Groove fx, Stomp fx, etc.


Are these workouts/DVDs mainly meant for instructors or both instructors and regular exercisers? Has anyone here ever bought one of the DVDs? Thoughts?



Aimed at instructors. I was reading the blurb for Blast, and it talks about what fitness gains "you (and your class participants) can expect."

These don't seem to be targetting home exercisers, as you can see from viewing the formats available for purchase: "blast fx v12.3 CD + online video". But I think you could still order them for home use. Why not? If you like instructors with great Australian accents and working out with a single individual against a plain white screen! (I was previewing the workout listed above, but they all seem to have this format.)

That's all I could glean and all I have to report!



I love these w/o's! I am not sure of they are meant for instructors or at-home exerciser's, but I can tell that I'm having fun with them :D.

I actually contacted their customer service to see if there was a way to order strictly downloads (duty fee's + tax with ordering DVD's would have killed me :mad:). But no dice :(.

I have very high speed internet, so I am able to play these w/o's off youtube from fitnessfx:
fitness fx Workout Videos - YouTube with virtually no problem. If you go to "play all", it will continuously play each 5-10min track. I have done 20-30min w/o's this way! It's SO much fun too!

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