Daily Check in Tuesday, November 1st, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Today I did Cathe's Cardio Leg Blast - the whole thing! I added on 10 minutes of MPL stretching. Now, to get ready to go out for breakfast!

Nora - Cathe's RWH series is tough!
Linda - I didn't even check out the hocus pocus Cathe Live and I will!
Lannette - I love that you wrote - I live in the woods. I live a stone's throw away from the subway in Toronto and always have - even though I drive. It's a comfort thing maybe
Annette - I hope your appt went all right

have a great day everyone!

aqua girl

Good morning, wonderful workout, Siobhan, with Cathe's Cardio Leg Blast, and you did the whole thing !
Good for you !!!! :) Bet it was a good one.

Hi Lannette, I believe I caught your yesterday workouts, yesterday...will check later to see what workouts
are on your today's schedule.

Great job Nora yesterday with
Ripped w/HiiT- Circuit Upper Body= 46 Min
YT- Kalegh Cohen Fitness- Saturday Sweat Session- 45 Min Rhythm Ride Indoor Cycling Workout= 50 Min
Two long ones !

Annette, good job on squeezing in a workout before your appt. yesterday !

Today I did:
CatheLive Birthday Bash ( I did the warmup & first half of workout with stretch at end) approx 30 min.
IFit= studio Basic Mobility Elliptical Workout # 6 - 26 min.
WW Time Crunch Tubing Workout ( Warmup, Total Body & Stretch) - 20 min.

Have a good day all !


Hi ladies,

Siobhan, yesterday was just a cleaning tomorrow I get impressions for my implant crowns.

Today I managed to crawl out of bed and come to the gym for a chest and back weight work out with added floorwork for abs, legs and glutes totally 65 minutes.

Consisting of barbell bench press starting at 75 pounds for 7 reps, the 80 at 6 reps, 85 at 5, 90 at 4, 95 at 4, 105 at 2-3, and 110 at 2 partial reps, Whoohoo!!!

Then onto dumbbells for press and flyes. 1 lying back exercise and onto the back machine with weights at 25 each side and 35 each side some single arm pulls some double.

Finished with floorwork.

Nice workouts everyone.

See you tomorrow hopefully before my 3:20 appointment.


Hi everyone! Today has been busy!

My workout consisted of:
- PV Full Body Progressive Weight Training (Maeve M. Slant, Light Weights, Heavy Weights, 10/12/22) 31m
- Stott Pilates Jumpboard Interval Training 36m
- Spine Align, Deep Squats, Arc Extensions 10m

October was a recovery month to allow me to concentrate on form. In November I’m back at it full force.

Everybody’s workouts look amazing! Sorry to post and run!


Hi again,

Add on a 34 minute Popsugar Body Combat inspired kickboxing workout. It was good and I worked up a good sweat. Now I am finished.


Hi ladies:)

Sorry for the late check in. Today became an unscheduled rest day, as DH and I had a ton of errands. Plus my Top Gun Maverick dvd pre-order arrived so we had to watch it. Anyways my workout today just did not happen, regardless of "I feel the need for speed," watching Maverick , Top Gun's sequel, loved it BTW! I plan to workout tomorrow, I really want that to happen even though I've been battling major MS fatigue due lack of sleep. Oh, In case I forget to mention it tomorrow, Wednesday I'll be out of town, so no workout then.

WTG: Siobhan, Annette, Linda, and Lannette- You all did an awesome job on of today's workouts, just
nailin' it girls being fierce gettin' it done, high fives and Bravo!!;)



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