Depression and Friends


Hey All,

Just wanted to talk. I have been in a depression for the past couple of weeks and while I have been exercising, I haven't been eating well, so my weight increased, which only helped to heighten my depression.

I think it came from a mixture of things...guy troubles (which I posted about before), job worries/troubles, moving decisions, construction projects at home, guilt for so many things...I just let everthing come over me like a tidal wave.

I have a blog where I am trying to track my weight loss and I have totally ignored it so I could sink into depression.

I have one friend, however, who refuses to let me be my own worst enemy :) I won't embarrass her, but I think she knows who she is...She has an incredible story of her own and is my inspiration. She has been listening to me, and my excuses, and giving me advice and not allowing me to sink deeper.

Up until right this moment, I just wanted to sink under my covers and not come out. Then she sent me an email this morning and what I was doing seemed to click. I am adding my own dirt on my head by allowing myself to sink further into my problems.

I thought of her site and all her motivational postings. We all have problems and some are worse then others. The only thing we can control is our reaction to them. I was giving in to them and choosing to see no way out. People, like Sandra, were pointing the way, but I only wanted to see the darkness. Why? cause to get to the light required effort that I felt I no longer had to give.

I am the kind of person who goes to extremes and I want to see extreme results, so when I don't, I give up, and looking toward that light, I only saw all the work. But I don't have to jump from the bottom of my pit to the top, despite the fact that is what I have told myself in the past. I can climb, one foot at a time. It is not what I want to do, patience is not in my blood, but it is a skill I need for life.

I guess I just needed to talk about all of this and also say thank you to Sandra, as well as all of you, for listening to me vent once again (this isn't my first depressed time).

I hope to have fewer and shorter times of depression as I learn to live my faith, trust my God, and keep my friends.

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all." Dale Carnegie



Your post reminded me of an inspiration story I received in an email once. You are absolutely right about having control over our reactions. When I need a reminder I like to read the story.

Shake it off and Step Up.

here is a version of it.

Good luck with every thing you are going through. Know that you are not alone.


Cosmo Mom


It's good that you are reaching out for help with feeling depressed/overwhelmed. It's better than keeping it all inside. I just thought I would respond and hope it might help.

What I get out of your situation is

1) you have alot going on in your life (men/construction/job/moving worries,etc.) which happens to us "busy" people!
2) you are in the "vicious" circle where we get depressed/bummed out and eat to feel better, then beat ourselves up for feeling bad/looking bad/exercising not paying off.

Bottom line is: you are alot like all of us. We are responsible people who want to control/handle everything to our liking. Patience is not my virtue either (thought I was writing that line:rolleyes:). So, we get impatient when things aren't getting settled our way on our timeline!

My advice is to give yourself kudos for caring so much about taking good care of your body/mind. Rome wasn't built in a day. Maybe if you back off, exercise how/when you can to relieve stress, be mindful of what you eat and remember you are doing it to stay overall healthy.

And, if you think you should contact your doctor about needing help with depression, don't wait! Sometimes, taking meds-even for a while-to get you out of the slumps is the right thing to do. It's better than sliding too far down to get back up.

I wish you THE BEST of luck to feel better. Spring is here and it's a good time to renew.


Thank you for your post Jean! My pastor actually used that same story in church recently and I was thinking of it when I wrote the post. How interesting that you brought it up too!

Cheryl - ahhh, what can I say? You hit the nail on the head and you're not the first one to mention getting medication. I feel so odd going to the doctor for it. I keep thinking, "you don't need meds, you're fine, you should be able to deal with it." Then I think about my life, and how I feel most of the time, despite trying to hide it.

I think I may have to talk to a doctor about this, as well as think on the rest of what you said...good stuff and I don't just want to say 'oh yes, that's perfect, I can do that.' While I know it's good advice, I also know I need a plan of attack. Thanks for your advice!

Cheryl ;)


I feel so odd going to the doctor for it. I keep thinking, "you don't need meds, you're fine, you should be able to deal with it." Then I think about my life, and how I feel most of the time, despite trying to hide it.

Cheryl ;)

I felt that way too before I started taking anti depressants, . . . .but when I finally caved in and started taking them I couldn't believe how much I just don't sweat the small stuff. My Dr. has been really great about it and the good thing is that if you don't feel like it is working for you, . you can just slowly wean yourself off of it. The most important thing is that you keep the line of communication open with your Dr. talk to him/her about how you feel and how what you are feeling afects your day. I couldn't sleep for the life of me. I had the worse insomnia. I'd stay up late at night worrying and overthinking things.

The other thing you could try is group classes, . .or take up a hobby. That has also helped me a lot. I'm back into sewing and take fitness classes. Even if I'm not Miss social, . . which I am not it helps to be around other people who share the same interests as I do.

Hang in there.

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