Last night I ended up opening my suitcase back up just to double check that I didn't forget anything. I threw in 3 more pairs of socks. I think I have a fear of being sockless!! haha!

Gym Style Leg day today... feeling it already!!
2 Days! As I was sorting outfits this morning I started to get butterflies in my stomach. I've been to enough of these road trips, you would not think that would still happen :eek:

I bought new workout clothes 2 months ago and went to try them on today to make sure everything fit okay and they were too big (I know, poor me!) It's that darn STS and doing extra cardio :) Starting to panic that I might have to wear my sock monkey pj's the whole time.

Can't wait to meet everyone.

Roadtrip dreams last night!!! Luckily, they were good dreams not "oh not forgot my sneakers!!" type! :D

last day to countdown my fine, fit Glassboro buddies!
Woo Hoo...Woo Hoo....I am so excited, leaving tomorrow!!!!!! I can't wait to meet everyone and make news friends, and workout with everyone!!!! And I am super excited to see Cathe of course!!

Safe Travels to everyone!!! See you all in Glassboro. Look for me...I will be the overly excited brunette jumping up and down!!
slight clarification: She will be the tall, overly excited brunette jumping up and down.... I will be the short, overly excited brunette jumping up and down :p

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