Hard Core Fitness Maniacs for week of Dec 10

Morning everyone! :)

I did that yoga workout by Jillian Michaels again. I really like it. I sweat really good when I do this one. I think next week I'll try workout 2.

DH and I got rid of everything new we brought into the house within the last month which includes two plants - one is cat grass and the other is a polka dot plant. We read that cat grass can cause extreme itching so I'm hoping once again that this is the problem. Today doesn't seem as bad. We bought one of those Filtrate filters and put it in our furnace. We have an air cleaner running as well. If this doesn't do the trick then I'm going to have to go see my doctor. I do have an appointment to see the Homeopathic doctor on the 20th so we'll see if I'm still itching by then. Good Lord, I hope not! My skin will be scarred.


Good Morning Guys,

Tried reporting workout on Saturday, but when I go to post I had to sign in. I couldn’t remember my password to save my life tried 5 times then I was told to wait 15 minutes before trying again. I said forget it, I totally forgot; my log in and password I have it saved here at work. First thing this morning send to home computer.

Any who, Saturday I did CC Candace and legs & glutes. Sunday, rest day I ended up putting a Henna in hair and that take hours. This morning, no workout I couldn’t get up. I may or may not workout when I get home. But will get rest for tomorrow.

Diane: Beachbody made my morning I got an email saying workout shipped.

forgot to mention stepped on scale down 3lbs.


I just finished doing Les Mills Pump Extreme 59 min, 339 calories. It froze on me so I had to play it in a different player. Funny that it seems to only be Revolution and Extreme. I have been doing the abs, flow, and cardios for quite awhile and no problems with them. I then decided to check out another one so I did Pump and Burn 34 min, 166 calories. It played fine. No problems at all. I didn't feel much like doing cardio today. I did some jacks etc through the Les Mills Pump workouts so I am good. Maybe tomorrow my cough will be better and I can get in a good cardio workout. It was sort of refreshing doing the Pump and Burn workout. The music was different and the instructors changed on the different bodypart tracks. It was interesting to see how they changed. For instance when they do the leg and back track they do far more wide grip rows and not near as many clean and press moves. Warm up, stretch and core were different as well. Total workout time waws 93 min and calories burned was 505.

Debbie, I hope for your sake you find that it is one of those things.

Teddy, I havn't recieved an e mail. I know someone else who went to their live chat at BB and they said they should get theirs today. I hope mine shows up. I pre ordered as soon as they opened up for it. Great job on the weight loss.


Diane: They probably have tons to get out; Let me know if you get your email today or workouts today. Mines will be here Wednesday:)
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Today was cardio and I chose Cardio Coach Press Play. I did all the challenges but the last one. Had a good, sweaty workout.

60 minutes total
4 minutes below zone
20 minutes in zone
38 minutes above zone
512 calories burned
3 miles traveled



I woke up late argh....:mad: to do scheduled workout. My alarm was set to wake on CD...no CD to wake to, lol. I jumped out my bed at 5:10 I said no teddygirl do something; I refuses to put another X on my calendar, ain't happening. So I ended up doing 4DS back & biceps with add on work;)

Debbie: Nice workout:) Press Play is not easy.


This morning I did Turbo Fire 60, 58 min, 510 calories, max hr 166. I then did Insane Abs 33 min, 230 calories/ I finished off with Les Mills Flow 20 min, 70 calories. Total calories was 810 and time was 1 hr 51 min. Roselyn I got my Combat workouts today too:) I am looking forward to doing them.
Teddy, good job getting in that workout and not putting an X on the calendar. I went back today and ordered the other workouts for Combat. I didn't have to order the gloves.

Debbie, nice work with the cardio.


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Cam on bai viet hay va co chat luong cua ban
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Today I did a free style full body workout. Had a good one and enjoyed it. Here is what I did - wimpy weights:

3 sets/10 reps for everything

Squats - 45#
Leg Press - 135#
Deads - 45#

Pushups - 3 sets/10 reps on toes
Dumbbell Press - 25's
Dumbbell Flyes - 15's

Lateral Raise - 5's

Barbell Curls - 35#
Hammer Curls - 15's

Overhead Tricep Extension - 20#
Lying Tricep Extensions - 12's

Little itching now. It seems to be going away. Could have been the plants I guess. I did talk to a girl at work who went to the Homepathic doctor I went to and she said she had itching under her breasts for a month when she was taking the mold supplement she was on. She said it was because the mold was trying to escape her body and that was the effects of it. Could be I suppose. Weirder things have happened. All I know is my itch is almost gone and I'm happy about that.



This morn, I did a 20 minute jog and d-17 legs.

Debbie: Nice work:). That a good thing the itching have calmed.

Okay I checked my beachbody tracking; and now they've changed the date to tomorrow. Oh well!


This morning I did Les Mills Pump and Shred 46 min, 250 calories. It doesn't have arms in it so I decided to try Les Mills Combat Power Hiit 1 which is 30 minutes and uses dumbbells. It does not use the gloves. They do weights like cleans and deads, clean and press, squat and press, then there plyo moves, bodyweight exercises like burpees with jumps, mountain climbers. I burned 259 calories doing this. I finsihed with Les Mills Hardcore Abs. Total time was 91 min and calories burned was 579.
I need to shower and see if I can find someone to come out and fix our furnace:confused:
I am really sore this morning from the weights I did yesterday. :) So I did yoga today and chose Cathe's Yoga Max. Had a great workout. Two of my kitties had great workouts too, as both of them were weaving in and out of my legs, arms, anywhere they could. It's really hard to do low plank when two kitties are laying right under you.



Today I did CC# 1 revised and abs from ab hits:)


300 cals burned
2.84 miles travled
36:00 minutes


Diane: Did you get Les Mills yet? or an email? I just got mines. Let know.
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This morning I did Les Mills Combat Ultimate warrior 60, 53 min, 402 calories. I then did the Combat live 30 min workout which seemed more intense, 33 min, 296 calories. It had more impact in it. The ultimate Warrior had my shoulders and neck aching from so much hard punching. The Combat Live 30 did not have a stretch at the end. They talk and stretch their shoulders a bit and suggest you do a stretch or use their stretch workout. I did a 21 min yoga workout and burned 93 calories. Total time was 1 hr 47 min and calories burned was 791.

Teddy, yes, I got my Les Mills Combat workouts. I posted yesterday on the workout I did that used the weights. I also went back and ordered the rest of the workouts without the gloves.

Debbie, my dog comes in when I do yoga and will get in my face.

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