fish oil

I have been taking Omega Synergy by Designs for Health for the past several months and really like it, it doesn't have the bad aftertaste of many fishoils.

Nordic Naturals has pretty good products. Omega 3-6-9 has usually good reviews

If you like liquid you may want to try Pharmax Frutol. My kids take this one voluntarily :D It's available in original flavor (mango, orange, pineapple, banana) or berry.

You can probably get cheaper ones at other places but it is particularly true for vitamins and supplements, you get what you pay for.

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I am going to check into some of these!!! All my last one did was have the cat follow me around for 3 days!!!

How much is enough and do I need it if I am eating foods rich in it???
Vital Choice. Pure wild salmon oil, thus as close to a whole food as you can get.,353113,b8sMw1m2,2010052,bfjHS28
If you subscribe to their e-mail newsletter (or just go to the website and click on "current newsletter), they often have some kind of deal, coupon, or special offer going on. I always wait for that because it is pretty expensive. The fish is terrific too, if that interests you.
One cap broke in my fish oil bottle recently, and the entire supply was drenched in it. Yeech.

(I still take them though. I rinse them as best I can and then down them...with milk. *gag* )

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