Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for February

Yesterday I did Build Back and Bis, today was Chisel Agility this morning and this afternoon chest and tris

I have been mia for awhile but been exercising, my dad now broke his ankle last Sunday, so between helping my mom with him and my daughter and boyfriend were moving it has been crazy.
Today I did Cardio Coach #5. Had a pretty good workout considering I had to get off my treadmill to switch the inserts in my new shoe. I can't win with shoes, it's ridiculous. Anyways, once that was done, I was able to run comfortably and had a great workout.

Workout was 54 minutes, ran 3.32 miles, burned 352 calories and climbed 555 vertical feet.

Roselyn - So sorry to hear about your dad. Just what he needs!!! Prayers out to him.


Today's workout was Chisel Balance and 10 Minute Ab Chisel, 51 minutes, 253 calories. I also did Two The Max solid step, core/upper body emphasis, and stretch, 21 minutes, 132 calories. Total time 72 minutes and 385 calories.

Debbie, I have a hard time finding the right shoes. I always add new inserts to them. I have shoes for different types of workouts.

Roselyn, sending prayers out for your Dad. I kind of wondered if that had something to do with not seeing you check in.


Roselyn I really like Chisel abs. It is all done using the bench. 11 minutes. I use 5 risers each side of the step. Their bench is 16 inches flat.

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Full Body today and had a great workout! I started with the warmup of Gym Style Shoulders, Back & Bi's and then I started my lifting.

3 sets/8 reps - 1:30 minute rest between each set

Dumbbell Military Press - 20's
Dumbbell Squats - 25's
Incline Barbell Press - 70#
One-Arm Row - 30#
Hammer Curls - 20's
Lying Barbell Tricep Extension - 35#

Then I walked on my treadmill for 1 mile.

Went low with squats because my knees have really been bothering me lately. Not sure what is going on, they were doing great there for a while.

Chisel abs sounds great, I need some new ab workouts. I should just bite the bullet and purchase that series.


Today I did Max Hammer Strength 38 minutes, 200 calories. I followed it with 15 minute leg hammer 18 minutes, 129 calories. There is 3 days in a row of weights. Tomorrow Total Body Chisel and Friday Iso Speed Hammer with 15 minute leg hammer again, I was a bit surprised. Some at Beachbody say they are doing Hammer heavy and Chisel lighter. Generally I go heavy on Total Body Chisel is 3 sets of 10 reps each exercise. It does include some biceps and triceps though. Max Hammer Strength is basically legs,, chest, back and shoulders. My legs have been sore through most of this series. I added a 35 minutes flexibility workout from fitnessblender.com which was a nice stretch. Some of the moves were done a bit differently which helped get a bit deeper into the stretch. I think it said something like for flexibility and stress relief.
Max Hammer Strength
60 second bodyweight reps followed by 8 reps heavy
reverse lunge right 28 reps reverse lunge right heavy 8 reps 25# each hand this is down 10 from last
repeat bodyweight and reverse lunge left same
60 sec push up 30 reps bench press 25# each hand
60 sec squat 28 reps shoulder squat heavy 25# each hand this is down 10# from last time because this time I did the shoulders and last time not
pull up 22 reps (assisted) Pull over heavy 8 reps 45#
60 sec good morning stiff legged deadlift heavy 8 reps 45# each hand Up 5#
60 sec chin up 11 reps ( I was slow but am getting better at this with no assistance) 1 arm row 8 reps left then 8 reps right 37.5#
60 sec stay low sumo 40 reps sumo squat heavy 45# up 5#
60 sec band military press 24 reps military press seated heavy 20# each hand up 5#
60 sec Bulgarian split squat right 30 reps step up right heavy 20# each hand up 5#
same as but left split squat and step up
ledge calf raise (I used step topper) 40 reps Seated calf raise heavy 35# each hand up 10#

Debbie, the thing that I like about Chisel abs is that doing all of those moves that are normally in plank on the hands you do on your elbows on the step. It is much better on my wrists. She alternates between seated moves like V ups on the step and plank type moves. Also there is some ab and core work incorporated it a lot of these workouts.
Today I did Cardio Coach #1 and had a great workout. Finally my shoes felt pretty good. Had a good run.

Workout was 36 minutes, ran 2.4 miles and burned 228 calories which I think is BS.

I also did the ab work from ST&P and did the stretch from GS Legs.

Diane Sue - That sounds like a good ab workout. I hate doing planks on my wrists. I'd rather do them on my elbows as well.


Today's workout was Total Body Chisel and 10 minute Ab Chisel, 49 minutes, 241 calories. I had to lower some weights. I went pretty heavy on those 8 reps yesterday. Besides the Total Body today I have Iso Speed Hammer tomorrow and Iso Strength Chisel Saturday. Lots of lifting. I was sore before I started.
Total Body Chisel is 3 sets of 10 reps 3 rounds of three body parts each done a 1 set of each body part done 3 times
Squat 37.5 each hand all 3 sets
Bench Press 22.5 each hand all 3 sets
Reverse grip row 25# each hand all 3 sets

lunge right 25# each hand all 3 sets
lunge left same as right
incline fly 15# each hand all 3 sets
lat pullover 15# each hand all 3 sets I can't believe I had these again today. 45# yesterday. My lats are sore

step down cross back right 15# each hand all 3 sets
step down cross back left 15#
Incline curl 20# each hand; 17;5; 17.5
bench dips no weight 10 reps each set
Full Body Rotation again. Had a great workout.

Warm-up: GS Chest & Tri's

2 sets/15 reps - 2 minute rest between each set

Weighted Bench Dips - 40#
Dumbbell Curls - 15's
Barbell Calf Raises - 55#
Lateral Raises - 10's
Bent Over Raise - 12's
Incline Flyes - 20's

Probably could have gone heavier on all of these exercises. Concentrated on the muscle that was working, though, so that always makes a difference.

Then I walked on my treadmill for 1 mile and did the stretch from L&G.

Diane Sue - Nice workout!!!!


I had a doctor appointment early this morning so I got my workout in later than normal. Today was iso speed hammer and 15 minute leg hammer. It seems like iso speed hammer is one of the least favorite in the Hammer and Chisel series reading on Beach Body. It is short. 24 minutes. Then if you have the deluxe set you add the leg workout which is really med ball cardio weight work. I added on 15 minutes of yoga for total body and weight loss from fitness blender. Not the best choice once I started, I realized I was working the push up and tricep push ups quite a bit. A lot of time on the hands. It was only 15 minutes though. I should have picked a relaxed one. Total time was 57 minutes and calories burned 333.

Iso Speed hammer is 10 reps then 10 reps fast each move
push up
static lunge right 20's
static lunge left 20's
chin ups
Deadlift 15's I hate doing deadlifts fast
side lateral raise 8's
sumo squat 25#
rear delt cross fly pink 15# b lines tubing
pistol squat right 12#
pistol squat left 12#
curl face down on stability ball (they use a bench inclined) 15#
calf raise body weight
triceps kickback twist 12's


Today's workout was Iso Strength Chisel and 10 minute Chisel Abs, 49 minutes, 247 calories. I then did Ripped With Hiit Low Impact Hiit 1, 28 minutes, 215 calories. I wanted more stretching and my low back on one side has felt pinched so I did Fitness Blender Sciatica stretch and low back stretch, 13 minutes. The sciatica one was better because it had a bit different stretch for one of the 8 stretches that you hold for 30 seconds. The other one just repeated some of the moves and was real short. Total time was 90 minutes and calories burned 483. I am so sore from all of these back to back weight workouts and today was a real challenge. Also yesterday the yoga I selected had you going through push ups and holding at the bottom repeatedly. Today the workout had a push up 10 reps hold 10 ct repeat 3 times. Ouch. Yesterday was push ups and speed push ups. I have a rest day tomorrow:D
Today I did the same workout as last Monday but in Superset form. Had a great workout!!! Went up in weight with each exercise.

3 sets/5 reps - 1 minute rest between each set Superset.

SS #1
Bench Press
- 80#
Barbell Row - 65#

SS #2
Leg Press Station
- 165#
Stiff Leg Deadlifts - 65#

SS #3
EZ Barbell Curls
- 45#
Close Grip Bench Press - 65#

Workout was only 28 minutes so I walked on my treadmill for 1.25 miles.

Diane Sue - Nice workout on Saturday!

Roselyn - How is your dad doing?

Hope you all have great workouts today!!!


Today's workout was Hammer Conditioning, 32 minutes, 204 calories. I also added a fitness blender cardio warm up, 10 minutes, 34 calories. I finished off with Party Rockin Step 2, timesaver #1 34 minutes, 258 calories. Total time was 76 minutes and calories burned 496. It is so windy today. I had to go out and track down my trashcan. I came back and I think I had someone else's because it had a sticker on it. I ended up going back out and switching for the one in front of a for sale sign. I thought the sticker was a good idea so I put stickers on mine too. I was thinking the neighbors probably thought I was odd running around taking trashcans! Two more days and I am on the final week of Hammer and Chisel. I have gained some weight lately. I was getting sort of worried but my clothes fit the same. I did my body fat yesterday and it was 14.4% That is down from the over 19% it was 6 months ago. I thought this morning maybe I needed to change the batteries in my Omron so I did that and it was still 14.8% today so I guess it wasn't that. I have been a bit stricter with my eating Paleo though. I am following more like Abel James Wild Diet gragh which is lots of non starchy vegetables and protein. There is some starches here an there like sweet potatoes and squash incorporated.
Hammer Conditioning all 12 reps This is kind of fast paced. It gets the HR up some
rnd 1
clock push up crunch right 12 reps
side lunge row right 15# each hand
repeat on left side
rnd 2
fly lunge twist light weight right 8# dumbbell 12 reps
sumo squat press 20# 12 reps (this was up 2.5#)
repeat on left side for the lunge and then do sumo ( I was to failure at the end of the second set with 20's)
rnd 3
burpee renegade row 15# each hand this was up 3#
stiff leg dead lift crunch 20# each hand up 2.5#
rnd 4
plank raise tap crunch right 12 reps
reverse lunge curl kickback right 15# each hand
repeat left

Debbie, nice job on the workout today :)
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Hi all! Today I did Run Fit and had an excellent workout. Love this workout and it's been a while since I've done it.

Workout was 52 minutes, ran 3.63 miles and burned 342 calories which I know is total BS. My treadmill said 500. Not sure why Fitbit counts these workouts so low with calorie burns.

Great workouts Diane Sue and Roselyn!!! Hope you two have great workouts today as well!


Today's workout was Chisel Cardio followed by 15 minute glute chisel, 56 minutes, 323 calories. I got up extra early to get it in because I had to go have a small cyst removed this morning. She said I could do my weights tomorrow :D I was a bit worried I was going to have to hold off a bit. Tomorrow is the last day of week 7. The nice thing about Chisel Cardio is that there is not a lot of jumping. Just the burpee jumps. She uses the bemch and a dumbbell for most of it. I did lower my step a bit this time. I just used 4 risers under each side. I have previously done it with 5.

Debbie, it seems fitness equipment is always higher. The only one that was close to accurate for me is my treadclimber. I have monitored it with a non coded strap and my watch together. Most of my HR monitors will not work with it at the same time because they are coded. I haven't had a chance to try my Bluetooth transmitter yet. Polar still has it and say they are behind on repairs :(

Roselyn, did you quit Hammer and Chisel or are you just mixing up workouts?
Full Body today and had a great workout! I started with the warmup of Gym Style Chest & Tri's and then I started my lifting. Same workout as last Wednesday but doing Supersets.

3 sets/8 reps - 1:30 minute rest between each Superset

Dumbbell Military Press
- 21's
Dumbbell Squats - 25's

Incline Barbell Press
- 75#
One-Arm Row - 35#

Hammer Curls
- 21's
Lying Barbell Tricep Extension - 35#

Then I walked on my treadmill for 1 mile. Did my own stretching.

Diane Sue - I agree. Just makes me mad that these things can't be more accurate with calorie burns.


Today was Total Body Hammer and 10 minute ab hammer, 56 minutes, 314 calories and I finished off with P90X3 Pilates, 30 minutes, 107 calories. Total time spent 86 minutes and calories burned 421.
So much frustration with things today. I spent a big share of my day on the phone. First of all the Fed X guy that was delivering the control panel to my dishwasher threw it over the gate to our walkway and there was a piece broke off. I heard it hit the ground and looked on the doorstep then had to go around the corner and found it on the pavement. :mad: So I had to call fed x and the appliance parts place. Then I had to deal with my cell phone company because I paid off my phones and they are still trying to charge me for them. On a good note, Polar has notified me that my Bluetooth transmitter is fixed and on the way.
Total Body Hammer

10, 8, 6 reps each exercise then in the round then repeat
bench press 25# each hand 10,8,6, 10, 8, 6
squat 40# each hand 10,8,6,10,8,6
reverse grip row 30# each hand 10,8,6,10,8,6

incline fly 20# each hand all sets
reverse lunge right 25# each hand 10,8,6; left 10,8,6
wide pull up 10,8, 6; 10,8,6

military press seated 20# each hand all sets
split squat 20# each hand right 10,8,6; left 10,8,6 I went 25's last time and think I should have done it again this time
posterior delt fly 1 right 15# 10,8, 6 left 15# 10,8,6

Debbie, I know the frustration but, I sure do like having those devices for motivation.

Roselyn, nice workout.

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