Happy Weekend...what are you doing?

Cathe Friedrich

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I hope you burned lots of post Turkey day calories today. I'm so excited to attend my 30 year high school reunion tonight. What are your plans this weekend?


Hi Cathe,

Happy Weekend, Cathe! Have fun with your 30 year high school reunion tonight. Not much going on here, taking it easy this weekend. I have bone spur on my heel:confused: and my son broke his toe:( Have fun!


How fun, your 30 year reunion! I hope you had a great time!

I'm gift wrapping for donations for a Greyhound rescue organization and hanging out with the hubby and friends... and of course taking our 3 hounds for walks:D


Wow. Did not know we were the same age! This was my 30 year reunion year too! Hope it is great!

I did STS disc 1 with my hubby today...yep he is going to start it!!! This weekend I am going to relax and workout and that is it!


I plan to spend the weekend going for long icey cold hikes. Its nice and sunny and frigid out there. I love colder weather. :D


Have a great time at your HS reunion Cathe!

I'm Canadian so I had no Thanksgiving calories to blast away :p.

My w/o's this weekend will include a kick-butt cardio on Sat (Imax 3 perhaps :eek:) and Athletic Training scheduled for Sunday. Non-fitness related, I'm going to buy some new fish for my aquarium tank :D.



Repo said:
Eating left overs and backyard basketball with family....fun!

Enjoying decorating the chriatmas tree with my wonderful hubby!!!

And of course getting some kick butt workouts in with "cathe"!!!


Hi there, Cathe,

Happy belated Thanksgiving. I'm sure you had a grand time at your reunion. So did you encounter anyone you actually hadn't seen since high school days? That would have been quite something, hey? I've been laid low with a cough, hoarse throat and sniffles these past few days...just has to run its course I suppose. Have a good week ahead!

P.S. How about you post one of your high school pics for us on forums one of these days? Bet you were as cute as a button and chock full of fitness-energy as you are now :D

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