February 2015 Pregnancy/TTC Check-in

Wowza! My legs are burning just thinking about your workout combo today. You killed it with your legs! I could never do workouts like that on a regular basis but I do think it's fun to test yourself every now and again. Cathe has a famous (infamous is more like it) rotation where the last day she has you do Boot Camp (original) 2x through. Whew! Can't say I've done it but I think it's a pat-your-back-worthy challenge and I don't think you're crazy at all! Woot woot for you! BTW, barre work doesn't bother me at all. Lunges, on the other hand, are getting cumbersome. Go figure.

Thanks for your advice on the heartburn. This is an entirely new thing for me (didn't have it last pregnancy) and it just barely started up so I'm going to have to take notes of what I am/am not eating before the nastiness strikes.

Umm, yeah. Have those folks at Baby Center ever had a baby? It's not that I'm adding stuff to my bag (other than additional snacks). It's really more like I'm NOT bringing most things on the list. I will bring a nightgown for myself later on but, like you, when I was in the midst of delivering a baby the last thing I was thinking about was the fact that I was wearing a hospital gown. Besides, given the messiness of L&D I'd rather put my nightgown on after I've cleaned up. In terms of snacks, I'm going to have some fresh things on hand closer to the due date (like apples, carrot sticks, cheese sticks, yogurt) but I've already packed shelf-stable snacks. Last time I remember REALLY wanting Gatorade, so I've packed 4 large Gatorades as well as other quick carb items like PB crackers and protein bars. L&D truly is like a marathon and I just remember wanting more of those things that give you quick burning energy.

Birthing a baby aside, I'm pretty much always obsessing over snacks. Right there with ya! ;)

Sounds like an interesting meeting. Is the woman you met with about TTC training a personal trainer or nutritionist? Or something else? I didn't know there were people who specialized in that, but now that you mention it, it makes sense. Sheesh I hope this all works out for you sooner rather than later. (((HUGS)))

Today I did Cathe Live UB Sculpt from 7/3/14. I wanted to compare it to Cathe Live Strong UB w/Core. Many of the moves are similar but UB Sculpt seems to be a higher rep range and uses the band for extra burns. It also doesn't rigidly adhere to the super/tri/giant set formula that Strong UB follows. Still liked it, though! What Cathe Live haven't I liked, to be honest?! :p It was only about 40 mins (because I skipped the Supermans and core work) so I added a Lindsay Brin bun-cakes-free cardio segment for 20 mins. Done and done!

Better head out for an appointment! I've got to go get new custom orthotics (I have the world's worst feet...a story for another day).

Hugs and hopes for a heartburn-free day for all! :eek:



Hi Lisa,
Hope you're feeling well today!

I realized that I'll have even less time to workout tomorrow, so decided not to take a rest today. (Go figure.) I totally copycatted your workout from yesterday! I did UB Sculpting Live minus supermans/core (after yesterday's lower body assault, my lower back was like, yeah right). I added RK cardio with gloves to round it out a little, then did my own stretching (not enough of it, sigh). I love this segment for a quick, friendly (your word -- love it) cardio pump that's UB-driven when my legs aren't having it. But my cardio was only 12 mins vs your 20 mins of Brin, so you beat my bun cakes! ;)
Side note: I enjoyed this Live w/o a lot, but Strong UB still has it beat, IMO. Maybe I'll go back to that one next for comparison fun. I did go a little heavier than Cathe on a few of today's moves, but not most. I find these funky sculpting UB moves (shoulder circles, endless partials on chest flys, etc.) to be super challenging without adding anything.
Side note #2: if you want a 30-min Live UB segment, the second half of the w/o entitled 'Step HiiT' is UB endurance with a bunch of partials, pulses, etc. (no HiiT involved). Bit of a hodgepodge, but it burns without going too heavy and gets the job done.

Hospital johnnies are OK, but don't you need your own black johnny with rhinestones spelling out 'Cathlete' across the belly? I mean, really! ;)

Oh jeez, I hope your foot is OK! I hope you're not in pain! Are you getting foot swelling to boot (no pun intended)?

Oh, super yuck on the heartburn. It really killed me towards the end. Yeah, for some women it's acid, other spice, others greasy foods. There was a point when anything gave me some heartburn -- there just wasn't room in my poor torso! :(

The woman I chatted with is a personal trainer. It was good to have her perspective. Honestly, though, I don't put total stock in any one 'expert' point of view, because I've read the scientific journal articles and even they don't agree so... yeah.
More on that later, gotta run now.

Have a wonderful, GERD-free day with your sweet DD!
Hi Roz!

Feeling much better today, thank you! DD even had a fun playdate. Yay! How are you? You got in a great workout if I do say so myself! ;) ITA agree with your assessment about Strong UB having more of a fun factor/I wanna do it again and again factor. I still will probably revisit UB Sculpt again down the road for variety's sake. And thanks for the tip on the Step HiiT's UB work. I would have never guessed that workout had UB sculpting based on the title. I appreciate you looking out for me. :)

Oh I should definitely get myself a Cathlete pregnancy shirt or nightgown or something! Rhinestones and workout logos go hand-in-hand with L&D. ;)

Yep, foot is OK. I just have to get fresh orthotics every so often. And by "OK" I mean totally genetically disadvantaged (high arches, hammer toes, corns, super narrow, etc etc etc) but not currently injured, knock on wood! No foot swelling. Last time I had foot and ankle swelling for the first week after delivery, go figure. It was not a pretty sight! :eek:

Today I wanted step step step! I did Step Moves, doing the combos 2x but definitely modifying my way through turns and such. Have you done this one yet? It's a good lighter day option. Nothing intense or intimidating.

Well, I think that does it for me today! I have fun plans to spend some time with one of my friends tonight so I'm excited for that! (I try to do at least one or two things a month with friends, but it can be tricky because we're all so busy!)

High fives all around! Talk tomorrow or, if not, enjoy your rest day!

TGIF! Howdy Roz. Hope you are enjoying a peaceful rest day today!

Not much to report here. Glad it's the weekend. I'm thinking I will take Sat and Sun as rest days. I did end the week with a bang, however. Couldn't help myself and had to do yesterday's Live which was Low Impact HiiT Circuit. Probably goes without saying that it was more like Low Impact Steady State Circuit for me with modifications for multiple moves. ;) I think you will really like this one--not a lot to think about but the variety really makes the time whiz by. I'd be curious to know how it compares with one of the Low Impact HiiTs from RWH, so you'll have to let me know.

Baby belly has grown by leaps and bounds this week. I am feeling more and more pregnant by the day! Will try to do some fun stuff this weekend, but also have lots of errands and cleaning and getting ready for Spring chores to do (not to rub it in about "Spring chores," since I imagine you are still drowning in snow). :( Hugs to you and your DD! I may or may not be back tomorrow and Sunday, but will definitely be back on Monday!

Lisa :)


Hi Lisa,
Hope you have a great weekend and rest day(s)!
Sounds like you're a busy mama -- hope the spring chores aren't overwhelming. I think the only 'spring' we have in store any time soon is that our basement will inevitably 'spring' a leak when this stuff starts to melt. Blah. But we're about 40 degrees south of that danger -- it's insanely cold in VT right now.
NICE WORK on Live LI HiiT Circuit -- yup, I definitely have had my eye on that one from the first time I saw the title posted. Guess I'll have to keep copycatting your workouts! ;) But seriously -- you rock!! I'm so impressed by how you push yourself in a smart, safe way.
This morning I tried the STS squat rack legs program for the first time (first week) -- loved it! Or, loved the work. I didn't go insanely heavy b/c I didn't have a spotter and I wanted to be sure I could maintain form as get used to this kind of training, but I was still going way slower than Cathe + crew in my reps due to heavier weights. The front squat -- woah! -- that was a challenge I wasn't anticipating. Major, major core work. My initial conclusion is that I want to keep training this way (sometimes), but won't necessarily use the DVD.
I did throw a bit of my own work-work into the long rests. Not all, but some. Mostly low impact cardio and core (pikes and mountain climbers and burpee jacks using the sliders, a few boxing combos with 1lb hand weights, etc. -- nothing that would tax my quads or glutes too much -- also some standing weighted core work, TGUs, etc.). Had to keep moving -- it was cold and I would have gotten bored! :p
I hear DD so must run -- I think I'm going to ask some questions about the squat rack program elsewhere on the forum, so if you have any thoughts you want to share here or there, I'm all ears! :D
Take it easy with that big ol' belly! ;) You'll be there before you know it!
(Bigger) hugs,
Just had to pop in and wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your DH surprises you with hugs, chocolates, flowers, books, a date night, a promise to do all the laundry during the rest of 2015, or whatever it is you hope and dream for! ;) My DH and I have a deal--all year long I get to buy what I want when I want it. Works for us! :D He also surprised me with some Dove chocolates that I had been eyeing but our local grocery store ran out, so he went all around town yesterday to get me three bags of these yummy bad boys!

I'll be eating those chocolates as I contemplate how you rocked it on squat rack legs today! Ha! Take care and see you on Monday! Give your little lady Valentine a big squeeze for me!



Hi Lisa! Lightning check-in for me today...
Yeah, we had an awesome dinner/date night last night! So fun. :D
I slept late, so just knocked out my own upper body whatever-fest. It was fun! I put on some music and just grabbed challenging weights for various exercises. I knew if I waited to fiddle with On Demand I'd lose my time to workout, so I enjoyed my disorganized total upper body burn!
It was maybe 30 minutes, but I'm ready to rock the day!
Oh! Also! Yesterday, because my bar was up on my squat rack, I knocked out TWO full-extended pull ups after my leg w/o! First time I'd done that -- yeahyeah!
Enjoy your chocolates and your sweeties!


Hi Lisa,
Hope you're feeling well, and that you're enjoying munching those cute chocolate hearts (and not suffering heartburn!).
How were your rest days? You certainly earned them!

I thought about doing Low Impact Circuit Live this morning, but I wanted something quick and something I already knew (bad sleep last night so my brain is fried), so I went with LI HiiT #1. I'm liking this workout a lot, despite the off-the-beatness. I don't always watch the screen and just go at my own pace for the moves and don't worry about matching Cathe. It's usually a similar pace, I just don't worry about it.
So that was it for today -- no time for yoga, DD wouldn't allow! :rolleyes:

I feel a leg day coming on, and that squat rack is calling to me again... we'll see!
I'm seriously considering trying the GGS strength training program. I think the 3-day split plus a cardio day plus yoga would work well for me these days. Or maybe I'll wait until walking weather... some days I just really want to do cardio in part because it's too cold to go out!

Sorry, feeling a bit incoherent due to lack of sleep. But I really shouldn't whine to you about poor sleep -- hope you're able to catch some decent zzzz's these days despite the potty breaks and your DD's 3am fiestas!

Big hugs,
Happy Monday Roz. You certainly deserve some major HIGH FIVES!!! Congrats on your 2 whopping pull-ups. That is so seriously awesome. Proud of you, girl! I'm still dreaming about doing 1 pull-up without cheating. ;)

Love your hodge podge UB workout. Sometimes it's just fun to do what you want, and you're definitely an experienced exerciser so I'm sure it was a workout worthy of Cathe Live. :) Nice work on LIHI1 despite being exhausted. I totally know what you mean. After a rough night of sleep (or lack thereof) it is easier to deal with the devil that you know as opposed to fiddling with something new. Since you mentioned the off-the-beat aspects of LIHI1, you reminded me of how Cathe includes that kind of go-at-your-own-pace work in Low Impact HiiT Circuit Live. She's obviously aware of the hubbub about that because she very specifically said she was going off the beat on purpose and that the beat doesn't matter when you're pushing yourself to your personal max in a HiiT drill. I get her point, but man I have this deep desire to stay on beat. It's the musician OCD in me. :rolleyes:

So glad you and your DH had a romantic Valentine's Day. yay! Does he have the day off today? My DH has to work. I guess the world of engineering can't stand still, even as we honor past US Presidents. ;) That's OK...I've got my chocolates to get me through the day!

I got some good rest over the weekend so I felt fresh this morning and wanted to burn out my legs with some bodyweight training. I combined KCM's 30 Mins to Fitness: Body Training (standing legs portion) with most of Tracey Staehle's Glute Camp. My glutes and outer thighs are already growling at me! After I finished my workout, I remembered I haven't done XTrain Legs (not CLB, but the other workout) in a while. IIRC I should be able to do that one still, so I'll aim for that next week. What I REALLY wanted to do was one of the Cathe Live leg workouts but I don't want to overdo them.

I really like the GGS website so I imagine the program is solid and sensible, which is totally in line with your approach to fitness. Keep me posted.

That's it from me today. Hope you get some extra rest this evening! Hugs to y'all!



Hi Lisa!
Yes, my DH had yesterday off, so that was nice.
I suppose engineers are needed every day of the year! :rolleyes:

Awesome work on your LB workout yesterday! I know what you mean about not overdoing the Live leg workouts -- I love them, too!

Yeah, I think my UB hodge podge worked out well, because I was feeling it in my lats the next day!
Oh, and thanks for the cheers on pull ups -- I was really happy about that! :D I knocked one out this morning before my workout, but that was all I could muster.

Today I did squat rack week 2 and threw in some Afterburn intervals for active recovery. I did take real rests, and didn't add in to every break, but it was nice to keep moving. I didn't necessarily do all the AB reps in a given interval -- just what felt right. It was fun! I like keeping it low impact and there are AB moves that match all the squat rack moves so I could create a contrast training type workout (I discussed this in the squat rack thread in Open Discussion).
I added weight to all the moves (squats to 135 from 120 last time, same for DLs; front squats and SLs both rose to 85 from 80 -- not a lot but I'm really trying to watch form on these latter two moves). Reps dropped from 8 to 7/set, as per the Meso 3 progression.
DD woke and came down (safely contained away from weights) to cheer me on for the last three sets of SLs -- needed the break and needed the encouragement, SLs always kill me!!

I hope I'm not too incoherent -- my brain is still jumbled. DDs sleep pattern is just... off. So mine is, too, of course!
Are you sleeping OK, Madame 3rd Trimester? ;)
You're so close to meeting your new little human! I'm so excited and happy for you! :D
How many weeks were you when you had DD1?

Have a great Tuesday!
Increasingly wide hugs,

ETA: I do hear you about off-the-beat-ness. Do you play an instrument?
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Good afternoon, Roz! I chuckled as I read your casual statement about how you just happened to knock out one pull-up this morning before your workout. Like everybody does that for their warm-up?! o_O Lady, you are awesome! :) Those are some super impressive squat rack weights as well. Are you loving your squat rack even more now? I always had to wear a weighted vest because I just can't lift those weight loads over my head. I keep meaning to comment on your squat rack routine thread in OD. Pardon me for my forgetfulness. I blame my unborn. ;)

You are totally coherent. I guess as mom's we just learn how to power through the sleepnessness of parenthood. Sorry you are all struggling with sleep, but know that we're right there with you. This whole big girl bed thing gives WAY too much freedom to our DD. We keep reminding ourselves that it's either deal with it now or later, and we'd be stunting her progression (IMO) if we kept her in a crib at this point in her life.

More Cathe Live for me! Today I did Solid Cardio Plus HiiT (11/6/14)...er, Solid Cardio Plus More Pregnant-Lady-Paced Cardio! I believe you had recommended this one to me previously, pointing out that it is very similar to Cardio Kicks. In the workout itself Cathe compares it to Circuit Max, but yeah...it was Cardio Kicks version 2.0. I *adored* this workout. Cardio Kicks has always been one of my favorites, so to have a newer revised version of it made me one happy lady this morning!

DD1 was born at 37.5 weeks, but she was super small...4lbs 15oz. I have my blood glucose test + an u/s tomorrow. I'm not at all worried about having gestational diabetes but I am worried about the baby's size. I don't want DD2 to be as small as DD1 (she had to spend a few days in the NICU in the "baby sauna" so she could build up some weight instead of having to use all her energy to stay warm). The first several months of DD1's life were like Thanksgiving every day. We crammed the food in her. She's totally fine and has absolutely ZERO negative effects (developmentally or size-wise), thank goodness, but I just don't want to go through that again. It was devastatingly stressful for a new mom/dad. My belly is much bigger this time around so I'm hoping for good things at tomorrow's u/s--but you never know. DH and I are both slender people so I'm never going to have huge babies.

Sorry for the info dump. Also have probably told you some of that before so sorry for repeating myself!

Expressing solidarity in sleepness nights! Hugs and zzzzzzzz's! :p


ETA: I play the violin and piano. Started when I was 4, so it's been a lifelong thing. Having perfect pitch and rhythm is both a blessing and a curse, let me tell you! LOL!


Hi Lisa,
Ugh, so sorry DD's still taking full advantage of the newfound freedoms of her big girl bed. Let's hope she gets it out of the way before DD2's arrival so you have only one constantly waking child in the house at a time! :rolleyes:

I'm soooooo glad you loved Cardio Kicks 2.0! :D I was nervous recommending it due to the HiiT element (and just the presence of 'HiiT in the title...), but ultimately I thought you'd love it and could easily modify. I also LOVE this workout: it's one of the only Live workouts I've done twice. Yay!

Have you given your new bike a, um, spin, yet? Or would the pressure of the seat be too much on your pelvis? I don't know if spinning is good for pregnancy, so pardon my ignorance. I would think no impact = good but pelvic pressure = bad, right? Really I have no idea.

Wow, your experience surrounding DD1's birth sounds downright harrowing. Even if she wasn't in a severe, critical condition, that is absolutely terrifying. I wonder if that's why she wasn't a good nurser -- just too little to start strong, then never developed the habit? (Pardon if my speculation is overstepping.) Anyways, I'm sending you tons of positive thoughts and wishes today!
And you get to toast DD2 with a lovely plastic cup of orange-dyed sugary nastiness -- bottoms up!

So wonderful that you're a musician! Does your DD1 play anything? Maybe she's still too young...
I admire that you've kept up your music through adulthood -- it's too easy to start these things as a child then let them drop when adult responsibilities creep in.

I had a great workout this morning! I wanted a total UB day so I was perusing the On Demand videos labeled 'strength and toning'. I saw PS but almost wrote it off, as it's a split. However, they're both fairly short. So I did PS Chest, Shoulders and Tris (with warm-up, no stretch) followed by PS Back and Bis (no warm-up, no abs, then just a bit of my own stretching). I think it clocked in around an hour -- maybe a hair under even. Anyways, I LOVED this workout! I think I said the same thing to you about PS Legs a while back, but the PS UB workouts feel unique to me. There are a lot of moves I've never seen Cathe do elsewhere.
The intensity reminds me a bit of PUB, as you don't go crazy heavy, but there's very little rest, so the intensity builds. Might be worth a try if you want a total upper day. Each w/o begins with a potty break (decline pushups for chest, then t-bar rows and BB rows for back -- don't know if you still do some BB rows or just lighten up, but IIRC you said they're decreasingly comfortable). Maybe you'd still do the t-bar rows, too -- you never cease to impress me with your pregnancy workouts and the way you smartly listen to your body! :D
I also really enjoyed the music and general vibe/pace of this workout. I'll definitely be using it again.
My lower back started to complain during the bent over back work after yesterday's heavy DLs -- hence why I usually don't work heavy back and heavy legs on consecutive days. Didn't think of that until it was too late. Oh well. It wasn't painful, so I kept going, but I probably wouldn't do this w/o after a squat rack day again. (And, yeah, I'm loving the squat rack!)

Alrighty, mama! I'll be sending my thoughts and prayers up for a nice, big baby on your u/s monitor today!!
Big, big hugs,

I survived my glucola drink (that's what my doc calls it, don't know if that's the formal name). I was "fortunate" to have my choice between fake Sprite, fake Orange Crush, and fake Hawaiian Punch. I chose the fake Sprite. The first two sips were tolerable but I had to force myself to chug the remaining 7/8 of the bottle! :rolleyes: Here's hoping I pass the diabetes test, but I would be surprised if I failed as I have no other symptoms. Best of all, after my blood draw I had an u/s and DD2 is not only measuring spot on but one day ahead! :cool::D There are no emoticons to express the relief. And she's cute to boot, of course! Things could still change, but we were already on the "watch list" at this point of my DD1's pregnancy. As for DD2, though, my doc is not worried and feels like we just need to continue with routine monitoring, just as he would with any normal pregnancy. It is so rare for me to be "normal" in any area related to fertility/pregnancy, so I am truly on Cloud 9 right now. Yay! Thanks for your well wishes, for sharing in my concern, and for sharing in my joy/relief. You're the best! :)

Oh yes, as a side note, I think my DD1's size was a factor in our lack of BF success. You were not overstepping bounds at all. Your opinions and thoughts are welcome and I encourage you to freely share them! I do think the biggest factor, though, was/is my DD1's super strong personality and for some reason she just preferred the bottle over the BFing experience. I am not putting any pressure or expectations on myself or DD2 in terms of BFing and it's quite a liberating feeling.

Isn't PS so fun? I think it's such an underrated Cathe workout. I do have a hard time getting over the hairbands, but beyond that I think they are timeless. ITA that the UB workouts can be combined quite easily. Maybe I'll do some PS next week. I'd been hesitating because of the bent over rows (which I just don't do anymore...although I might try the T-bar rows with light weight), but you are absolutely correct that the vast majority of the workout is doable. Thanks for the reminder! So glad that you enjoyed the workout and that your back is A-OK!

In terms of spinning, the leaning movement has felt uncomfortable to me so I'm going to put it on the shelf until postpartum. My DH, on the other hand, is loving our spin bike. Like you, he can have back problems, so spinning is a great solution for him. It doesn't bother him like running or some other types of cardio can. So, yes, very happy with the purchase!

Our brains were sharing the same wavelength today because I wanted UB as well. I started with the Express Cardio premix of Slide & Glide from the LIS series (w/up + cardio) then moved on to the 40ish min UB premix from Muscle Max and ended with the S&G stretch (which is so fun because Cathe uses the discs to assist the stretch). Felt good and geared me up mentally for my doc visit.

I play the violin and the piano. DD1 will start playing violin at age 4 just like I did. Piano will come later, around age 6. My DH is also musical (piano and guitar) so we want to incorporate this into our children's lives. I think it's hard to make broad, sweeping statements about life experiences, but I've yet to hear an adult say "I'm so glad my parent(s) let me quit piano lessons when I was a kid." Even though practicing is not always fun, it's an appreciated skill as one gets older...at least all my research thus far points to that conclusion! :) I don't expect a concert pianist or violinist (unless that's what they want to do)...just functional enough to continue playing for personal enrichment. Hope that makes sense. I'm still on a bit of a sugar high! :p

Phew! Enjoy what's left of your day. Hugs!


P.S. Do you participate in Lent? I typically don't but kind of want to set some sort of goal for the next 6 weeks. Just not sure what to do. Ideas?


Yayyyyyy Lisa!! :D

I was so happy and relieved to read that the info from your u/s was so reassuring and positive! Big girl!! And I bet that after all that fake Sprite, she was doing some serious Power 15s in there! ;)

Yeah just... SO happy for your and your family! There's a baseline level of worry that comes with the territory in any pregnancy, but any concerns that increase worry are just awful awful. While I didn't experience what you did after my DD's birth, I remember that, due to our earlier miscarriage, I was/we were unable to relax at all and believe that we were really becoming parents until well into my second tri. And there were other blips along the way during the pregnancy, all of which resulted in major panics (but none of which amounted to anything). So yayayayay for you all!

I don't participate in Lent, but I think it's a great tradition. Hmmm... I guess it's a hard time to give something up (during a pregnancy), because you want to listen to your body/needs so thoroughly and not deny any actual needs/inclinations... but I guess it also feels like a time for house cleaning (inner and outer). Is there anything that you do regularly that always feels genuinely counterproductive to you?

Great job on your workout yesterday! I agree, I LOVE the S&G stretch with discs. She also uses them in the stretch for TTM (of which I’m also a fan).

Hey, do you think it’s just a coincidence that we were extolling the virtues of Cardio Kicks yesterday, and today’s Live is Cardio Kicks 3.0? ;) However it came about, woohoo! Success! I can’t do this one when it’s actually live (I never can, really), but I think it’ll be my next cardio.

I totally understand what you’re saying about the benefits of having an ongoing, enriching practice as an adult (and also that you’re not ambitiously grooming the next Sarah Chang). Good for you! I think we share more than a few parenting values/priorities! :D

Oh yeah... DD has been waking up early so my yoga has been wayyyy less frequent. I was hoping for a yoga day today but it looks like it might be a total rest day... that's ok, too!

Another big YAY for your big fetus!
Major :D s,
Thank you, Roz! You are so sweet. I hope I didn't sound selfish when I was expressing my pregnancy worries. I know you have experienced pains I have not (miscarriage). The miracle of life can be a scary and bumpy ride. It sure is wonderful when it works out, but boy the road to getting there can be tumultuous. BTW, if I may ask, any thoughts or developments in your efforts for baby #2? How are you feeling about it all?

Also, in hindsight I realize my question about Lent was kind of an impossible one to answer! What I was really meaning was, if you are one who celebrates Lent, what types of things have you done in the past. But, since you're like me (a typical non-Lent person), don't worry about it! My problem is that most people tend to use Lent as time for food goals (no chocolate, no this/that/the other) but ITA with you that pregnancy is not the time for deprivation and so I don't want any food goals. What I've decided is that I'm going to read 2 books between now and Easter. I know that probably sounds lame and like I'm illiterate, but I promise I'm not! I have a graduate degree so I'm not a total dummy...well, OK, I guess that's still debatable...:rolleyes: It's just that DD never ever ever allows me to sit down to read during the day and by nightfall (when my DH is home) all I want to do is zone out with conversation and something on the DVR. So, 2 books it is! I now have to identify them and read them. :)

Sorry DD is waking up earlier these days. Changes in schedules are so hard, but yet it seems like an ongoing process with little ones, doesn't it? I hope you get some of your amazing yoga moves in. I imagine your cutie pie would be thoroughly entertained by watching mommy maneuver into all those noodley yoga positions! ;) Well, rest day or yoga day, I hope it is a good one for you.

My workout today was all about step. I combined the 30 min Athletic Step segment from KCM's Cardio Blast with the combos only from Cathe's 4DS LIS. 'Twas a good one!

I hadn't had a chance to check out today's Cathe Live so thanks for the heads-up on CK 3.0! I'll take it! I still need to do Steptastic as well, but CK 3.0 will probably take the top spot on my workout agenda. Let's just pretend that Cathe likes to read our forums and put this Cathe Live together just for you and me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :D

Hugs, high fives, and hopes for warmer weather in your neck of the woods!



Hi Lisa,
Oh my goodness, I did not remotely feel like you were undermining my previous struggles by talking about what you went through with your last pregnancy -- no way! I think what you went through was, in many ways, harder than what I went through. You were worried about a real, live, fully-realized human baby! That must have been terrifying.
I think sharing experiences and struggles makes things better!

Funny you ask about my thoughts re: #2. I was just thinking about these things... I can be a very impatient person, but I think I just need to come to terms with the fact that it might not happen rightnow. That said, I'm hopeful that it will happen when the time is right. I may just need to practice patience...

Speaking of my impatience, I could not wait 24 hours with Cardio Kicks 3.0 in my hot little hands, so I had to cram it into naptime yesterday! It's a quickie -- 42 mins total -- so I was able to. It's great! I feel like the first -- half? -- is more Hard Strikes/RK cardio with gloves. The she gets into some of the hi/lo kickbox moves from CK (high knees with speedbag arms, etc.), but using way less space. (IIRC, you need a small parking lot's worth of space to do CK.) Towards the end there's a fairly quick but very intense blast a la KPC. There are really only a few plyo jacks and the like to modify for impact, some kicking to modify for balance (if you need to), then you might need to take it easy in the final blast, but altogether I imagine this workout will be very doable for you for quite some time to come. It's super fun, fairly simple, and the intensity is manageable (minus the penultimate combo). I also really like that the warm-up is sort of built into the workout, and the cooldown and stretch are consolidated into one segment. Feels efficient!
If I were a betting gal, I'd wager you'll have done the workout by the time you read this review... ;)

Great idea on reading two books by Easter! That sounds perfect. Any thoughts on which ones?
Oh, and I know well the effects of motherhood on one's pleasure reading, and would never have thought that your recent non-reading reflected on your intelligence/education. DD certainly won't give me chunks of reading time during the day, and after her bedtime, just scrape me up off the floor -- I'm done. ;) And naptime always feels too fleeting to get into anything serious...

I did about 20 minutes of yoga today before DD woke up -- too short, but better than nothing! :rolleyes:

Nice work on your KCM/4DS cardio mashup! You rock!

'See' ya soon, mama!
TGIF, Roz! I see I have a PM from you. I will check it out after reporting my workout here...

Oh, I love it! The only reason I didn't whip out CK 3.0 this morning is because I am coming down with a cold and just wanted some light toning/total body work (seems easier when I'm under the weather) so I did Travel Fit, using the band for most of the back work but then subbing in dumbbells wherever possible since the band aggravates my elbow. Skipped the ab work. (You actually reminded me about this workout a few weeks ago, so thanks!)

Anyway, back to CK 3.0...I'm so jealous, but we are kindred spirits indeed. I totally get the inability to wait for a fun workout. Thank you for the heads-up on what to expect with this workout while I'm expecting. ;) It's always helpful to know what's coming. Sounds like you'll be doing this one again and again! One common thread with the Cathe Live workouts that I really enjoy is that most of them use less space and less equipment than her videos typically do, so it's good to know I just need the size of a parking space as opposed to a parking lot to do this workout. :D Glad you got it in yesterday. Will you be sweating up a storm during today's naptime to round out your morning yoga, I wonder? You must tell me tomorrow!

I need to get to the bookstore or the library or something to choose my 2 books. I'd better hurry and get on with it!

(((HUGS))) The waiting game that goes along with getting pregnant is such an unpredictable and emotional ride. I think I've told you before that I only wanted 2 or 2.5 years between my kiddos, but alas it is going to end up being a 3.5 year age gap. At first I was devastated by this, but I'm starting to look at this as a blessing in disguise. DD1 is so so so so all-consuming that I think I would have been in the crazy house if I had had a newborn last year. This is not to minimize your struggles in any way. Nothing made me more bonkers when we were TTC #2 than having people say "just be patient" or "it will all work out" etc etc...not to mention that "have you tried this/that/the other" kinds of advice. You feel how you want to feel and you deal with it how you want to deal with it. I will be here to hold your virtual hand along the way. More (((HUGS))).

Hope you have a stellar weekend with your DH and your pumpkin DD.

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Hi Lisa,
Great job on Travel Fit! I agree, it's definitely a great workout for a don't-wanna-go-crazy day!

Thanks so much for all your hugs and support -- it's so great to be able to share our journeys in motherhood together! :D ((HUGS RIGHT BACK ATCHA))

I didn't get any more workout or yoga time yesterday (except a bit of hip stretching during playtime on the floor). Oh! This reminds me -- you mentioned the possibility of doing yoga while DD cheered me on. The issue here is that she wants to help so my bodyweight moves become bodyweight+toddlerweight moves!
I had a great workout today while DH played with DD -- S&H L&S using my squat rack for legs. I quoted you on the squat rack thread, so I think you have a direct link to my post (where I describe the workout in more detail) in your flaggy-announcements section (that's the official term, yes). Will DEFINITELY be doing this again -- so fun! I'd had S&H on my short list for a while (I've done it in the past, but not for a long time), and plan to do the other two this week. Maybe next week, too! We'll see.
As much as I was all macho about my squat weights, my rotator cuffs hit total failure before Cathe's final rep using 5 lbs on those final shoulder moves -- ow! :eek:

Ooh, keep me posted on the books you choose! Do you have any all-time favorite books?

OK, must run about our weekendy activities!
Hugs to you and your li'l firecracker DD!
Hiya Roz!

Sorry so late today! A crazy busy day, but a productive one! Lots of errands and housework. Plus, still feeling a bit under the weather. Still managed a workout. Started the day with Step Works from the Cardio Hits compilation DVD. A Cathe oldie but goodie! Speaking of the old but good stuff, I adore S&H Legs. So glad you finally got to try it out. Cathe gives wonderful form pointers in this series and the tempo variations this series offers are such a terrific way to shock the body. High fives. But yeah, what gives with shoulders? That's the one body part I never ever seem to be able to up my weights with. Grrrr! o_O

Yep, yoga or stretching activities with my DD also become toddler-weight bearing exercises or mommy is a jungle gym exercises. :)

Look forward to checking out your squat rack post. No time for the book store today. At this rate I may have to phone it in and read a Mary Higgins Clark book I have randomly stuffed away in my house. Does that count? Not a classic, that's for sure.

As far as all-time favorite books, I love The Walk series (5 books in total, IIRC) by Richard Paul Evans because it just puts life into perspective. Nothing too mind-boggling, just simple wisdom for good living. I also really really love Great Expectations. I'm a huge Dickens fan and could read his literature again and again. I find Dorothy L. Sayers to be amusing, having read several of her books (I think I have a thing for British writers). What about you? I'm sure I'll remember a few others after I sign off!

I'll be MIA tomorrow on my rest day but back in action on Monday. I'm thinking a Cathe Live legs workout, but don't hold me to it!

Hugs! High fives! Hip hip hooray! And all that other good stuff! ;)



Hi Lisa,
Hope you're enjoying your rest day, and great work on Step Works and Chore Max yesterday!
Oh no, are you sick?

Today was S&H Bis only and S&G warmup, cardio, abs, and stretch. I think it was a mash-up workout worthy of you! ;)
I may try S&H one body part per day this week, just for fun. :D We shall see.

Yes, yes, I love Dickens! Mark Twain is another favorite storyteller/author.
Have you read Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier? It's a classic piece of literature so you feel like you're feeding your brain but it's a great romance, so you get your chick lit (is that a phrase?) fix at the same time. A random thought, but it struck me as a good compromise if you want something serious AND some relaxing third trimester enjoyment! No pressure, obviously.
Do you read on a tablet/device? I'm a paper gal... never could do Kindles, etc.

Gotta run.... feel better and rest up!
Hugs to you and your awesome DD!

ETA: Oh! I also did a 45 min yin (gentle) yoga practice from Udaya last night. Felt great! Especially on the hips.
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