Fat layer


I have gained this fat lumpy layer of fat over my muscles I know are there. I'm 45 and things that use to work for me just aren't anymore. I don't know how to reverse it. I change up my workouts to keep muscle confusion going and I don't eat junk. Any advice and help would be greatly appreciate
Yeah those 40's hormones wreak havoc don't they! I hate to say it but you may want to take a closer look at your diet. I know you said you don't eat junk but there can be hidden sugar/ calories you may not be aware of. I had the same problem and when I actually tracked my food I was shocked at my portions and extra calories despite clean eating. Once I had that under control and cut out the sugar I lost 6 lbs easily. In terms of workouts, maybe more metabolic type ones for now to get the heart rate higher and burn more calories? Good luck - I feel your pain!!
I am struggling with this too. I know I need to look at my diet more. I plan on really tackling it after the holidays.
55 and love my "insulation" Always had to watch the weight. Not obese just a bit bigger. I embrace fitness and health. Seen what junk diets, stress and lack of exercise has done to my siblings. I wobble a bit, got the bingo wings - so WHAT. Now the metabolic has taken a dive again. Its cleaner eating and as someone wrote before LESS REPS TO THE MOUTH.

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