Daily Check-in Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I did STS 2.0 - Upper Body #2 - there is a serious glitch going on near the end of segments and/or at the start of rest minutes. I guess someone forgot to remove a marker? I don't know much about this stuff. It's no big deal and I am sure Cathe knows. This is a solid workout - not much chest but there is lots of chest elsewhere e.g. via close grip presses. It's a full hour. Great workout. I love how colourful everything is. I added on 5 minutes of the standing abs. Good too! Nice change.

Annette - so sorry to read about your stomach issues. Let's hope it clears itself up if that is possible. Can you work out at all?
Linda - ER? Oh no. I hope nothing serious is going on for you. So glad to see you checking in again
Nora - Nice workout, even if it did have to get changed up

have a great day everyone.
Good morning girls….

Yes, Siobhan, in that Upper Body workout in Scarecrows, a red message screen comes up at the end of the chapter. It is only on the streaming & not the dvd. They are aware of it & will fix.

This AM I did a little dvd mix of Super Sets. Only about 20 min. but I really liked it.

Hi Nora & Annette, thinking about you, Annette….

No workout until the pain goes waaay down. I only started the antibiotic this morning. And I can only do clear liquids today. And soft foods tomorrow. And I have a surgeon consult in late June for the gallbladder.

I did sit in the sun for about 2 hours.
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:) Well, Annette, at least you got to do one of the things you enjoy....being in the sun ! Take care.
That sled will be there waiting for you! :)
Hi girls!

No workout for me today with errands and a haircut appointment.

Siobhan- Nice workout today with d STS 2.0 - Upper Body #2, that is great. Sorry about the glitch. High gives and well done today:)

Annette- Good idea to avoid working out until the pain is way down. Good for you to take advantage of laying in the sun. Hang in there and I hope the pain dials down a lot so you can be more comfortable. I will keep you in my prayers. Take care;)

Linda- So glad you did receive your STS 2.0 and were able to try out - a little dvd mix of Super Sets. Only about 20 min. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll be reviewing STS 2.0 tomorrow and work on scheduling workouts for next week. I usually do this with new Cathe releases. I will Think positive thoughts and keep you in my prayers.

Have a nice evening:)


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