Exercising with Cathe prevents Alzheimers ;)

As I was doing Step Moves this morning and trying to remember all that complex choreography that Cathe is so great at creating, it occurred to me that when you exercise your brain learning new things like a new language, doing crosswords puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, etc. it helps your brain stay sharp. Just using my brain to help my legs move correctly and not trip myself requires ALOT of concentration. :eek::p Cathe may be on to something here... Keep the complex step choreography coming, I LOVE IT!!! Weight training for strong muscles, complex choreography for a strong brain. :cool:

I've actually thought of that too :cool:! My parents stay sharp playing cards, games, etc. and my mom used to play the organ before she became sick. I do think that combining brain work with physical work keeps our minds sharp. At least I hope so ;).
I agree! All this work has to help the brain as well as the body.

My mother had Parkinson's and I know there is research out there showing that exercise helps - it changes the brain chemistry favorably.

So...that's me....working out hard, challenging my balance, going "barefoot" for proprioception.

It matters.

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