Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for week of Feb 18

A day off so nice.

I did Les Mills 45, super cuts premix 2 100 rep tri challenge.

Diane Sue, I will have to look at your calorie burn I don't have a monitor, still have to get one. So i love that you post that and hope I am in your range.


Today I did Les Mills Combat Kata 45, 43 min, 360 cal.. I followed with X train Super Cuts timesaver 2nd half, 27 min, 157 cal. I then did X train delt bonus, 13 min, 62 cal, 100 rep challenge biceps 47 cal, and 100 rep challenge triceps 22 cal.. I messed up and did biceps when I had triceps on the schedule so I went ahead and did triceps too. Total time was 96 min and calories burned 648 calories.

Roselyn, I went ahead and broke down each body part so you could see the calories on what you did. :) I hope that helps.
Hi all!

I didn't workout yesterday because it is TTOM and I am having some really bad cramps and headaches. I felt a little better today, although not much energy. I did a Cardio Coach mix I made up a while ago and did just ok with it. My sprints were slogs and my hills were bumps. But that's ok, at least I did something.

55 minutes total
5 minutes below zone
22 minutes in zone
30 minutes above zone
469 calories burned
Almost 3 miles traveled


Today I did Les Mills Combat shock Plyo Hiit, 28 min, 237 cal.. I then did X Train Cardio Leg Blast strength only premix, 37 min, 292 cal.. I followed this with the 100 rep challenge hip thrusts using a 40# bar, 6 min, 31 cal.. I finished off with Combat Core Attack 17 min, 94 cal.. Total time was 88 min and calories burned 654.

Debbie, good job getting something in when you aren't feeling that well. I hope you feel better.
Today I did a quick half hour yoga workout - Yoga Sculpt by Karen Voight. Love that one. I'm just not into working out this week. Tomorrow is my mom's MRI's and I won't be able to workout at all. Friday I'll try to do a cardio workout.


This morning I did Les Mills Combat Live 60, 53 min, 410 cal.. I then did X Train Burn Sets Chest 14 min, 68 cal and Triceps 14 min, 77 cal., I contemplated the planned 100 rep biceps but had already done it Mon by accident so I did Core#2, 12 min, 48 cal.. I then did Shiva Rea Power Yoga Flow 22 min, 67 cal.. Total calories today was 670 and time was 1 hr 54 min.. Next week is the last week on the Les Mills schedule. It stops mid week but I need to make up a Combat 45 that I missed when I was out of town. I want to to do more with X train and I think I will still mix in some of Combat too for a bit. I have really enjoyed it. It doesn't seem like 9 weeks to me.

Roselyn, the calorie burn for core 2 that I subbed was 1 cal different from the biceps challenge Mon.. Without the yoga the calories burned was 603.

Debbie, sending prayers out for your Mother and her MRI tomorrow.
Went into work at 7, home by 9, snow and sleet arrived in st. louis.

This morning I did Les Mills Hiit Power, burn set bis, 100 lat challenge and core 1, then a nice stretch.

Kids home, one from high school, one from college 700 schools closed here. So we are all snug except hubby:( Watch it not get bad that happened last year here and everyone was home. My husband just always laughs, he grew up in Nebraska so he knows snow, because people here freak out....any weather where you are all at?


Workout today was Les Mills Combat Power Hiit 1, 30 min, 252 cal.. Then I did X Train biceps, 14 min, 110 cal. I increased some of the weights on the sets. I then did X Train Core 1 since it was on the same dvd, 10 min, 50 cal.. Then I did 100 rep challenge laterals using 5#, 7 min, 37 cal.. I finished with Combat Inner Warrior Strength and Stretch, 19 min, 79 cal.. Total time was 80 minutes and calories burned 528.
I tried a harder progression on Shiva's Yoga yesterday that left my right low back hurting this morning. I had a hard time getting out of the pose so did not try it on the other side. It feels better after Advil and my workout though.

Roselyn, enjoy the family time. I hardly slept last night because all of the sleet pouring down all night and thunder. Now we are in an icey winter wonderland. I lived in Nebraska and it is amazing that people get upset over a little snow. I will say the black ice we seem to get around here is not so nice for driving. My husband too my Escape to work today because his challenger would not handle well on the icey roads.

Debbie, sending prayers out for your Mom today. Let us know how the MRI goes.


Today's workout was Les Mills Combat Kata 45, 329 calories. I followed with X Train Super cuts mix 1st part, 28 min, 201 calories. I then did Burn Sets shoulders, 14 min, 87 cal, and 100 rep triceps, 7 min, 22 cal.. I added on Siva Rea Power Yoga Flow bends and twists, 19 min 38 cal. Total time was 1 hr 48 min and calories burned 677.


Today I did Les Mills Combat Shock Plyo Hiit 2, 29 min, 275 cal. I then did X train tabatacise mix tabata's 1,2, and Burn Sets Back, 38 min, 342 calories. I followed with 100 reps scare crows, 5 min , 31 cal and finished with Combat Core Attack 17 min, 108 cal.. Total time spent was 89 min and calories burned 756.
Hi Diane Sue, enjoyed the rotation this week, are you planning another?? ;) I need to get my rear in gear and purchase a monitor so I can know my calories and such. So, I love that you post yours.

Happy Sunday! Rest day for me.

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