Fitness for building physique types



I am well aware that there are a multitude of training techniques available. My question is this ....there are 3 classes for women in bodybuilding and the one I would like to train towards (not to compete but just for myself) is the Bikini Class.

I also know that you (as well as others) say that women cannot bulk up because we just don't have the genetics/hormones to.

So, what methods distingish which type of body you will build (aside from genetics)?

Just a quick answer would be appreciated. I don't expect you to design a rotation :)

I have worked with a coach and competed in figure. It is more diet. Then to win at figure and body building you have to have an off season of heavy weights and eating over maintenance to get more muscle. Then when you lean out you will have more the look of a figure or body builder.

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