Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Check In for Finally Friday June 16

Good evening,
I know it is late. My family all just left. I kind of cheated a little to day as some of the rest of you did. We had chocolate cream pie for dessert and I had some. I didn't eat the crust though. I ate grilled lobster and salad. I avoided the baked potatoes and the panera asiago bread. I love that stuff. Well I think you need to pick that thing you enjoy the most once in awhile and savor it. Now I really enjoyed the lobster, I ate a lot of it. That was better than the pie:) I plan on doing an I Max tomorrow and a heavy ab workout as I did get in some from Amy and C&W this morning.

Lora, you might be surprised how you do on the strength rotation. Did you ever stick with a P90X one? If you did how were your results? You could always squeeze in a little more cardio or choose a more intense one on the lighter ones. I always worried about the cardio but when I had my knee surgury coming back I did 20-30 minutes 3-4 days a week and some weight work. Surprisingly I did not gain weight. I think I also did not eat as much because I was not as hungry.

Suz, glad to hear Amber is doing better. We wanted Jasmine checked out because we noticed she was limping. The vet said large breed dogs grow fast and sometimes experience some pain. If she doesn't improve he will do an x ray. On a good note she was chasing balls around the back yard this evening and seemed to be doing well.

Debbie, Good luck with the workout room. I remember when I finally had a spare room due to our empty nest. It was nice not having to workout in the living room. My daughter and my dil both sold Avon, I remember some of their frustration with orders. And what is up with ordering new items from the demo catalog and them being on back order. Never made since.

Netta, our puppy's name is Jasmine. She is a real sweet dog.

Charlotte, welcome back. It doesn't take too many workouts to get back on track after a break.

Diane Sue


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