Foam Roller Workout


I would love to see a foam roller workout from Cathe. Perhaps doing 3 or 4 separate 20-30 minute workouts on one the original Hiit workout, which I still use all the time:) I would get a lot of use out of a foam roller workout. It's something I know I need and should do, but don't b/c I don't have a workout exclusively with a foam roller. Sometimes I just need a day to get the kinks out and I have yet to find a decent foam roller workout. I think this would have mass appeal to both older and younger exercisers. I also think it helps to avoid injuries and tame some pains from pre-existing injuries. The foam roller looks like it is easy, but it can be somewhat painful......but feels so good when you're done. Perfect for those less intense days.

Please Please Please consider this. Thank you!!
Thanks Justine, that was useful.

I'm still holding out hope that Cathe will do a FR workout. Maybe even if it's incorporated into the cool downs of workouts she is already planning. I'd love a complete roller workout, but I'll take what I can get......
An Extended Stretch ( Like STS) using the Foam Roller would be great !! I would use that at the end of a workout ! I would love it if Cathe did that :)
Yes, I too think this is an interesting suggestion. My son is a cross country runner in high school, and they strongly believe in foam rollers, but I am not really sure what to do and how to use them. I would love to have some guidance from an expert.
I second this request! Cathe makes all fitness activities so fun; I love doing her workouts and rarely workout to any other home video instructors. I'm drawn to her teaching style, so while I could get a foam roller workout anywhere, a Cathe one would be preferred!

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