Daily Check in Weekend of November 10th & 11th, 2018


Hello Everyone,

Today I did Cathe's Bootcamp Live - the recent one. Wow. that was really fun, enduring and flew by! wow!

I am in the office today from 9:30 to 2:30 but the rest of the weekend is mine!!!!

Have a great day everyone and squeeze in those workouts.

PS - Melanie (#2) please feel free to start the thread if you are the first up! Welcome again!


Good morning. Yesterday was an early work day, so rest day for working out.
Today completes my 1st full week back into the swing of things. Worked out 6 days/7 days which was really typical of my previous normalcy.

Today ICE Lower body chisel. I liked it. Worked up a nice sweat. The twins have their 9th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese today. We are all very excited for them.

I am currently on day 25 of an elimination diet prescribed by my physician. Has anyone have any type of experience with this? It's basically got 3 phases. Phase 1 is 2 days of liquid/bland diet, followed by Phase 2 of a bland diet that is well known not to cause any type of food allergies/sensitivity, followed by phase 3 of re-introducing different categories at 3 day intervals. It's fascinating.


Hi all

Today is a rest day for me.
We went out to breakfast then Whole Foods. It’s freezing here today!
Other than laundry cleaning and a teeth cleaning not much else today.

Ceci enjoy your time off. You deserve it.

Melanie I have never done an elimination diet. Oh I remember those Chuck E Cheese birthday parties! Have fun.

Have a great day.


Hi ladies,

Today is a rest day. I had my hair permed and cut this morning so that was nice. My arm/ shoulder is still hurting but more manageable than yesterday.

It is cold and windy here too.

No experience with an elimination diet, sorry.

Have a great day and workout!![emoji3]

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Hi Everyone,

Today I did a 50 minute SSOD cycling + abs workout. Loved it! I want to squeeze in Cathe but I gotta get ready for mass. Heading down to listen to mass with some junior choir boys from the local choir school.

Melanie - I do not have experience either with an elimination diet. Sounds very interesting. It would be tough for me with kids at home but once the last one heads off to uni who knows... I love experimenting! Let us know how it goes. And congrats on getting back into the swing of things again. You must feel good about it.

Lisa - here was call whole foods - whole paycheque. Love whole foods but boy is it ever expensive.

Annette- I got me a sore shoulder too. It's interfering with push ups and chest works mainly. And yes, very windy here too.

enjoy sunday my friends in fitness.


Good morning all thanks for your warm welcome.

Today was ICE Cardio 2 + ICE core. Legs are sore these days, but manageable with Vitamin I (ibuprofen).
Party went good yesterday.
My family has been searching for a new church, since we just moved to new area in late July. Today we are hopeful about a church nearby.

It's cold in the midwest-- have a fabulous day ladies!


Hi ladies

Ceci yes Whole Foods is expensive but I think everything in the Northeast is. Now that we are empty nesters we try to eat all non GMO and organic whenever possible. No processed or fast foods. We just feel so much better when we eat this way.

Melanie where do you live in the Midwest? My husband was raised in MO until he came to NJ for college and never went back.

Today was LI Blast Circuit Live. I really enjoyed it.

Have a great day.

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