Faux CTX using S&H


I thought I'd share my own faux CTX rotation using S&H and various cardio workouts. I love CTX and really hope that Cathe makes another series like this. I've tried to follow the format of Cathe's CTX as much as possible. Of course, instead of S&H, any other weights workouts could be used, eg, gym styles, pure strength, muscle max.

Mon: Body Max step and leg circuits; S&H back and planks
Tues: IMAX-2 intervals 1-5; S&H chest
Wed: Body Blast timesaver kickbox; S&H biceps and abs
Thur: S&H legs plus floor work from PS or GS
Fri: SJP hi-lo premix; S&H triceps
Sat: Step Blast combo 1 plus the blast; S&H shoulders and abs
Sun: Rest
Looks good...will print off for future reference. Thanks for sharing! Have you done this yet?

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