Favourite Warm Ups

Hello Cathletes,
I did HIIT Pyramid over the weekend and I’d forgotten how much I love the warm up to that workout. So I thought I’d ask what some of your favourite warm-ups are?
Pauline xx
Body Max 2 is my favorite right now! I just spent all last week doing different premixes of that one. Every time I hear the “tha-THUMP” of the opening drum hit on the warmup, I am instantly ready! Great workout. One of my all time favorites.
Same!!! I’m also liking the warm up to Boss Bands Total Body. I just did a rotation using this series. I feel like it really helps with mobility too.
I’ve never tried Boss Bands as I don’t have one of those giant bands but I think I’ll take a look at the workout and maybe get one.
I had a look at Body Max 2 and I think I’ll give it a go. I have some problems with my balance but I’d really like to challenge myself with some choreography. I‘m thinking I’ll break it down and do it section by section and then once I’ve got it, move on to the next chapter. Thanks for the rec (as the kids say )!
Hands down my favorite warm up is from ICE Chiseled Lower Body Blast! Not so much because of the moves, but because of that opening song with words that go something like everything's gonna be alright, my energy just kicks into overdrive when I hear that song.

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