Disney moments


Hi Cathlete buddies...

I'm sitting outside at the resort enjoying the orlando sun and sipping my coffee. The Roadtrip has ended and everyone has gone off in their own direction. I wanted to take a couple minutes to mention a few of my favorite moments... memories that I will surely have for a long time :)

1) Cathe gave us a taste of the new workouts and they are AWESOME! We were sweating and cheering and may have been forced to do a few extra reps when we couldn't countdown loud enough (wink)! Dixie cups anyone?

2) the spin audition was a blast! Maybe a bit nerve racking for some, but it's hard not to feel relaxed around cathe :) all of the girls trying out where so supportive of one another... A beautiful feeling

3) space mountain- my first RT Disney ride! Magic kingdom was alot of fun! Talked alot, laughed alot, walked ALOT and danced whenever possible (Liz can attest). I stepped in gum, tore my favorite jeans and had a beautiful time even waiting in line :)

4) late night trip to the fitness center- hard to sleep with all the excitement! to my midnight workout buddy... Have I told you how wonderful you are?

5) 4th of July- the groups energy was amazing! The fireworks were beyond explanation and the desserts... Well, they were pretty delicious too! ;) Mickey ice cream sandwiches? You have an ear and I have an ear?

6) jumping jacks with a resistance loop, learning the salsa (thanks Liz!), trying love crunch (it's a granola I swear!), Steve and his huge Mickey gloves, MICKEY with his huge Mickey gloves, new friends, old friends, delicious dinners, fashion show and plenty of hugs!

And finally...

7) seeing cathe for one last hug and thank you on her way out the door today ... Thank you for everything Cathe - pure magic!


Beautifully put Jenn and it was so cool to finally meet you!! It was a magical weekend and it is one I will never forget as well. Please keep in touch and hopefully we'll meet up again at a future road trip. :)


How exciting Jenn! Even the "sitting outside with a cup of coffee" sounds awesome! Ha! Thanks for the review of the weekend. I'm so jealous and wished so badly that Dave & I could have attended. Someday, I hope to meet Liz. It's great that Cathe was able to spend time with her sis! I am enjoying looking at all the pix! (THANKS Cyn!!!) I know this whole event will always be a memory of a lifetime for you all. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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