favorite Cathe ab sectons?


I am going through ab bonuses and sections, currently STS ab circuits (love the variety of those!). There are so many as almost all her series has multiple. Curious to hear what your favorite ab sections are and why? Or which overall workouts do you think hit the core especially good? Thanks for any inspiration to my ab-focus month... :).


Currently I am doing abs 2 x a week :

(Day 1) Ab Hits DVD Chapters # 3 and # 7
(Day 2) Stability Ball Abs ( on the Basic Step DVD ) and Icy Core # 1

These seem like a good mix and none of these hurt my wrists (I do the planks on my elbows.)

I have been doing this for a few months, so it is time to mix it up ! I will check back here on your thread for other ideas. :)


Thanks Linda! I'll try those - I've now ran through all the STS Abs, and really like them all the 15 -20 minutes runs fast! There is one with ankle/wrist weights, which I felt really hit the core from many angles, going to keep that in my weekly program for now.

My old favourite is Cardio & weights abs - just a tough overall routine (and can't really hit the pikes on the ball..., but just planks & bending your legs works good!

A fun "no-dreader" is Lite series # 2, it's effective but not too hard so it's totally doable even after a tougher workout!

I used to really dislike doing abs, but now I've started taking a few minutes to stretch before hitting the abs, and it actually feels nice doing it more relaxed! Also, just started paying attention to activating the core especially in metabolic workouts - I feel more toned in the core area too.

Happy abs workouts there!


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I really like the abs in Turbo Barre (it has that move where you anchor one elbow and then do a partial sit-up).

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