Glassboro RT Facebook group.

Add me to the facebook group!

could you add me to the facebook group?
Christy Arthur--Roanoke VA
Thanks so much!
Hi Renee,

I created the group for the roadtrippers to share ideas and advice as to what to do and bring, and to be able to ask questions, etc.

My sister and I will be on the road trip. Could you add us to the FB group? Lori Turnage and Tracy Turnage Heaton. Thanks so much!
Could you add me to the group, please? Not my first road trip, but it's been several years so I could use some pointers. :)

Rebecca Oaks - Bluffton, OH

Add me on FaceBook!

I'd like to be added to the FaceBook group! My mom and I will be 'first-timers', and we want to know all the tips and tricks! :)
Mikki Jo Taylor - Houston, TX
I know you are right. The Facebook group has reached out and they sound like a bunch of fun ladies. I'm just so excited.

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