Everyone gearing up?!


Cathe ticket- check! Plane ticket- check! Park Hopper- check! Hotel reservation- check! Enough energy to keep up- check! gulp! :eek:

CANT WAIT! Let's get this party started!! 104 days till DISNEY!
Okay- almost at the 100 days to go mark! With the way that time's been flying it'll be here before we know it! :p

OKAY- 100 days to go! I'm going to attempt to countdown at least a couple times a week for the duration! lol! We'll see! I'm sure my packing will probably still wait until day 99 (total procrastinator!)

What are you other Disney Roadtrippers up to?
Hi Jenn! I like the countdown idea. I'll join in with you as best as I can and get our Cathletes psyched and ready for a Magical Road Trip! :cool::D:eek:
Heeelllloooo Cathe! :)

I just gave Cyn a heads up to join in too! We have 100 days to create Disney Hysteria! :eek:
Woo hoo!!! :) We have Disney hysteria here in our home b/c my kids are completely ready NOW!! I get butterflies when I think about it. :D

Speaking of gettin' ready... my workout had been delayed by the outside cat's labor & delivery so I need to go workout & get fit for my trip...
Love, Love, Love the enthusiasm. Sure wish I was going. I'll just have to wait until New Jersey.

Jenn are you going to both Disney and New Jersey? How about anyone else?

Hi Jean!

Yes, I will absolutely be in NJ too! Can't wait to see you! :p You can still join in the Disney Hysteria! Or better yet- Let's hop into the Jersey thread and start ANOTHER countdown! AHHHHH!
Hi Jenn,

We haven't met but I was at the NJ RT last year and also San Diego and Houston. I don't know how it is that we haven't met!!! I'm also going to both Disney and NJ this year so hopefully we can get to know each other.

I'm loving your countdown because it keeps me on my toes with what I have to get ready to keep it up.

Looking forward to meeting you.
Bev and Jenn....you two will have a blast getting to know each other. You have both been on many road trips so you already have a lot in common in addition to how sincere you both are. :D
Thank you, Cathe. What a sweet thing to say-you just made my day!!!! Well, that and doing STS double wave loads this morning made my day!!!
K everyone, what are your goals before the disney RT? We've got a few months to kick it into high gear! Work work!!
To improve my cardio, I've been slacking lately:-( and also to keep losing the baby weight(he's 4). But I've lost 16 pounds so far doing weight watchers.
I am so excited for Disney and so is my son he loves Cathe, Mickey and Minnie!
Well Tracy, let's go! If we all stick together then we can kick these goals over the next few months! Let's hit Disney hard :) where you gonna start?
OK- my count at this point would be at 93, but Cyndi's facebook countdown banner is at 94. I was counting until 6/30 rather than 7/1! So- let's keep it consistent :)

94 days until DISNEY! So, up that protein, add a little extra weight to that barbell and toss in a few extra reps! IT'S TIME TO GET SERIOUS! :p okay, and maybe a little giddy too :D

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