Grrr! Forearems--any advice?


I just did Disc 15 (Meso 2 Back and Biceps--which should be called Back, Biceps and Forearms!).

My forearms were so fatigued from the barbell rows that I couldn't complete all my deadlift reps, and it only got worse from there as I moved on to biceps. :mad:. Any advice? I'm frustrated that I don't feel like I worked my back or bicep muscles as hard as I could have--I still feel my forearms while typing this! I know the endurance will build, but I hate to cheat my back and biceps in the meantime.


Cathe talks about this in one of her CatheTV videos and in the Q&A area around here somewhere... or was it on one of the STS disks? Anyway, she said you may need to take breaks and stretch as needed until the forearm strength builds up, but it builds up! I promise!
Also be sure you are not gripping the bar/DB too tight. Do some reverse curls too to help build up your forearm endurance. And the straps are awesome. I got some on Amazon that were not much at all. Can't think of the brand but will look if you are interested.
a tip.

Reverse curls,I always do 3-4 extra sets after the workout is over,and you going to get sore but that's fine, you will get the endurance. And also you can do this exercise that Cathe use in Slow and heavy I believe, I don't remember the name, but you seat then hold a bar o DB,your arms are resting over your legs,let your wrist go past over your knee, just let the bar roll to your finger tip and roll back up, it look like your hands are working along but this one is good for the inside of the forearms,if I'm not mistaken I'm not a expert like Cathe, but I hope this can give you an idea on what to do...
Cathe does have suggestions in one of her Cathe TV videos; she gives some exercises you can do. reverse curls is a good one. Hang in there; your endurance will build up.
I had the same problem during Meso 2 and I used hooks. I am happy to say that by Meso 3 I was able to ditch the hooks. Just finished disk 36 today and I am definitely stronger than before and possibly ever!

Keep going and enjoy STS.

One thing that I did on deadlifts to help with forearm fatigue was to use an overhand grip with one hand and underhand grip with the other. I think that disc 15 was the worst for me as far as the forearm burn goes. It got better after that.
Thanks, guys! I'm definitely not nearly sore enough in my back and biceps for my liking--the other two workouts for the week affected me for days afterward. I have never felt my forearems so much in my life!

You guys are great :)

I really struggled with the forearm fatigue as well, and now I don't have any at all. The reverse grip mentioned upthread helps a lot (one hand overhand, one hand underhand), and time and practice take care of the rest. Don't give up. It doesn't take too long to see improvement if you keep at it.

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