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I'm new to the Blender, so I tried it for the first time tonight, trying to use Intensity and Intensity Bootcamp. The minute I started to import either one of them, I got this: "The application ffmpeg quit unexpectedly." What does that mean, and will it prevent me from putting together my own Premix of this workout?
Okay, same thing trying to import the HiiT's. What is going on here? I updated the Blender a few weeks ago, when that first became available, and I did it exactly according to Cathe's specifications on this site. I just don't understand why this is happening. I really want to play! BTW, I have a Mac running OS 10.5.8. Does it matter where you keep your downloads on your computer? I was dragging on dropping from my desktop.
ffmpeg stopped working

ffmpeg is just one of the components that makes up the Workout Blender. Did you reboot after installing the last update?
Okay, I restarted the computer and that didn't fix a thing. Should I trash Workout Blender and start anew? Maybe that's the problem?
Hello hiho322,

Could you tell me what kind of Mac you have? Specifics if can get this by going to "About this Mac" under the Apple Menu, and then click "More Info..." in the small window that comes up. The very top panel in the list will give a Model Name, Model Identifier, and Processor Name. Could you send to us those three pieces of information to help with troubleshooting? Thanks!
Hi, Curt!

Here's the info:

Model Name: iMac, OS 10.5.8
Model Identifier: iMac7,1
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Startup Disk: Macintosh HD

This iMac is a monster and can handle just about anything. That's why I can't figure out what's going wrong with the Workout Blender. I record with Pro Tools from home and consider myself pretty advanced when it comes to computers, so this is really a surprise to me.

Is this a software problem, or do I need to trash the Workout Blender and start all over again?

Thanks so much for your help.


Thank you for the information, Annie. We will pass on the information to our main developers with this issue with this particular combination of iMac and system 10.5.8. Since this problem has appeared for a few people, I don't think re-installing will have any bearing on success.

We have done some research and have found out, boiling things down to simple terms, that this first generation of Core 2 Duo processors in the iMacs has problems with 64 bit management. The 64 bit system is turned off by default by Apple, but that doesn't mean that applications cannot access and attempt to run in 64 bit. This may be what is happening as FFMPEG runs 64 bit on Macs that are capable of it (even though the iMac 7,1 has problems with 64 bit).

If you are willing to try a little command line interface interaction with your iMac, this might solve your problem (not for the feint of heart, so if anyone reading this does not feel comfortable doing it, please don't and wait for the next update of the Blender) by removing the 64 bit code from FFMPEG, forcing it to use the 32 bit code. (This will not change anything in your system, and can be un-done by re-installing Workout Blender.)

1) You'll need to first restart your computer.

2) Next, launch the Terminal application (located in the Applications > Utilities folder).

3) You'll need to work from the ">" at the beginning of the line. Your window will probably show something like mine:

Last login: Tue Jan 4 09:18:24 on console
fsh-wks-13:~ cwkapus$

You'll need to type a backslash \ then return to get the ">" prompt:


4) Copy from here or type all in one line with no returns until the end of the command, then hit a return: lipo /Applications/Air\ Video\ -remove x86_64 -output /Applications/Air\ Video\

5) Quit out of Terminal, Restart the computer, and then attempt to use Workout Blender and let us know if it fixed the problem.
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Curt, thank you so much for taking the time to post this workaround. As techie as I pride myself on being, just the thought of going into the guts of my computer makes me squeamish. So I will respectfully have to wait for the next version of the WB. If you do come up with something else before then, please post to the Forum, okay? How soon will the next version of the Blender be available?

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