go on keeping up with your workout rotation.


Good evening

Sorry for not checking in. Have not worked out since i am in Hawaii . DH and i having a blast here. We took a submarine it went down 109 feet. It was so cool to see the turtles, all kind of different fish even a few sharks. We also saw a ship wrack We also took a helicopter ride it took us around Hawaii. Of course, we saw Perl Harper. We rented a car to see Hawaii. In between all that we relax on the beach by our hotel.

Fantastic job on everyone’s workouts.

Good night.
Today I had all intentions of doing Kelly's RAW Descending workout but I've had a knot in my shoulder again for the past two weeks and it's not going away. I thought I'd give it three days of rest and not aggravate it today. Instead I walked on my treadmill and then did some stretching afterwards.

Workout was 45 minutes, burned 298 calories, went 2.29 miles and did 5519 steps. HR was 120/133.

Belinda - I am so jealous. My sister in law lives in Hawaii and we keep telling her we are coming to visit but then we never do. We have to take the time to do that. Traveling really scares me, though.

Roxie - Nice job with your Meltdown workouts. Hope they are melting you down! LOL!

Roselyn - Great job with back and biceps. What workout did you do?

Diane - I know, time is going by so dang fast. How is it possible it is October already? Crazy. Hope you were able to get some sleep last night. On another note, I've been looking through my Paleo recipe book and am finding some good stuff in there. I've had the book for over a year and never really looked at it. I just wish the recipes weren't so high in calorie. I know they say not to worry about that so much, but I do. If i eat over my calories, the scale certainly shows it!!

Jolie - Nice job on that workout yesterday, wow!! You asked me last week what I was planning on doing for October and I've just been doing whatever I feel like doing. No rhyme or reason. I remember when I used to have to follow a rotation or it would drive me nuts, but not anymore. I like figuring it out the night before and just doing what I feel like. I'll probably mix RAW with Cathe live this month. It's cooled off here nicely as well, finally some fall like weather. We broke records here on Monday and Tuesday being in the 90's. That is unheard of here in Ohio in October.

Doreen - Nice job trying to do that KB workout yesterday. I wonder if I have that one? Doesn't sound familiar to me. Is it newer? The Max Trainer workouts I do are on my tablet and even though the tablet is bluetoothed to the machine, the workouts with the coaches are not automatically programmed to do the resistance and speed automatically. The coaches tell you where you should be and you just do it. If it gets too hard, you can lower the resistance or speed. I think it's dangerous to make a workout make the machine do what it wants, I think people can get hurt doing something they just can't do. I love the workouts from the coaches. Even though I was complaining about it at first, I see myself renewing the subscription. They are FUN! Also, these are not "live", they are just recorded and you choose which one you want to do on the tablet. It's not like Peloton workouts.

Have great workouts everyone! So glad it's FRIDAY!!


Debbie - is it an app then on your tablet? Can anyone subscribe to the workouts or do you need a Max trainer?

This morning I did Jillian Michaels Lift & Shred workout 2 and then part of a combo from Steady State Step just to get some steps.
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Jolie Fit

TGIF! I did cardio today, Cathe live In the Ring with 1 pound gloves and the workout was shorter than normal, 45 minutes or so and i burned 351 calories. Then I did part of Hearts on Fire, Cathe Live and did 20 minutes of it. I have to say, i did not like either workout. The first one had horrible music, Techno beats only and the second one the beat was so slow I had to start making up my own workout or my heart rate was going to go way down. Anyway, i worked out for 1 hour and 10 minutes with a stretch and i burned 521 calories. When Cathe was doing jumping Jacks or Burpees in both workouts, i did kicks instead, either front, side or back kicks. I really like the Les Mills and Powerstrike Kickboxing workouts better because there is more kickboxing and less cardio drills. I also like the tempo of those workouts better for whatever reason.

Can i complain for a moment please? My youngest son has been the biggest pain in the butt for the last 3 years and i am so done with his behavior i cant even tell you! He feels he can say anything he wants to me and it's ok because he is being honest! WTF. Not only is he disrespectful, he is so messy around the house, doesn't help with anything and it almost failing every class right now. He better graduate and figure out what he is going to do for the rest of his life because he is not staying here! Also, Debbie was so right last year, he is smoking pot all of the time and does nothing. I am the most self controlled person and cannot understand why he is like this!!!! My husband and i have tried everything and we don't know what else to do. If he is sober he is a pleasure to be around but he and all of his friends are smoking all of the time. Now that it is legal in CA there is no way to control it. I hate the people that voted to legalize drugs!!! It will destroy our youth. I talked his councilor at school and she thinks he will soon or later mature and grow up, but right now he is acting like a knuckle head and destroying this family. However, i will not cave, i will persevere! Sorry, i had to get that off my chest. I feel better now. :)

Debbie, It was probably a great idea that you rested your upper body for the next couple of days. Man, we are all going through some sort of pain issue lately. I might sign up for Les Mills for the 7 day free trial and try it out. I like their Body Combat kickboxing and Diane Sue says that Body Pump is awesome too. That is a total body workout using a BB. Have you ever tried any of those workouts?

Belinda, i am so happy that you are enjoying your trip!!!! Aloha :)

Roselyn, nice back and biceps workout, was that STS?

Roxie, nice job on doing 2 workouts per day.

Diane Sue, i hope you are feeling better today.

BBL to read your posts.

Happy Friday and Happy Fall y'all
Doreen - I think anyone can purchase them. I don't know for sure, though. You can email Bowflex and see. And yes, it is an app on my tablet. Has a little BowFlex icon that I tap and then you can either do the three basic workouts they have there or you can use the Coaches. It's like $156 for a year.

Jolie - OMG, I'm sorry to hear about your son. And I'm with you, this legalizing a drug was beyond demented. What are people thinking? We have accidents all over here because someone was smoking marijuana and it's not even technically legal here, just the medicinal part is. Still, they get their hands on it. Ridiculous. I say lay down the law and if he doesn't follow, kick his ass out. Screw that being disrespectful to you, you are his mom!! I know it's hard to deal with, but you will make it. Just stay strong. Damn kids...


Good evening,

Since we arrived in Hawaii I been having a small infection in my finger, woke up this morning my fingers hurt like hell. It was swollen and blue. DH ask me two days ago if I wanted to see doctor, I kept telling him it will go away, well it didn’t. The pain did not stop, I felt my pulse in my finger. I ended up in the ER today. The doc looked at my finger and said we will cut and drain the infection out. She did 3 incisions, it hurt like hell. I am on antibiotics for 10 days, can’t get in the water.

I will be back tomorrow with personals.

Good night.
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Jolie- I hear you on the pot... CO legalized and now everyone is just blind to what it is doing!! I have yet to have those conversations with my kids but I know it is in the schools. Stay strong and I will be praying for your son.

This morning I went out for a bike ride. 7 miles and about an hour.
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Jolie Fit

Well, it is the most beautiful day of the entire year in San Clemente CA! Fall is in the air and it is dry and sunny out, the ocean looks amazing! Today is my eldest sons 19th birthday so i flew him home late last night so i could celebrate his birthday with him. He will fly back to school early tomorrow. He is such a great guy, i love him with all of my heart. He was a premature baby, born at 32 weeks, we have an incredible bond, we went through so much together at the beginning of his life, having to stay in the NICI Unit at the hospital for 40 days. He was 4 pounds at birth and 32 pounds when he turned 1. Now he is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs in at 255 pounds. It is amazing how such a little baby that had to fight so hard in the beginning is so big and strong today. :)

No workout today, i am so sore and stiff, a nice long stretch is in order.

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! I am thinking of getting Les Mills on Demand, has anyone tried that yet?
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I did the week trial of Les Mills on Demand. The music is fun and the instructors all have fun accents!! I think they are filmed live and then spliced together. I did a couple step pump based workouts and they were tough!!
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Yesterday I started Kelly's Raw Just Step, but stopped at the boxing moves, not far into it. I just did not want to push since I was doing so well. So I did Jessica Smith Walk Strong and have fun: step and stride, (with the Raw bit) 36 minutes, 216 calories and PT/ stretch for 55 minutes 100 calories. I felt no pain yesterday or pretty much all day the day before and had high hopes of being on my way to being pain free, but I went to the store yesterday afternoon and picked up one of those huge Aquafina packs of water lugging it in and out of the cart just really hit hard. When I got to the car I put it in the back seat as opposed to lifting it up and over into the trunk and backed in and dropped it on the garage floor. So, now I am icing and trying to work it out along with more Advil :( I am so mad at myself. I should have just bought small packs of water. Even if it was more costly.
Today I just did PT and skipped the band pulls.

Roselyn, nice work.

Belinda, I am glad you are having so much fun and getting in some relaxing as well. That is terrible about having to have your finger drained. No time in the water really does hamper things. When I start to get something I think is infected on my fingers I soak them in some salt water and apply Neosporin or Bacitricin and it usually heads it off.

Debbie, I know how you feel about the large amount of calories. Generally, those are pretty good sized portions. I often hedge on how much oil I use and eat smaller portions on top of cauliflower rice. The funny thing is, since I have been more aware of the saturated fat I eat and eating more fruit along with my veggies, my weight has dropped. I am worried a little as I have dropped to 114.0 now. I am still hitting around 40% fat though. Calories have dropped a bit total because I am eating even more fruits and vegitables. I am not hungry. I only allow myself 1 tablespoon of cream in my morning coffee and have started making iced matcha with Milkadamia nut milk. I also am keeping the saturated fat between 20 and 25 grams or less. Totals are generally low in cholesterol. Trying to cut dairy as it is inflammatory which is a bit difficult as I was eating plain yogurt. Also I found a lot of the protein powders have cholesterol and some saturated fat. So, I am eating mostly fish and chicken, apples, berries and an occasional banana. Odd that I am getting plenty of calcium. Anyway, I did gain when I totally ignored the macros and just ate Paleo. I found I was eating 70% of my calories from fat a lot of the time when I did that. It is more choosing your foods carefully and what works I guess. I went back and looked at the descending pyramid raw workout and it says 1 hour. I guess Kelly offers the option of doing abs between sets or something.

Doreen, nice workout today.

Jolie, Body Pump usually has someone that is using a weight plate instead of the barbell. Depends on likes and fitness level I guess. It does pretty well at burning extra calories because there is very little break throughout. I think you would enjoy getting the streaming to try. I enjoyed the month of it when I got it. I am so sorry you are going through that with your son. If your son is smoking pot, it is no wonder he is not doing well in school. It makes me so angry that they are legalizing something like that. We spend so much time trying to educate our children about the harm of it and then someone comes along and says it is okay. Like taking an aspirin or something or having a couple of drinks. My husband used to do drug talks in the schools. All because someone wants to make money. As soon as the people were ignorant enough to vote it in since the pretense was "medicinal" they started setting up those stupid dispensing places on every corner. They will pay in the end by destroying peoples health, more accidents, and destroyed lives. I like to have my brain working as best I can not hampered with crap. It is depressing. I hope your son grows out of this. I would imagine once he is on his own, he will miss his home and someone who cares. They just do not get it! Sending prayers out for you. Regardless of whether he is living under your roof or not, you will still feel the anxiety and worry. That is just part of being a parent. But, he will need to find out what life is without someone to provide everything for him. BTW, it doesn't stop there as you will worry the same way over grandchildren and every family member. I sometimes think how lucky childless people are, but then what would life be without our children. I wouldn't change having my family, worries or not.

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