Fave workout clothes?


What are your go to brands/stores for workout clothes? I feel like I need some new ones, specifically t-shirts. I want a loose t-shirt, but I like moisture wicking. Also sports bras for larger chested gals? I would like to avoid racerback, just because they are so hard to get on/off. I used to buy the Moving Comfort/Brooks Fiona, but I think they stopped making them :(
I don't have a favorite brand, but lately I have been buying most of my stuff from either Old Navy or Sierra (on-line). Old Navy's quality can be hit or miss, but they do have great sales and they have tall sizes. At 5"11 with a 36" inseam it is challenging to find bottoms that are long enough. I love the clothing at Athleta, but it is way out of my price range.
I went thru some bra trials this year. bought about $500 worth of different sports bras from title 9 to try but none of them fit right, so returned them. I am a D and the only thing that fits and holds things in place are over-the head bras for me. I have arthritis in my hands and I cant hook things in the back to save my life , tho pre arthritis I had great great difficulty too.
there are several companies showing front closure sports bras lately that combine a zip and velcro wrap, Shefit comes to mind but there was another one. I bought an inexpensive Nike OTH bra for about $50 that works quite well, better than any of the complicated $80 ones that you needed a instruction book to get into. I've gotten some nice shirts from athleta on sale but agree they are pricey.
Sports bras for larger chested gals.....my favorite at the moment is SHEFIT. So adjustable, the shoulders have Velcro, the chest has Velcro, plus the front is zip-up so there is no ugly struggling out of a sweaty bra. If you don’t know your proper size, SHEFIT will send you a measuring tape so you can measure yourself and they will send the proper sized bra. Absolutely love this bra! Comfortable, easily adjustable and keeps the girls in place.
As for bottoms, CVG....(Constantly Varied Gear), made for pear shapes, so I don’t need to keep apologizing for my size. Lots of variety in color and pattern. Otherwise, yeah....I have to keep apologizing for these Polish hips.
Feel free to laugh and this is why I exercise at home. However, I've always liked Danskin and their leotards, However, the leotard I had today was good at absorbing sweat.
Bike shorts cause they hold in the fat that rubs between my thighs and my belly.
Otherwise any top with 2 bras underneath.
I used to buy the Moving Comfort/Brooks Fiona, but I think they stopped making them :(
I'm happy to report that the Fiona (my favorite low-impact sports bra, hands down) is still made. Brooks bought Moving Comfort; just go to the Brooks Running website and you'll find Fiona.

Also, I have a large chest for my size and I've tried EVERY kind of super-supportive sports bra. People love the Panache bras but I cannot attest to their greatness since I ultimately wound up with the wrong size ... and never tried again because I found the BEST bra for max support: Enell. Enell is made specifically for larger-chested equestrians, so they're made to hold in a large chest during a lot of high-impact bounce. It's all I wear for cardio. (I wear the Fiona for weights, yoga, etc. or when I go hiking.) Enell is easy to get on and off (it does up in the front with hooks and eyes). It will stay wet so I couldn't keep it on for hours if I can't get to the shower right after a HIIT workout but otherwise it is perfect. The only thing is that you either fit into these bras or you don't (they aren't adjustable).

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