Daily Check in Weekend of September 15th and 16th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Today I did a WB workout of RWH biceps and shoulders + RWH and Fitsplits cardio for about 1 hour

Lisa - enjoy your vacation and wow - 12 days with no rest. i used to be able to do that but no more. life is too busy for me now

Melanie - i hope this bug finally leaves you - whoa - its been many weeks

Annette - have a restful weekend as I think you only teach during the week

have a good day everyone
Yes, Ceci, rest day here. And you are correct I do not teach on the weekends.

Have a great weekend!!

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Hi Everyone,

Today I did more of the same - WB of STS Legs/chest/triceps + SSOH 25 minutes of cycling.

Apple picking today.

enjoy your weekend annette.
Well, I ended up taking a 43 minute brisk walk with about 4 minutes of jogging thrown in at different downhill parts of my walk.

Nice breeze but the humidity is rising since they are calling for rain the next 2 days .

Have a great evening!!

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