Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for August 2021

Today I did CDorner Kickboxing with Low impact options(which I really did not use). This has loads of jacks with boxing moves and kicks. It was okay, but there was a point where my hear rate got really high and I was actually feeling a bit nauseated. That does not usually happen, but the last phase is lots of jacks and impact till the cool down. Heart rate was 146/184, 40 minutes, 242 calories. 3,628 steps. I then did CDorner quick abs burner with pilates ball #155, 18 minutes, 33 calories heart rate 86/105, and her Inner thigh burner with a pilates ball (really his all of the lower body and some abs), 12 minutes 31 calories, heart rate 92/106 which starts with standing and moves to the floor and not all of it uses the ball. The two pilates ball workouts had 226 steps together. I also started the neck and shoulders stretch and got to 8 minutes and it just started spinning. I went out and came back in a couple of times and it was still spinning so I stopped there and did some upper back foam roller on my own. Total time not counting stretch was 70 minutes, 306 calories, 3,854 steps. I used the whirlpool tub last night. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. I got woke up way to early when my husband came in and could not go back to sleep. When I crawled out of bed I was sore, but a bit of stretching and it all let up. Also I had a terrible headache so took Excedrin. My allergies were fine when it was just grass pollen, but now chinopod pollen is out there. I was looking up plants that are in that variety last night. Then this morning they were out mowing off all of the weeds in the lots behind our house. Homes are going up fast right now as far as building. Now I don't have weeds and sunflowers standing over the top of the fence. The bad thing is dust was flying through the air. I am sure going outside today would be a mistake, but eventually I have to. A couple of days before the allergy report showed the chinopods I told my husband something new is out there as my nose has become drippy, itchy throat and cough, and tons of sneezing. Gosh I hate that.

Belinda, glad that you got in a walk today :) I saw on my scale that the low here was 69 today. This is rather cool compared to usual super hot August weather. We will be in the 80's which I do enjoy.

Debbie, I have that Raw Tabata workout printed out. I don't think I did it though. When I saw it started with push ups I just put it away for now. There are a couple of the newer workouts that I previewed and put on paper, but did not do after previewing. Like the Overdrive, I think that is the name which has jump rope, box jumps and kettlebell swings, and some loop band in it and I really did not think at this point it would be safe for me to do. I did make note that I could do jacks on the rebounder ,but still........
Really, covid and politics has made most things outside the house unpleasant. Then again, I think they would like us to be shut down and stuck in our house, at least till elections are over, but I am sure there are other tricks up the sleeves. Tired of being manipulated. Whenever I start getting sick I purchase those immunity shots along with taking the vitamin C. I use the emergency packets and sometimes double those in a day. Right now I am using oil of oregano drops from Garden of Life to help ward off some things. I hope you can fight off a sinus infection. I bought the other flonase product and did not realize it was not the same thing. I just thought it didn't have a scent. It did not work at all so I had to purchase the regular flonase. If I use tablets it is Allegra gel caps. I have not tried the D. The regular still does not help much with my itchy throat. I sure wish something did. It gets itchy from the nose down my throat and since I have the sjogrens I get completely dried out at night so that makes it all worse. I use saline after I go outside. I don't know much about colloidal silver except my daughter told me something once that happened to a patient that used it all of the time and too much and it sort of scare me off from the idea.

Jolie, I always hated that niacin rush. I am glad it does not last too long. I guess it depends on which form of niacin you use, but I think the one that gives the rush is better. Glad that you are doing so much better now. That is great that the chiro changed the method for you. I heard that about Lindsey Graham. My daughter also told me about a woman at her church that had the virus and nearly died, then got the vaccine, then she now has covid again although she is doing well with it this time and feeling not so bad.
I also heard someone giving a bit of a scary report about how the vaccine works and what it attaches to throughout the body and some of the science behind it. I think they need to use other meds that help and stop pushing everyone to keep getting vaccines and then talking about boosters and more vaccines. They need to make sure these vaccines are safe.
Back at work. I don't think I've ever had such a hard time coming back to work before. I'm already sick of sitting at this desk lookiing at a computer. I seriously need to find an active job of some sort somewhere.

This morning I did CDorner's #133 - Basic to Intermediate Step Aerobics Workout and loved it. This one was a lot of fun and I had no problems whatsoever with the step moves. Caught on to all of it.

Workout was 48 minutes, burned 311 Calories, did 4818 steps and HR was 121/150.

Belinda - The Lo Mein with Peanut Sauce is excellent, I really liked it. I also made the Strawberry Nice Cream and wow, what a great flavor that has. My DH even liked that one!!

Jolie - I'm pretty sure mine is a sinus thing, I have no fever and my taste and smell are still with me. I'm actually fine today, no issues at all. I'm glad your back is doing so well. It's amazing that you do so well with just one visit to the chiro. When I was going to one a long time ago I went for 6 months, twice a week and was constantly in more and more pain. Glad your doctor is so good, that is awesome!! Of course back then all they did was crack and do crazy things like strap you down to a table that pulls you apart. Talk about torture.

Diane - Wow on that kickboxing workout. Wonder why you got nauseated like that? Maybe you needed some food or something? That happens to me when I take too many vitamins on an empty stomache. Great job with the workout, though!!

Roselyn - Great job with leg day!!

Have a great day everyone. I'm sure you will since many of you do not work. Lucky ladies!!
Good morning,

3 mile walk is done.

Debbie - I have to agree with you on the pan fried rice. I ended up doing the same you did. It was ok. Glad you like the Lo Mein with Peanut sauce. Can't wait to try this one. I do love there Nice Creams on the site. So far, they all amazing. Sorry about your sinus problems.

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I have a story to tell you that is just darn right scary. My sisters husband's son's girlfriend is 27 years old and in great shape. She is an outdoorsy person, active all of the time and in great health. My parents called me on my walk today and told me she got the vaccine and is now on life support and not expected to LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF! I am telling you, this shit they are pumping into everyone is not good. Bill Gates is an Atheist and he has had an enzyme put in the vaccines and the name of the enzyme has the name Lucifer, who is the devil right! This enzyme has no long term testing and Bill Gates is into Population Control. He doesn't find it bad for people to die if we can keep the population at a number that is reasonable. Just think about this for one moment, this is the United States of America today. If anyone gets sick I have a website on how to order the medicine Donald J Trump took when he got covid and it works really fast. My sister and husband are taking it now and so far so good. You can speak to a doctor over the phone and they will call it into a pharmacy. It is backed by a Republican group and they are trying to get people not to get the vaccine. I am ordering a dose to keep on hand, they said you can do it. They will shut down this country again so I am getting prepared for it ahead of time.

Todays workout was another walk outside, I will start lifting tomorrow. My chiro wanted me to take a few days before I started in again. Walk time was 1 hour 41 minutes and I traveled 4.6 miles. I burned 855 calories, I did the hills and boy it was hard today, it is warm and the humidity is higher again. Heart rate was 139/182. Tomorrow I am going to put my own workout together and do a circuit type upper body workout at my own pace. I will be doing those for awhile to see how my back does.

Debbie, nice workout today, and bummer you had to go back to work! Yuck sitting at a desk all day, I had to do that for 8 years too. Before I was in outside sales but I had to sit very long periods in airports and on airplanes because my territory was from Alaska to Florida! I was on the road 5 days per week for 15 years before I had kids. I am so glad that you are feeling better.

Belinda, great job on the walk today!

Roselyn, nice workout yesterday, legs are a killer!

Diane Sue, wow on that workout yesterday, that sounds really hard. I hope you feel better today and hopefully you got some great sleep. I sleep great now that we got our air conditioner fixed.

Make it a lovely day. :)
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Today I did CDorner Basic to Intermediate step from yesterday, 47 minutes, heart rate 146/177, 282 calories, 4,881 steps. I enjoyed this one. It was a lot of fun. I also did CDorner Glutes and Cardio #181 from yesterday which was 38 minutes, heart rate 113/139, 133 calories, 835 steps. Total time was 85 minutes, 415 calories, 5,716 steps. I was going to stop after the first two rounds, but kept going on this. I was not so much a fan of the last bit that was on the floor with a 5# dumbbell behind the knee, but fortunately 1 round of that and a final round of the cardio which is after each round of strength. I think I do not mind this workout if I skipped the kneeling stuff. My right hip has a tendency to hurt and I am always rolling it out and stretching and was worried about setting it off. I It is not too long. I did the kneeling stuff on my forearms most of the time rather than put that much pressure on my hands. I really thought it would be a bigger calorie burn since there was very little rest at all.
CDorner Glutes and Cardio #181
38 minutes, first round of work is repeated 3 times with the cardio after each round, final round goes to the floor with the same cardio as with all rounds which has a lot of jumps in it. Each cardio round is 2 minutes and for moves uses a fabric loop band (me heavy) and 20-25# dumbbells (me 15's)
warm up
round 1-3 loop band on 15# dbs
squat 2 times with deadlift 1 time 15 reps
side to side tap no weight 16 reps
regular deadlift 15 reps
to the floor bridges 15 reps 1 15# db
in bridge press outs no weight just band that is still on
Cardio 2 minutes, 30 sec each move
tap out jump alternating
1 dumbbell 15# squat set down db down jump
squat two hop in and jacks
curtsy lunge jump alternating
(repeat this series and cardio 2 more times)

Last round on hands and knees with 5-8# dumbbells(me 5#)
45 seconds each move
db held behind knee single lifts
db held behind knee pulses
db behind knee singles lifts down and up
db behind knee(me no weight here) pulses out o the side and in
Cardio again
stretch is rather short for all of the work. I foam rolled my hips and my upper back.

Jolie, Oh my gosh!! I will be praying. I have heard so many of these scary stories and most news networks keep it quiet. All but Fox. They had a woman on there that had a reaction to the vaccine 18 hours after administered and hit the floor. Doctors at emergency told them to let her go as she was dying. He did not give up and got a specialist in and did surgery. Something caused a brain bleed. This push for the vaccine is crazy. They need to be sure of all of the problems it can cause so they can weigh out whether it is worth it or not. I knew Bill Gates is into population control What an idiot. I saw something with him last night on Fox, but did not catch all of it. I heard that some of those meds are being allowed to use now. I think my arthritis medicine helped me a lot when I had the virus. At first I was tempted to exercise, but decided maybe it would not be wise. I also was taking supplements that help before I got it. Just upped amounts and my daughter said there was evidence for using melatonin, so I gave some to my husband at the time as well as myself.

Debbie, sitting too long really does a job on a person. I have started making it a practice of getting up from the computer and going outside for a bit or stopping to do another chore. I cannot imagine having to work and do it all of the time. At least I have the option of leaving it alone. I have a game I play my granddaughter got me started on and I am messing with that all of the time, plus taking care of things and researching and trying to find recipes for what I have in the cupboard. I have went back to my real Paleo cookbook with Loren Cordain, a pioneer of the Paleo movement. I will say, not everything is fast and easy. It took me a long time to prepare my meal last night and I forgot to add the cucumber salad that I had put dill and lime juice on and set in the refrigerator. Now I have to work it in somewhere else. It needs to be with something else as no salt is added to the cucumbers. It is just okay as is. The other stuff had the seasonings. To top it all off for some reason my grip went and my jar of dill from my super nice spice rack went flying and broke all over the floor. The company on Amazon does not show a place for replacement jars. I was upset and my husband cleaned up the glass. I guess that is why I forgot the cucumber salad part. I found a jar the same size that was part of a pair of salt and pepper shakers that I had hand painted roses on. It fits the cap and the spice rack, so that saved the day. Part of the rose is gone though as I had a grandchild at one time try to scrape the rose off for something to do.
That was a fun workout today. Funny, I get a higher burn than you, but less calories. It is close though. Wondering if they take into consideration my weight and height along with age when they give me the burn. I lost an inch and a half in height from when I was younger. Still not gaining back much weight. I think I go .8 lb when I weighed in a couple of days ago. Hoping if I can get in more strength safely I can gain some back.

Belinda, great job on getting the walk in this morning. I do the same thing with some recipes. Some of those that I made with the quinoa were so bland that I added lower sodium teriyake, but that still has lots of sodium in it.

DH and I walked early this morning. I also did a band workout from YT. It was pretty good.

Jolie - I am so sorry to hear about the girlfriend. That is horrible. My heart goes out to her family.

Diane - really? They told her to go home? That is scary. I am going to have to google the story. Usually the recipes are very good on the FOK's planner.

Good night.
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Jolie-my whole family has had the vaccine and we are all ok so you can’t believe everything you here. All my co-workers have had the vaccine and they are all ok.
This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 5 and LOVED IT!!! The boxing moves were slow and controlled and although there was a lot of boxing in this, it didn't feel stressing at all. Loved this workout. I need to email Kelly and tell her how much I love her workouts.

30 seconds each segment, 10 second rest - only one dumbbell is used. Kelly uses 20#, I used 15 and 20# depending on the exercise:

Boxing - several drills, it seems to go on forever but it's fun
Alternate Snatch: 15#
Squats: 15#

Alternate Curtsy Squats
: 15#
Tamahawk Hammer Curl: 15#/20#

(and after this she says if you only want to do 30 min. you can stop here)
Alternate Snatch: 15#
Squats: 15#

Alternate Curtsy Squats:
Tamahawk Hammer Curl: 20#

Workout was 53 minutes, burned 289 calories, did 3939 steps and HR was 108/161. My HR stayed up the entire time even though this is not a fast and frenzie workout.

Jolie - I am so sorry to hear about your friends' daughter and how sick she is from the vaccine, that is so scary and I'm hearing more and more about that kind of thing. Everyone needs to ask themselves this: If these vaccines are so safe and so wonderful, why isn't the FDA approving them? They are pumping stuff into our bodies THAT ISN'T EVEN APPROVED!! Not that I put a lot of faith in the FDA, but you know where I'm going with this. And Bill Gates is a nut job. How did he even get involved in all of this? Americans need to be asking these questions. And I heard on one of the talk shows I listen to that the new varients are being caused by people who were vaccinated but had COVID. That is how this is mutating. That is why the vaccinated still have to wear masks but Fauci and the CDC won't tell you that. Great job on your walk and be careful lifting today!

Diane - Wasn't that Basic to Intermediate step workout fun? I loved it and will do it again, I'm sure. Nice job on your workouts yesterday! I'm sorry about your spice rack, I certainly get that. I've done that many times by just dropping things, or doing what you did and trying to open something. So frustrating. I hope the collagen helps you.

Belinda - I have my new menu for next week and have to decide which ones I'll make. I can't make them all, I just am wasting all the food I'm buying because I just can't make all that food. But I am enjoying the menu and the grocery list they provide. It is saving me so much time!!

Roxie - My mom and brother got the vaccine, too, and has not had any problems - YET. We'll see in a few months or even a year from now. No one knows the side effects this vaccine will have on people. I don't begrudge anyone from taking it, I'm just saying, I don't think it's as safe as everyone is saying. If it was I would think the FDA would have approved it by now. We all need to do what we believe is right for our own bodies. On another note, have you purchased any new makeup? I ordered from Ulta on Aug 1 and still haven't received the order. Usually it takes two days to get to my house. The status still says "Awaiting Carrier Pickup". WTH??

Roselyn - Have fun at the wedding!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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Roxie, it has nothing to do with what I am hearing, my sister went to visit her in the hospital and saw it with her own eyes! Just because you didn't have any problems doesn't me some else will not. I will never get that vaccine, never! I am happy that you did not have any issues, thank the Lord! Also, my parents are 85 and 88 and they got it but so did my dad's friends and both are now in the hospital with Covid!!! Let that sink in a little. I can be angry because this is effected my family, this is NOT hear say.

Today I did my own upper body workout and I liked it. I did the 2/2 count, no rushing and each exercise was lite weight and x 18 reps. I did wake up with a sore low back, I am starting to understand that it must be my sleeping position that is getting me in trouble and then lifting with Cathe just makes it way worse. I now sleep with a pillow between my legs, I am a side sleeper and that is helping. I did not wear my FB today, I did not want to focus on calories burned, I focused strictly on form. BTW, I finally got on the scale and I have lost 15 pounds!!!! Yeah, but I did loose a lot of muscle but I still have definition. Keep in mind that I am 5 feet 10 inches so 15# is not too much but I looks and feel so much better.

Chest Press- 15's x 18 reps for all exercise
1 Arm Rows- 15#
Seated Overhead Press- 12's
Seated Bicep Curls- 12's
Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's

Chest Flies- 12's
Cable Pullovers- 30#
Lateral Raises- 5's
Hammer Curls- 12's
Lying Cross Body Ext.- 10#

Incline Chest Press- 15's
1 Arm Horz. Rows- 12#
1 Arm Rear Fly- 8#
W Curls- 10's
Cable Triceps Pull Downs- 30#

Incline Chest Flies- 12's
Wide Grip Cable Pull Downs- 40#
Incline Front Raise with and Arc- 5's
Hammer Curls with a Twist- 12's
Close Grip Chest Press- 15's

Chest Press on the floor with alt legs in and out- 10's
DB Pull Overs- 10's
Upright Rows- 10's
Bicep Curls Standing - 12's
Lying Triceps Ext.- 10's

2 AB exercises but I don't know the name of each exercise.

great workout today! I will be signing up for RAW workouts soon, I just want to do my own thing for a little while to see how I do and if I feel good, I will start the RAW workouts. Bill Gates is so weird, and tied to Jeffery Ebstein. No wonder why his wife divorced him!!!

BBL to read the posts for the day.
My grandchildren are coming over in a bit. Today I did CDorner 45 minute Low Impact Steady State Cardio no jumping, heart rate 149/180, 301 calories, 5,079 steps, 49 minutes as I wanted to hit 300 calories, actual is 46:48. Not much difference, but I was so close. There is some 2# dumbbell work at the end and I did some of it, but when she did some that bothered my shoulders I did more cardio moves.

Belinda, they did not say go home exactly. It was like let her die and go home to heaven statement. They said she was dying.

Debbie, I looked at Box and Pump 5 and was tempted, but my legs are a bit sore today. The workout looks great. I think the new collagen is helping and I purchased a glucosamine, chondroitin, with boswellia and bromelain from Whole Foods that seems to be working well with it. I could not get the usual Bulletproof collagen boost that has some of those ingredients in it and seems to work. Doing well today, just a bit lower muscle soreness.

Jolie, great workout today. I am glad you are better. I put a small pillow under my side I lay on to help keep my spine straight and not put pressure on my shoulder as much so I can lie on my side. It helps a lot. I would be worried if the FDA gave approval for the vaccine that quick. It needs to be studied over time. If they get it too soon I will figure they were somehow pressured or bought.
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Good morning,

sorry I have not checked in yesterday. DH and I are visiting DD in DC. We will stay until tomorrow.

Yesterday I walked and did my own upper body work. Not sure what I will do today?


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I did get in a workout this morning. My grandson was still asleep. Now I am waiting on the lawn guy to finish so I can pay him and get a shower.
I did CDorner Cardio Hiit (Hiits my birthday) she turned 45 so everything was sort of named for her birthday and sometimes timed at 45 reps or 45 seconds. Anyway this was 47 minutes, heat rate 145/182, 267 calories, 2,546 steps. This was done with a cardio then a strength then an ab move. Some with a dumbbells. It has lots of plank, bear, burpee, butt kick and variations on jacks. I followed modifications and sometimes just did my own thing. I used 10# dumbbell for those moves that used weight. If I remember right during the conversation before starting she does say you can do it without the weights. I watched that part when it was filmed. Once I started I just pushed through, and will not choose that one again.

Belinda, enjoy your visit with your daughter.
Today I went for a 4.7 mile walk outside, time was 1 hour 46 minutes and I burned 827 calories. Cooler temps today, but kind of humid. When it is humid, my feet swell and they hurt!

Diane Sue, great job on the workout today! Have a nice day with your grandson.

Belinda, have a great time visiting your DD.

Make it a great day.
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This morning I did RAW Cardio Crush and had a pretty good workout other than my knees were really bothering me. Not sure what that was all about. I've been standing at my desk at work, I hope that isn't causing me issues with my knees. Geez, I cannot win. I used my 1# sand weights for the boxing portions.

Workout was 39 minutes, burned 229 calories, did 3235 steps and HR was 113/145.

Jolie - Nice walk on Saturday and the lifting one you did on Friday. Hope you had a great weekend! How is your nephews girlfriend doing? I hope she's holding her own. I pray she gets better.

Diane - I think you could do Box and Pump 5. Just modify when you need to. But be forwarned, there is a ton of boxing in this workout. That birthday workout you did doesn't sound too appealing. I hate workouts with so many burpees and stuff like that. I wish the instructors would stay away from moves like that. I even hated doing them when I was young and able to do them. Just see no point in doing them at all.

Belinda - Hope you had fun in DC!

Hope you all have a great day!!
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I love Fit Body By Julia on YouTube and Patreon. Today I did her Epic Body Blast #1. It took me 1.5 hours to complete and I burned about 650 calories.
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Hi everyone,

I am back from visiting DD in DC. We had a blast this weekend. We did a lot of walking around Arlington VA. They have nice parks, lots of streps and lots of people. Mask on, mask off.

Debbie - hope your knees are ok. Great job this morning.

Jolie - sorry about your feet swelling. I used to get that too. My feet don't swell up anymore. Great job on your walks.

Diane - hope you had fun with your grandson. Great job!

RubySue - Hi and welcome! Great job as well.

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I forgot to post on Sunday, I went for a 5 mile walk outside and the weather is getting hot, hot, hot! I burned 844 calories. Today will be my rest day, I have a lot of errands to run and some cooking to do.

Debbie, great job with the workout today. Sorry you are having issues again even though your are standing at work. Your body just doesn't want to be in front of the computer anymore, but I am sure standing is better than sitting all of the time. What kind of shoes do you wear to work? Maybe that may be the issue?

Belinda, I am glad that you had such a great weekend with your family.

Ruby Sue, welcome!

BBL to read the posts for the day.
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Today I did CDorner Step # 134 Fun Dance Tunes , 59 minutes, heart rate 145/172, 333 calories, 6,470 steps. This was fun. I do like most of the step workouts a lot. I also did some light stuff with tubing and a 5# dumbbell as well as stretching for rotator cuff and trap area. I did not use my watch for that. Yesterday I think I paid for Saturday's birthday hiit workout. I hurt so bad when I woke up and had a massive headache. I got up and went outside and watched the rain pour down trying to get relaxed a bit and enjoy the beauty of early morning rain and watching the clouds move. It did not last real long before the sun came out. Drank coffee and did some stretching and CDorner foam roller. Then I read awhile and finally resorted to one Advil. Over the day it let up, but I was sure tired as it kept me up and we did not get to bed till 1 am. Anyway, today I am doing good. Tomorrow I doubt I will do a workout. I have a long drive for ladies game day in the morning that starts between 8:30 and 9:00 and will stop at TJMaxx since it is in that area and I want to get a gift card for my granddaughter's birthday.

Debbie, nice work on the Raw Cardio Crush. I watched some of Box and Pump 5 while doing the tubing and weight/stretch stuff. I would have to change up the snatch. No way can I do the turn that you do to get the weight in position for the snatch. That is the range of motion where I get a snapping feeling in my shoulder. Maybe an upright row or something. You know Sharon Twombly(Gregs wife) is an physical therapist and she said she never does burpees in her workouts as most people do not do them safely. I read an article she had done. I have a few of her workouts around. She does do some plank stuff though. I would rather do things like dumbbell rows with support of a bench or at least standing. Not in a plank. Same with kickbacks.

RubySue, great job on the workout and burn. Welcome to the group.

Belinda, it sounds like you had a great time and probably lots of steps. I did have a lot of fun with my grandson. Games, movies, an amusement park where there was go-carts, miniature golf, and arcade games. We played games at my house too. Also took him to the pet store to look at all of the animals. Funny they had what looked like a regular squirrel in a cage. Then you look outside and there is a squirrel sitting on the porch by the door. It took off though. They have a lot of beautiful birds. I wish my daughter was not highly allergic to feathers. We had birds when she was little, then found out that was what she was allergic to and later has a list of allergens.

Jolie, nice job on the walk. I can only imagine the heat and the long walks that you take. I went outside this morning early and it was an oven already, particularly after the rain yesterday. 90's here today. I need to go outside and do some weeding.

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