I know the ink in my printer isn’t going to make it thru printing the guide…so I have new ones ready to replace when I get to that point!
Wow! Were you a girl-scout? :)

I've never printed out an entire guide since I make my own worksheets (I cut&paste). I sometimes will print out a rotation, but I frequently adjust those too so I cut&paste for those often. Mostly I read the download on my phone or laptop ...
Wow! Were you a girl-scout? :)
:). Yes, I was!!! I started as a Brownie…(little brown uniform with the little brown beanie
cap, little brown socks, :):)….. & graduated to A Girl Scout (green uniform). Don’t never remember selling any cookies tho’….but I’ve ate my share over the years !!}

I don’t print the whole thing either…..usually the first few pages (index, etc) and then I
print the chapter pages and usually premix pages. But that’s still gonna be a lot!
I'm old school too, I dont print the user guides. I have a note book and I journal the workouts. Yes I like to keep it old school, pen and paper. I read the user guides and make notes in my notebook.

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