Goals Besides "Getting Really Skinny"?

jamie vaughn

Wow Karen I'm awe that you've competed several times. Can i ask how difficult/ strict the preparation is? I think my main concern with competing is how strict the nurtritional aspect may be which may cause my metabolism to suffer, and I'm not sure how much supplements come into play. I don't know how PM works but if you want to provide info that way to me I'd really appreciate it. You must be superhuman like Cathe!!
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If you love working out like I do, the HARDEST part is the diet. Especially as the date of the competition draws near. There were a few of us ladies at the club that would compete together, made everything easier. My first competition, I did it all on my own. It was very difficult, because I really didn't know what I was doing. Find a personal trainer that is familiar with the nutrition aspect of competing. Makes everything so much easier. Even if you have the slightest interest or inclination to compete, I say go for it. A lot of discipline involved. Discipline is not a bad thing. All the best!
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I have enjoyed reading everyone's goals! Best of luck to everyone in reaching for those aspirations during 2015!

My goal for the first part of the year is to grow a very big (pregnancy) belly! I aim to continue having a healthy pregnancy, concluding with a healthy/safe delivery of my baby girl. Then, after she's born in May...and once I have the OK from my doc...my goal is to get back to higher workout intensities with Cathe's RWH and Jillian's Body Revolution.



Ooh! This thread has got me thinking...
Maybe I'll aim for a wall-free handstand. I can do a headstand, no problem, but have never managed an unassisted handstand.

Lucia A

My goal is to work out period. The endorphins is a plus. But the feeling of accomplishment!! that I was able to work out at 57 yrs old as if I was 20. It's true that you're as old as you feel because if I didn't look in the mirror I would think that I was a kid.

I enjoy myself!
I challenge myself.

I don't look for results, and they come. Ever so slowly. Surprise, my body looks different today. ever so slight, but over the course of weeks, months, I see it.
No, not skinny but better. And the weeks that I can't workout I am happy to maintain where I am and not look worse.
it's the process that is important. I love a good workout.
I love the muscle ache the next day, I can say Yes!!! I worked out yesterday and it'sa good ache. I can't sit down or stand, Yes cause I worked out yesterday!!!

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