Fooducte App


Anyone else obsessed the the Fooducate app? Grocery shopping takes me half a day now, with all the scanning (or booping as we call it) of products. When something gets below a B- grade, back on the shelf it goes. I'm hoping I'm not the only geek out there.


Yes. I love it. People do get annoyed when they are waiting behind me but I don't care. I have really been surprised on the rating of some items because I thought they were healthier.


The app lets you scan the barcode on your smartphone. If the food is listed in their database it gives a grade for how healthy the item is, along with healthier alternatives. If they don't have nutrition info for the item you have the option of snapping pictures of the nutrition/ingredients panels and they'll (eventually) add the food.


I've got to check this out. Is it a free app? I would be interested in checking out the foods I THINK are healthy to see how they rate.

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