Fasting: Hints & Experiences Plz


I have wanted to try fasting for many years. The many experiences I have heard of people cleaning out their systems and feeling much better after a fast has made me want to try it but I have never been able to do it for more than a day. Just got too hungry and feeling terrible to continue.

After hearing of friend's good experience with a Fat, Sick & Almost Dead fast, I watched the movie and decided to do my own version of his modified fast. The 1st 5 days are a mixture of mostly raw vegetable (and a minor amount of fruits) in salads and vegetable juices made at home. Nx 10 days are just juices and the last 5 are a combinations of vegetable soups and salads and juices. It will be an added benefit of this fast to lose the last 10 # I would like, but not lose muscle also.

I started yesterday, had only mild headaches. Today I worked out, did the advance options on the DVD, but really wasn't pushing it, as I usually would. Just not the energy. Now, feeling just blah and mild headaches, which I guess is normal for the beginning of a fast.

How did you feel when you were fasting? Did you feel better as the days of fasting when on? Did you exercise? Did you feel the fast gave you lasting or short-term benefits? Did you lost muscles during the fast? I would love to hear you thoughts if you have fasted before.
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I've only fasted once for a medical test, so I don't think it really counts. I'm only posting because I just listened to this weeks Stuff You Should Know Podcast and the show was all about fasting. It was really interesting. If you have an iPod, you can download it for free. : )

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