Happy Cathe is Cathe!

Wanted to make a comment about Cathe! I totally love Cathe! I know I'm the past I recommended that Cathe have more beginner workouts! I was wrong in that recommendation! I thought that if there were more beginner workouts that more people would come and love Cathe like I do!

I remember when I was a new person to Cathe! I was obese! I barely could complete Basic Step and that was in the basic step without any risers. I didn't want to do any other her stretching exercises (even though it said beginner) because I thought I couldn't and I was afraid of my large size I would see how bad I was. I could do the Basic Step without noticing my big belly because I was vertical. I know for me, if there were any more beginner dvds of her I wouldn't have done it.

I think what Cathe has done and will continue to do is completely amazing! Cathe shows us at any age what we are all capable of doing! Even if we don't reach her advance level being able to do the dvd (workout) to beginning to end is an accomplishment and not turning it off. It is okay if we can't do a one handed burpee, we might someday. And if we never do a handed burped that is okay because there is other things we can modify it with. I know for myself, I have to tell myself there isn't Cathe Police out there, and she and her "gang" are not coming to my house and arresting me and putting me in jail because I can't do a one handed burpee! A one handed burpee is a recommendation. By the way a one handed burpee was an example. It was in one workout and not in all her workouts. I am not trying to scare anybody.

What I am trying to say is I am HAPPY that CATHY IS CATHY! If her next workout is the hardest yet, I will be HAPPY!

I like her motto about to change your body is to challenge it, if only for a minute!

Now, I am only 20 pounds overweight! I can finish Cathe workouts! I have to modify some of it, but I can do the Step on one Riser. I enjoy her yoga workouts, and stretching workouts too. When I was obese, if you told me I would do yoga I would say you are out of you mind! But, now I like it!

Thank you Cathe and Everybody,

Jen D.

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