Hardcore Fitness Maniacs Check In for Finally Friday June 16


Morning Fit Ladies -

This morning I was undecided on what to do (weight wise) and I ended up doing Jillian Michaels Maximize - Front & Back (1 hour). I modified the plyos on the rebounder (for my back) and other high impact movements. I lifted considerably heavier then they did on the DVD, but I think I still could have gone heavier on a few things. I didn't remember there being this much cardio in this one....and I wanted more of a pure weight day ....so I'm a bit disappointed, but there's always next week. I also did a brief pilates ab routine and some stretching on my own for my sciatica, piriformis and hamstrings. Trying to get that area loosened up but nothing's working yet.

Dallas - I've read recently that Madonna does a lot of Pilates. I know she is also into really advanced/strengthening power yoga and she runs. I haven't read about her lifting weights in years, but I'm sure her pilates sessions uses the equipment, cadillac, reformer and who knows what else. I think she is very disciplined with her diet as well(from what I have read about her). Who knows what is really true though. I agree that she looks great. I'm glad you had fun. I'm looking forward to Buckcherry next month.....talk about shockers....the lead singer is covered in tattoos. I posted a pic on this thread once, but I think I may have scared some peeps...so I'll refrain. I like the art on his body though. It's very creative. :)

Netta - Yes, my cats are my babies. DH feels the same way about them. We're probably going to see that movie The LakeHouse this weekend and we have to go to that Father's Day picnic on Sunday. Remember, I'm mad about going cuz nobody's father is even alive and I want my weekend to myself without the fattening food!! I'm selfish I guess. I like to relax on Sundays....not spend all day with my DH's family.

No Toasty Yet???

Have great workouts everyone. I'll try to check in later, but my boss is back today and it's pay day...so I may not be able to. Wish me luck...it's just her and I today and all next week. Charles (supervisor) is going to Atlantic City.
Diana Sue - I forgot to ask above. I know you suggested I use the Hardcore Fat Burning Rotation and do 2 weeks of that with 2 weeks of split. Do you think it would be worth it to try an entire month of the split strength one? I'm afraid it may not be enough cardio....so how long should I do it before I decide if it's not enough cardio. I don't want to gain any more weight right now. I think ...mentally...this is the one I feel like doing the most right now though. Thanks.
Morning Maniacs. I'm taking my rest day today. I'm suppose to be delivering Avon but they messed up my order big time this week. I'm missing two boxes of items so now I have to take a day off from work next Tuesday to do my deliveries. Makes me mad. They do this to me every 4 months it seems. I don't understand why its so hard to get an order right.

I have other things to do so I'll be busy today. I'm still getting my weight room ready to use so I will probably work in there today and the weekend.

Have great workouts, everyone! I'll check in later!
Good morning!

Well, it is raining this morning so my girls' ride got cancelled. My friend said that last night's group ride was awful b/c the winds were 30 mph and they didn't even do 20 miles - and they usually do at least 30. Darn wind!

So this morning I'm going to do Spinervals - Muscle Breakdown. I would take a cycling break and do Power Hour or ME or something, but since I lifted upper body yesterday, can't do that. And I don't feel like only doing legs. Well...mainly it's because I've heard of a few people lately who are so good on the bike who do lots of Spinervals (or did to get ready for the season). So that's my real reason. But you guys fell for my first reason, right? }(

Debbie - sorry about your order. What a bummer!

Lora - so you seem close to a decision on a rotation. Good for you!

Amber's better today. Yay!!! Lora - they are my babies too. I LOVE my animals.

Hello to all who follow...


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France

Good Morning Maniacs!!!

Remember me? I have not worked out since last Monday so not feeling like a maniac until I get to my workouts today: PLB and Chest/Back from slow/heavy series. I did get to workout Monday with my hubby's uncle who was once a personal trainer. Trained two women for competition back in the 70's. Showed us the pictures and I was impressed. Anyhoo, hubby and I went into his room and he had some weights and he was telling us different moves to do, etc. It was cool. Seen hubby's grandmother who is 93. She doesn't look like she is past 65, and I am not kidding!!!!! Complexion clear...no liver spots and barely any wrinkles. Her mind is clear and she was remember things I long forgot or could not remember. She tells me if I want to live to be 93 that I have to eat whatever I want! K, don't really agree with that, but I think we just need to stay happy, stress free and eat the right foods. It was a nice vacation. Alot of sitting at times while visiting so I went into the bathroom to eat my protein bar and got on the treadmill at the hotel for alittle bit since I knew I would be sitting so much. Ate a ton of food and did not gain a pound! Just ate alot earlier in the day as I usually do and made the right choices. Marietta, However, I did eat the entire breadstick at Olive Garden this time, but chose wheat spaghetti noodles w/meatballs and had two bowls of the salad.

So today I need to just workout all day long, but instead I will just do PLB and Chest/Back from the slow and heavy series. Tomorrow I will do PUB. Want to start the June Rotation Cathe has in July.


Loved the pictures! Aren't you excited to go????? I am sooooo jealous!!!!! Email me sometime.


I got your email. I will email you back.


I heard about Avon doing that alot with their orders. Hope they get things right for you next time.


Missed my babies while I was gone on vacation! They are so precious!! Anyhow, you do what is best for you with your workouts, maniac!

Hello to everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morning All!

YES, TGIF!!!! Of course, this will be the busiest weekend. Two games tonight, three tomorrow, and we're having Father's Day here. So, I have to run a ton of errands today to get ready for Sunday.

I got to KPC last night. I almost didn't do it. A friend of mine called and is going through a tough time right now. :-( So, once I got off the phone I bee-lined for the workout room. Today, I did PUB. It seemed easier today. I went heavier where I could, but I think I need to breakdown and get the platemats (sp?). I still have the BBW to do and a CM segment. I had to stop to feed my kids. :)

Lora ~ I read that too about Madonna and the yoga/pilates. Yes, she was sure to show how flexible she was. She probably has a personal trainer, nanny, and a chef. ha ha! That would make it nice and easy for all of us, wouldn't it? Have fun at the picnic. ;-) Eat before you go. That's what I always do. Then I nibble on the few healthy choices that are available.

Debbie ~ enjoy the rest day!

Suz ~ What's Spinervals -Muscle Breakdown?

Charlotte ~ You'll be throwing those weights around today after having a week off! }( I bet you can't wait to workout!! Have fun! Glad you had a good time!

Hi to all who follow!

Oh yeah, Nicole, tell your dd she did an excellent job with your signature! I keep forgetting to tell you!

Hi Maniacs!

I'm off work today so I'm kinda late checking in. So far today I've only walked on my treadmill. That could potentially be all that I do today...I'll just have to see. I've got some running around to do so I'll be leaving home shortly.

Lora - Not too much shocks me anymore!! I remember seeing the picture you posted a while ago...it wasn't bad. I've seen much worse!! Remember what I said about the picnic....you have to go with the right mindset that you will NOT eat everything in sight. Like Dallas said, eat before you go.

Debbie - Sorry about the Avon order...perhaps they just like to keep things interesting. Can't get it right all the time...then that's what you would grow to expect. So are you just moving you equipment into a room or did you build a room? What are you up to?

Suz - Sorry your ride got rained out. We believe whatever you say....we know you LOVE to ride...it's all good!!

Toasty - Hi girl!! So glad you are back. Don't feel bad about not being able to workout...like Debbie said, you'll be all the better for it. Sounds like you had a good time....the grandma sounds like a treasure...we missed you!!

Dallas - You busy thing you!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the Madonna concert although some of the things you described were rather weird. Madonna does have it goin on though...she looks awesome. Well have fun this weekend...sounds like you'lll be doing enough running around to count for about 5 workouts!

Hi Nicole, Netta, Susan, Diane Sue, Terri, and Sandy!! Don't know if I'll be back today or not. Happy Friday!!

Good Morning,
I am doing a quick check in and will try and get back here later. Also my laptop is not working right so I have someone coming out Mon.. My puppy has a vet appointment to check her over and I have a family barbeque here tonight. Anyway I started with Amy Benuto's A tem bootcamp, then did Cardio & Weights Premix cardio & compound weights no w/u or str., then Supersets upper only, and Push Pull inner outer thighs, 2X calves, and stretch.
Hi to everyone,
Diane Sue
Hello again!

I enjoyed Spinervals. I haven't done Muscle Breakdown before but have had it for proabaly 4 or 5 years! Dallas - it's a cycling workout that you do with your bike on a trainer. This one was different though - after about 30 minutes on the bike he had us get off the bike and do ISOLATION SQUATS - 3 sets of one minute each. Now one minute doesn't seem like that long until you get to about 45 seconds. Ouchy! Then it was back on the bike for more cycling. Anyway it was a tough workout overall. My legs are feeling it right now.

Charlotte - WELCOME BACK crazy girl! We all missed you around here. Are you going to post some pics of your vacation? You haven't posted any new pics lately, have you? What's up with that?

Dallas - one more thing - good job getting your workout done last night. You all impress me so much because even when the odds are against you, you STILL work out!!!


"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France

Dallas & Marietta - thanks for the picnic advice. We are taking pasta (since I'm vegetarian). I even asked my DH to get me a single serving of whole wheat from Olive Garden, but he doesn't want to go there. The only problem I really have is that I LOVE potato chips and since I never eat them, I have to have them. Also, my sweet tooth is a BIG problem. Willpower is not something I have......with my addictive personality and all. Sweets like cake, etc....I have to have. I never pig out and usually only eat one piece, but then I beat myself up over it. It's just not as easy for me as it sounds for you ladies. Not to say it's ONLY hard for me.....it's just by I have my addictive nature to fight with and there aren't too many things in life left that I enjoy these days (sad as that may sound). I should just shut up now....cuz I don't want to keep sticking my foot in my mouth...and I guess it's hard to understand if your not "recovering". It's really easy for me to understand how people develop eating disorders.
Good morning,

Late morning for me and I have much to do to get ready for our shoot. My workout today was Pyramid Shoulders, Muscle Max shoulders, CTX Step & Intervals and I tacked on Eoin Finn's 30 minute yoga quickie. Good workout and my shoulders feel good. Realized I'd never done a full pyramid on any of these, I have always done Pyramid Up only so they are getting more of a workout.

Lora, sounds like a good workout today for you. I love my Eoin Finn yoga, again, thanks for the suggestion for it. Enjoy the picnic. I have a camping trip with a dessert that I will be making for everyone. I'll just try to be somewhat good. I don't want to look back on my life and feel like I missed out on being with people that I love cuz I didn't want to eat something bad. But I do know what you mean.

Debbie, enjoy your rest day. Sorry about the Avon. I'm sure enjoying your rotation. Having a blast, CTX is the best too!

Suz, sorry about your rained out bike ride, but sounds like you got a great workout in. I take my hat off to you for doing the Spinervals. Bet you are getting stronger each time! My friends and I had a nice ride yesterday, fairly easy pace, got to chat a bunch, enjoy the smells of the meadows and trees. I'd had my hard ride on Tuesday (time trial) so didn't mind going easy. I won't be riding this weekend, but it won't kill me and I'll have lots of fun on the camping/black powder shoot. Glad Amber is better. How was the knitting last night? Sounds cozy! Wish I was there!!!

Charlotte, we missed you girl! Sounds like you had a good time, nice for you to work out with your DH's uncle. Did he say anything about your guns? Did he have any suggestions for building more muscle? I want to be like your DH's grandmother. But if I ate whatever I wanted, I wouldn't be able to get out the door! Anyway, bet the rest did you good. Did you ever find out about why you shake in the bed? Restless Legs?

Dallas, I think the platemates would be good for me too. Especially for shoulders as that's a tough one for me to increase weight on. Also, going from 15# to 20# on biceps seems like such a jump. Hope th games go well.

Mariette, my day off too! Hope you get done with all you need to do.

Diane Sue, good workout today. Bet you are enjoying the new puppy. What is her name? Don't think I caught it. Enjoy the family BBQ. I love spending time with family. My DH has a family reunion in July, should be a fun time too.

Must run, but will check back later.

Jeanette - glad you are liking my rotation. I love mixing workouts whenever I can. It breaks up the monotony.

Marietta - We have a spare room and it was full of my step-son's crap and another spare room that was full of all the stuff we had left over from our dollar store we opened a few years back. So we cleaned out my step sons room (it was nasty!) and then moved the store stuff into his room. The room that is empty was my step daughters old room and now it will be my workout room. Its a fairly large room.

Anyways, I sure hope we get it done this weekend. I itching to use my weight bench.

Diane Sue - excellent workout! You amaze me!
Done working out chest/back and abs. Did some of the ab work from the new Oxygen magazine...holding on to bar and swinging from side to side and then with ball inbetween legs, etc. Did some more ab work on my own with stability ball and medicine ball. I am still stuck at 20 pushups w/o stopping. Actually my muscles seemed surprise today with some of the chest work which is what worried me when taking a break. I'll get over it.
Will work legs around 4pm this evening doing PLB.
DD having her graduation party with friends tomorrow night. I am going to to see the band play. I am bringing champagne with me.


Have not gone to the doctor's about my legs. My doctor will give me medicine and I will only throw it away. I don't think it could be anything serious.

My hubby had me flex for his uncle and he said I had nice bicep muscles. He thinks it is good to do the pyramid when building muscle and doing slow and controled movements with less weight. He said I was strong, but I don't look it (body type) and if I want to look stronger, I have to go lighter.
>My hubby had me flex for his uncle and he said I had nice
>bicep muscles. He thinks it is good to do the pyramid when
>building muscle and doing slow and controled movements with
>less weight. He said I was strong, but I don't look it (body
>type) and if I want to look stronger, I have to go lighter.

Why did he say to go lighter? Did you understand why? I'm puzzled. What does he mean by look stronger?

>>My hubby had me flex for his uncle and he said I had nice
>>bicep muscles. He thinks it is good to do the pyramid when
>>building muscle and doing slow and controled movements with
>>less weight. He said I was strong, but I don't look it (body
>>type) and if I want to look stronger, I have to go lighter.
>Why did he say to go lighter? Did you understand why? I'm
>puzzled. What does he mean by look stronger?

Yea, why would you go lighter? That doesn't make sense no matter what body type you are.
Debbie and Netta,

I know. He never did explain it either when I asked why, he just said that I needed to go lighter. I asked him several times to explain what he meant by that and each time he would not give me a straight answer.

Half way done with PLB. Sweatfest going on...gotta go back...Cathe is calling.

Finally home from prison camp!!

Is 9-grain pasta as good as wheat? The place we're ordering from has 9-grain. Should I get that for my single serving? My DH keeps crabbing at me and telling me I need to just eat whatever and quit being so picky! He better cool it.

I was bad at my Mom's. My DH is celebrating 21 years clean and my Mom bought him some chocolate and he gave me a marshmallow one and a pecan tootle. I feel guilty! My bad!!

Netta - I'm really glad you're enjoying Eion. I wish his new one would come out........I need a new Eion DVD with premixes. I love the premix feature. He's definitely doing it on the new one. He took a poll over at VF and asked if we wanted premixes or a Matrix to use.

I've gotta go pick out my workouts for tomorrow. I'm not taking a rest day because I'll have to take a rest day on Tues. I made my Retina appt for Tues and I have to be at work so early that I really won't have time to workout in the morning. This is gonna be tough to do. I can always get up earlier....but I haven't been averaging much sleep, so I'm trying to force myself to take a rest day.
Lora - 9 grain is good, definitely better than plain pasta. That would be a good choice for you.

I was bad this evening as well, my dh and I went to Wal Mart and he wanted a candy bar and of course talked me into one. I love Hershey with almonds so I got one. It was yummy!!!

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