Several of the workouts have the word "fusion" in the titles. I don't really understand what that entails. Like "Pilates Fusion." I'd love to have that concept explained and to see what Pilates Fusion would be like. I loved it when Cathe put out the short video showing what Functional Exercises looks like. Loved it. It would be great to see the same thing showing what a fusion workout is. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered. Thanks in advance.
To me it seems like a fusion of traditional moves, e.g. Pilates moves for Pilates Fusion, mixed with functional movements. I think the sliding mermaids move in STS 2.0, Standing Abs Core + Floor might be an example. The mermaid is a traditional Pilates move but Cathe has added in the element of sliding a weight plate out and in which adds a core element. This could also be functional if you imagine sitting on the floor and having to reach out and slide something towards you or push something away. This exercise is training the muscles needed to do that. Not sure what Cathe's take on this is though. I would be interested to know more about these fusion workouts too.

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