Getting Out of the Rut - Wednesday


Hi gang!!

This morning was Pilates and Tracey's Core Strength and Conditioning. No time for cardio yet, but I'll probably step or get on the treadmill later on.

Yesterday was another busy busy day, but I did manage to do S&H Legs and Shoulders. I love S&H, it's are great when I don't have much time but still need to do something.

Eating has been good and so has water.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!


I plan on doing Butts and Guts this afternoon. That is one of my very favorite workouts. So I am really looking forward to that this afternoon. I could tell such a huge difference in myself getting my workout in yesterday but not doing one on Monday. And I belive my endurance is getting better, so I am really excited to see a difference when doing the workouts.

I have at least started the day out on the right foot with my eating. I think if I could keep my eating in check I would be fine, but we all know that is easier said than done!

I am really hoping that things will start to settle down some with the kids. It's been really crazy. I just hope we are able to keep them. The thought of starting over with a different set of kids doesn't sound very appealing right now!

Well, I got to get going. I have lots to get done at work today!


Hi all! I did butts & guts today too! Well, just the butts part; didn't have time for the guts. :) Did STS chest, biceps and shoulders yesterday.

I hope I can walk tomorrow!

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