Can't believe it - we're almost at single digits!!! Cannot wait to meet everyone and work out with our leader! haha :)
Final Countdown...yes! except now I have an 80's hairband tune playing in my head.

can't wait to get away for a bit, meet all of you & celebrate our fitness!
So, how do we feel about 9 DAYS?!!

Are we ready? Are we eating well, sleeping well, working out hard, getting the chores out of the way and picking out our favorite workout gear? hmmmm? :p
i am really getting excited! don't know why i didn't watch the youtube from last yrs RT before, but i just did. looks so fun! can't wait!!
SHARE SHARE!! (as long as it didn't involve me missing my flight and not making it!! That's what Carolyn has been dreaming!!)

Nope, you didn't miss your flight, because you were there in my dream....front and center doing step!!!! And I think you were in Pajama Jeans....just kidding!!!
YeeHaw! I am sooo ready! What's everyone wearing...shorts or capris? I am def NOT wearing PJ Jeans! :eek: I ordered some pants from Veronica but wondering if they will be too hot ESP with the heat wave we are all having! Can't wait to see you all! Wheeeeee!

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