Daily Check-in Tuesday, November 8th, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Today I did a MPL workout that was super long - 1:10 minutes. It was challenging both physically and mentally. He includes so much stretching so I don't need to do my own. yeah.

Annette - I am glad you're able to still workout
Linda - I like that series of Cathe's too! Double biceps - never thought of doing that!
Nora - internet problems - is that common? I would have to move back to my dvd's in that event
Lannette- great workout friend!

Great workouts from yesterday everyone. Have a great day.

aqua girl

Good morning!

I am taking the day off, a little sore from adjustment yesterday, but hopefully it will help.
Great workouts yesterday Nora, Lannette & Annette and a great long one today, Siobhan.

Annette, hope your hand is healing….


Good morning ladies;)

Siobhan- WOW!! WTG!! That is very impressive workout today with
MPL workout that was super long - 1:10 minutes, that does sound challenging. I know stretching is something I need to focus on more besides cardio, and weights.
Thank you for inspiring me. Bravo & high fives on today's workout.;)

Annette- So sorry to hear about your frightening ordeal with the dog. That is so scary, thank goodness you did to to urgent care.
I understand your right hand is hurting right now, please be careful to allow it to heal. I did see that you did ge a bit of a workout in.
Please listen to your body & take care. Sending you heling prayers and well wishes;)
You are amazing:)

Lannette- Thank for yor kind wishes. Great workout yesterday with:
PV 20 Min Posture and Spine Health (Antonietta V. Light Hand Weights 1/1/22) 21m
- Slings Basically Core Advanced 24m
- Mini Stability Ball work for Scapular Glide 15m - Spine Align, Deep Squats
, Arc Extensions 10m
Amazing workout yesterday:)

Linda- Wow! that was a great workout yesterday with:

Cathe’s Ramped Up Upper Body TimeSaver Premix # 9-
Double Biceps - 21 min. Sorry to hear your back and foot are bothering you maybe get it checked out see if doctor/chiropractor can help. I hope you take it easy today and rest.:)

Here's today's workout:

YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- Hold Onto Your Handlebars!-65 minute Wild Ride Full Cycling Class= 65 min
KCM 30MTF CardioFit-Workout #2= 30 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- Post-Cycling Stretching Exercises for Injury Prevention= 12 Min

Rest, relax, and take care today. Well wishes and healing prayers all-a-round;)



Hi ladies,

My hand will heal, still hurts but getting there.

Today I went to the gym and did mostly a leg machine workout, all the leg machines but 1. I managed the shoulder machine and back machine. Some floorwork for abs, legs and glutes and a few more light dumbbell exercises for shoulder, biceps and triceps (4 &7 pound dumbbells). Can't grip a heavy weight when it is putting pressure on my hurt palm. The workout was about 65 minutes.

Nice workouts ladies.


Hi everyone! Today was:
Spine Align, Deep Squats, Arc Extensions 10m, Gym Rearrange 4 hours, PV 15 Min Full Body Stretch (Kimmie P. 6/8/22)

I’m running on very little sleep because I attempted to catch the lunar eclipse. I did see part of it but then the clouds moved in. We had planned on rearranging our gym and doing the yearly maintenance on our Pilates apparatus and I really didn’t want to put it off. So plenty of heavy lifting and carrying but we’re quite happy with it.

Siobhan - That workout sounds difficult! Do you get DOMS from them? I tend to get intense deep fatigue from mobility and fascial movement.

Linda - Enjoy your rest day.

Nora - Nice cardio selections today

Annette - I hope your hand is healing quickly.

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