Haven't worked out in a week. Ugh. Last week was one of those weeks where I had meetings every day after work and had NO time. And then Saturday I sprained a toe (jammed it into a chair leg), so I'm supposed to not do much to challenge it until at least Wednesday (doc said rest it 5 days - mild sprain). I can't even "up" my usual activity level (move more, walk more, etc.) because I'm supposed to rest my foot. I'm trying to get some things done around the house that don't require me to be up and around much...sewing buttons, paying bills, playing video games....


I went for a hike yesterday, up to the levee to watch the fireworks. I felt really good. But, I had some nerve pain last night. Probably because I was late with my medication.
June 16,2018 I was put in the hospital for a few weeks. I had spinal fusion Nov 6, 2017. Found out that I was having horrible back spasms, all I remember is that I could not move from the pain, and riding in the back of an ambulance. My doctor wanted to put me in a Nursing Home/ Rehab Center. I choose to come home where I can get rest and feel comfort from my family. In the meantime I feel like I have no control over my emotions and feel very loopy. I was injected with steroids and pain medicine while in the hospital. I called my doctor and explained how I was feeling, which is like very weird. I was told if I cannot breathe go to the ER. I googled steroids injections and oral, I have all of the side effects. It feels like I have been poisoned. I was supposed to be wienned off of them, I just ran out of them, that's all. I called my regular doctor and she said that with my taking the last dose last Wednesday that the symptoms should be gone by today. NOT! The side effects are scary. There are days that I just can't remember them, I cannot sleep more than an hour at a time. Be careful if doctors want to use these mind altering drugs on you. You will need to have a good support system. I still am afraid to leave my house.

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