Fit Tower Pre-Sale Ends April 11th


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Fit Tower™ Advanced DVD Pre-Sale Ends Tomorrow! Pre-Order Now at:

Hi Everyone,

A quick reminder that our current Fit Tower™ Current Pre-Sale prices will end April 11th at midnight eastern time, so to get our lowest pre-sale price for my new Fit Tower™ workouts make sure to pre-order by (midnight eastern time).

* Pre-Oder Cathe's New DVDs from us at:
**FiT Tower DVD Pre-Sale Prices End Aprill 11th

** Order The Fit Tower™ We use in our new videos from Fit Tower™ at: Make sure to Use Coupon Code "Cathe10" for further savings


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I have always ordered Cathe's new DVDs but don't think I will be able to this time. I am surprised such an expensive piece of equipment like the fit tower would be required. Very disappointing. Maybe next time.


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We certainly realize that the Fit Tower™ may not fit in everyone's budget, but this is really a very inexpensive piece of equipment for what it does. We designed the Fit Tower™ in 2008 for our STS series so that people who couldn't afford or didn't have space for a full blown bench press and pull up bar could now do these exercise on a much more affordable piece of equipment that takes up a lot less room. We even added an adjustable "barre" so the unit could be used for barre workouts and other exercises too.

We also make other videos that require special equipment, like indoor cycle videos that require a much more expensive bike than the cost of the Fit Tower™ ....and heavy dumbbells that we use in many of our videos are not cheap.

The Fit Tower™ is something we hope to develop many more videos for in the future. It can also be used for many of our existing videos to make the exercises more effective, safer, and more comfortable. It also allows us to develop different types of training methods and exercises giving Cathe a brand new "blank canvas" to paint on.

Certainly, the new advanced Fit Tower™ DVDs will not be for everyone because of the need for the Fit Tower™, but we hope that those who do make the investment will enjoy a brand new way to train and work out with Cathe.

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