Damage Control December

I can't believe it's already December and Christmas is right around the corner. I didn't work out Sunday or Monday. Sunday was busy running errands and then I didn't sleep well Sunday night and no energy to exercise. Today I did tough 75 min BR w/o at lunch. I'm going to have pass on continuing with STS. My work schedule is crazy busy and I just don't have time for it right now. I think splitting the focus into Upper and Lower body will work better for me this time of year. I did get my Christmas cards out. I think this is a record for me. I didn't send out cards the last 2 years. I hurt my knee somehow last week. Probably stepping. I really miss it and did 2 step workouts last week.

What are you up to?
How did it go with the Dr. office HR? What are you up to?

I finally got in a BR w/o this morning and outside this afternoon to finish up my steps. I think it's the first day in 2 weeks that I got in 10K steps. The time change and the weather make it really difficult to get outside. I'm also not sleeping very and dealing hot flashes. I'm going to try to get into my dr. next week and see what I can get to help with this.
Yay for Friday. I'm hoping to talk the afternoon off. We had a network failure yesterday around 4pm. It was finally fixed around 7:30pm so I had to get back on and finish up my work. I did a tough BR w/o yesterday morning. They have some toughies for sure.

How was your week?
Hello-I forgot we moved to December. Is it me, or are the months just flying by these days? Maybe next year we should have a Damage Control 2019-for the whole year! Anyway, it sounds like you've had a pretty stressful week between work and not sleeping. Glad you got some workouts in. This is the first year I've done cards since I can remember (before the kids were born?)-maybe!

I've been rolling along with pool every other day and core/walk every other day. I'm thinking of trying some lighter total body weight workouts and going back to my 3 day rotation of pool, walk, total body, rest then repeat. I liked that one, my weight was good, and I didn't hurt myself! Not yet though...

I have been feeling good. Monday was my last PT and I was sore after it, but am not sore any longer. I've been sleeping pretty good-one night was bad due to thinking about the job situation, but otherwise I've been good. I did finally talk to that lady yesterday and they filled the position internally. She said they have lots of openings 1.5 hours away from me. I'm not interested in that. So I remain where I'm at and will continue to look for other local options.

I printed off a month long challenge at Eating Bird Food website. There are 5 goals each day: protein at every meal, 30 minutes of exercise, 64 ounces of water, 7+ hours sleep, and close the kitchen after dinner. I am doing it. Last night I did have a bowl of cereal before bed and the one night I didn't sleep 7 hours. But-it's been fun trying to get these habits instilled and I'm going to go for 90% by the end of the month since 100 is obviously blown already! How are your challenges going?

I have to work this weekend. Otherwise I'll watch some soccer in the mornings and try to get my 30 minutes of exercise in before work. The house is minimally decorated-I'm still not into it. Dinner is coming together (we ordered some stuff from Omaha Steaks) and we're almost done shopping. So I feel pretty ready for xmas. What are you up to this weekend?

I took Friday afternoon off and went Christmas shopping. I picked up the bikes for the girls and some of the gifts for my great nephews. Now I have things to wrap. I did BR w/o's Sat and Sun. I'm not sleeping and it's really having an impact. My weight is up a bit and it is so frustrating. I'm just going to keep doing my best staying on track and hopefully the scale will respond.


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